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Tasalog Purchased

Hello. I just bought your app. It is working but i have two problem. I want to delete other categories(i want just one category). When i delete other categories i got error. The other problem, i dont know how to use cloud. Can you explain?

What kind of error do you get? Can you be more specific?

Hey! I really love this App! Do you plan iPhone X support? Thanks!

Hi.. and thanks for your kind words! I hope to fire an update as soon as I can with support for iPhoneX.. cheers!

the Spring files are missing. Will you send an update?

Ops.. sorry.. I’ve already sent an update.. in the meantime if you don’t want to wait you can download the files at https://github.com/MengTo/Spring and copy the Spring directory in your project. Thanks for let me know!

Hi,Thank you so much for the app, i have one question, can you tell me please, how can i edit the app adress and images with Cloudkit?, the video don´t explain how to access to this specific area of Cloudkid, please, thank you!

Hi! And thanks for your purchase.. the Cloudkit dashboard has been restyled by Apple, but the core functions are the same.. once you created your record types in “Record Types”, you can edit all fields in “RECORDS” -> “Create New Record…” Then, if you want to show your records, just press on Query Records..

Got it for Android ???

No sorry..

From within your app screenshots I see that you have a ride icon and a drive icon on the footer toolbar. Whats the difference?

That screenshot is Apple Maps..

Does this app the same with the one in this video? I tried the link but broken. -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPaO9hTjAOg&feature=youtu.be

Yes it’s the same.. but that one is an old video..

I notice in the video there is a refresh button top right in the app, will the app has the same button to refresh the content from the CloudKit database?

Yes, you can enable or disable it setting true or false a variable in the config file..

Hi, can you give me the names of a couple of the better appyMap-based apps in the App Store? Thanks

Hi.. I’m sorry but I’m not aware of any appyMap based apps on the store..

Hi, I have TWO questions:

1-is it easy to replace FireBase instead of CloudKit? 2-Any Android Version on the Horizon?

Thanks Criss

Hi, and sorry for the delay.. 1. It’s easy if you already have experience with firebase.. otherwise, no it isn’t 2. No Android version I’m sorry

Hi, I love this template its brilliant! I have been using it to learn about CloudKit and IAP. The only thing I’m struggling with is that nothing happens when the user taps on a cell with a padlock. I have set up IAP in iTunes connect and put this IAP_ID in the config file and turned on In App Purchases on the capabilities tab. Is there something im missing? I am only using this app in TestFlight.

Hi.. and thanks for the kind words! In order to test IAP you need to run the app on a real device, and you must signed in with a sandbox user account.. did you do that?

hi when launching the android version?

No plans for android version.. sorry

hi when launching the android version?

No plans for android version.. sorry

Can I send push notifications with this app?

No, I’m sorry.

Can I put HTML and links within the place descriptions?

No I’m sorry