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Dear, Please I need a fix to this. In a previous comment you said to ignore it. I wanna know if there is a solution now?

1) Am having a whole bunch of canopenurl warning wish is annoying in the Log and I think my app is crashing and stop after I get so many. Here is the error :

canOpenURL: failed for URL: “itms-books://” – error: “The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -10814.)”

canOpenURL: failed for URL: “kindle://home” – error: “The operation couldn’t be

Please help me on this. What I should about those crazy warnings.

2) I added Admob Interstitial by myself every 5 times a user visit the MainView. It worked great. I pasted the showInterstitial code method in the first else of ViewWillAppear and below initAdmobBanner. I did not put any interstitial code inside the second else where you hide the banner. My question is when a user buy IAP will the interstitial stop from showing in addition to the banner right? Is there anything else I need to be aware of to stop showing the interstitial ad once a user buy IAP?

3) Why didn’t you add the interstitial ad to the App? Do you think that the Interstitial Ad implementation & placement in the appyQuote app is against admob policies so that’s why you didn’t add the ad?

Thanks for the great app.I’ll wait for you reply.

1) Apps doesn’t crash because of warnings.. anyway in the Info.plist, delete the key “LSApplicationQueriesSchemes”

2) If you put your initialization code inside “if ADS_ENABLED… ecc.” this will no executed if a user as done In App Purchase.. otherwise, yes..

3) It’s just a design choice.. :)

Hi. I want to add an Interstitial ad to the app. Is it possible to do this work ?

I mean I want you AppyStudio to add Interstitial for me for an extra cost. Can you please do that? Thanks!

Ah.. :) No, I’m sorry I don’t make customizations..

How can I code a line break < br > into a plist? thanks!

Ctrl + Enter.. you’re welcome! :)

I added 3 poem. Every poem is different picture. The pictures do not change on the return from all and favorites pages. Only the main page images are changing.

Sorry for the delay and thanks for reporting.. I have uploaded a fix that correct the issue to Envato few minutes ago.. should be available in 2-3 days..

I got a discount coupon. Insufficient money. can you help me. I live in Turkey. respects

Hi.. I’m sorry but I don’t know how can I help you with discount coupon.. maybe you have to contact envato..

I just bought the app. do you have instructions on installing it in Xcode?

Sorry for the delay! You can find an user guide in PDF in the root directory.


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I’m planing to buy this app, but I want to make sure first if this app support RTL languages like Arabic. Does this app support such thing ? and Is it supports Xcode 9 & iOS 11 ?
 Thanks Ofer

Yes it’s still works..


Reda-01 Purchased

thank you so much <3

You’re welcome! :)

hey i have ( data.sqlite ) how can i convert to .plist have you any idea how ? plz

What happen when you tap on “Remove Ads” on your real device? If nothing happen, probably your button has lost connection with the code.. try to search on goole how to connect a button to an IBAction..

i try it, i don’t know how to connect the button to an IBAction,plz can you help me

Here’s a video that explain that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opz3juSW43Q

hello application not opening error

Unable to run command ‘CpResource appyQuote.app’ – this target might include its own product. Unable to run command ‘Touch appyQuote.app’ – this target might include its own product. Unable to run command ‘CodeSign appyQuote.app’ – this target might include its own product.

my nerves are broken please help me or I will return

Keep calm and check your email.. :)

Hi, I wanted to test IAP but it didn’t work?I added the IAP ID in config but the scroll wheel keep loading without showing the correct price!! Please what steps I should check? What to do? Thanks

Hello, and thanks for your purchase! Did you have register your in app purchase correctly in iTunes Connect?


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Hi man, i submited to appstore but it crashed, here is the message they sent :

Guideline 2.1 – Performance – App Completeness

Your app crashed on iPad running iOS 11.3 connected to an IPv6 network when we:

Tapped on the “dice” button.

This occurred when your app was used:

- On Wi-Fi

We have attached detailed crash logs to help troubleshoot this issue.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise your app and test it on a device to ensure that it runs as expected.

what should i do please. thanks

The app works correctly also in iPad (you can check it in the simulator and in a real device).. so probably something has been changed in the code or in the reference outlets.. by the way, with this poor information I can’t help you. I need more specific info on the crash

Unfortunately I can’t help you with this log files.. try to recreate the issue in your device or simulator and put breakpoints so that in the console you can read the problem that cause the issue..

Hi. if it possible to add search options in All Quotes?

Hello.. no I’m sorry, we don’t make any customization..