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Hi… we need function “order by distance from current location”. At lease sort by distance for each sections, please add this func for next update:) Thanks.

Hi.. in the upcoming version, we’ll add In App Purchase to unlock specific sections.. we hope to add the order by distance feature in future updates..

How to setup the app to show distance from current location to POI? https://postimg.org/image/4njf57iuf/

The latest version of the app, use external maps (apple maps) to calculate the routes, so it doesn’t have current location to poi calculation.. if you need that, I suggest you to use the previous version (1.4).. if you don’t have it, let me know and I will send it to you via email..

Hello, I have problem with app. I’ve added section as you describe it in manual. But when I install app on device and open section it gives me an error: Error Domain=appymap Code=1 “(null). Could you help me to solve it, please ? Thanks

Check your email..

nothing received.

I’ll send you again..

I am having the same problem as filipsich. Any idea what is causing it?

Are you logged in a valid iCloud account?

I believe so :) I am seeing the sections correctly in the main view. The error is displayed when I select a section, which seems to be what others are reporting. Any idea as to what might cause an error at that point? Thanks!

I made a large number of customizations to the version just prior to the newest but I would like to add the IAP capability. Is there any way you can point me to the places where I should look for the new IAP code to try to add it to my version? Thanks!

Also, I tried running the most recent version on my device and nothing happens when I touch one of the sections icons with a lock displayed on the main screen. I am not prompted to purchase. How is the purchasing done? Thanks!

You can take a look at the last version as reference.. just copy and paste all the functions (and variables) of storeKit (they starts with “payments” and “product”).. make sure to change your In App Purchase id.. also remember that in order to be prompted to purchase, your IAP must be correctly registered in iTunes Connect..

Can I have multiple cities?

In the template, no.. you have to add a main screen where the user can choose the city, and then manage the subsections for every point of interest..

Hi, it is possible to add one item to multi categories at the same time?

Yes.. you have to add the same item in each plist file..

Lovely looking app. I think it could be what I’m looking for.

I’m looking for a local app where users submit locations of problems in their neighbourhood, say ‘graffiti’ or ‘dog poo’ etc.

Would it be easy for users to submit locations and for me to then add them to the map with CloudKit for all to see in realtime (without them having to update the app every time I add a new location)?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi and thanks for your kind words.

If you just want to be you to add places, there is no problem.. but if you want to add the possibility that all users can add places, then it becomes more complicated, and definitely you need some programming skills..

Hi, can i translate it to russian language?

Hi.. why not?

hi, when u will release the android version?

No android version is planned.. sorry..

Hello, does this app works based on distance from the device? or how is the order for display business

push notifications can be added?

Hi, the app at the moment shows points of interest based on how they are inserted in the plist file.. so not based on distance.. For the push notifications, if you want, you have to add it by yourself, because we don’t make customizations..

Have android for ??

No sorry..


Is the update coming?

I’ll give it a test on 10.3 and I’ll back to you soon..

I’m waiting for you. Thank you.

I’ve checked.. the app works fine also in iOS 10.3.. I think your issue is related to something else..

Hi, doe the app let you enter a specific location by city, postcode etc and see points of interest in that location?

No.. you have to insert points of interest by yourself..


Info77 Purchased

Is this compatible with Swift3? Thanks

Yes the code is written in Swift 3..

is it possible to upload more than 100k listings

I don’t know.. never tried before! But it’s all about table view.. if you can do it in your table view, you can do it here..

Can I justify (text) a Plist List?

What do you mean exactly?

Example is on the right side of the image. https://goo.gl/ixNbyI

Ah ok.. :) Yes but you have to justify the text view not the plist..


I just download my code but just show 2 column one left and the other one right in the main screen. How I can fix this?

Hi if I don’t use the cloudkit how I can add images to the other section? Example I just have in the folder Section Pics the images for house1 to house10. What if I want to add photos to Bastions, Monuments and Signs? What I need to do?

Never mindI already have it under control.

Ok.. if you have any other question let me know

I wanted to use this as a project to learn more about CloudKit but I am not understanding. My CloutKit dashboard looks very different to the instruction guide and the videos you have. I know I am doing something wrong because I keep getting an error message:

error: Error Domain=* Code=1 “(null)”

Which I believe is something to do with the way CloudKit is set up, but I can’t seem to follow the instructions very well with the layout being so different. Do u have any advice I can follow?

Ok.. did you setup correctly the “Development” / “Production” in CloudKit and in the “appyMap.entitlements” file? You must set “Development” or “Production” environment, that must be aligned with CloudKit (Development or Production)..

I believe so I have followed the guide three times over now and get the same result each time in both development and production environments

Can you send me your project so I can take a better look? support(at)appystudio.net

Hi, if I want to remove the original section and add another example: Remove Museums and add Stripclubs how I can add the image for strip clubs if I’m not using Cloiudkit? Im trying Stripclubs1 but doesnt show the image. Thank you

Thank you My last question is about the color in the NavigationBar. When I put the color in red, green and blue the change is very light. Do you know why? I look the project but everything look normal.

Try to add this line in your controller: self.navigationController?.navigationBar.isTranslucent = false

Sorry this doen’t work.

Wonderful Job! Congratulations, i have a presale question: is already compatible with IOS 11 and XCODE 9? Thank you, regards.

Thank you and sorry for the delay! No, it’s not ready for Xcode 9.. I will post update as soon as I can..