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Hello Sir,

Can I change app name or folder name from appyCity to another

Thank you


yes of course.. just change the “Bundle display name” in the Info.plist from “appyCity” to the name that you prefer..

Hello, how is the information integrated to the app?

it comes with a backend panel?

Hi.. no, you have to insert information directly in plist file… or you can also insert your data in a spreadsheet file, and then convert it in a plist file..

I like it, but I think it would be so much more useful if it was integrated with a backend. How easy would it be add such a feature?

Not easy.. you need to have some coding skills..


Can users upload their own listing? Place? or?


Great piece of work! Fantastic design! I just have two questions,

1. Is there a way I can set the centre location of the map to the users location, rather than a latitude and longitude?

2. The location request popup at the app start instantly disappears, is there a fix for this I can use?

Thank You :)

Hi.. thanks for your kind words, and sorry for the delay..

1. Yes but you have to add some code.. you must implement a location manager and get the coordinate.. search on google for CLLocationManager.. the function that you need is “didUpdateLocations”.. you can find some useful tutorial..

2. In my case the popup did not disappear.. did you try on the simulator and/or real device?

No problem! I am still very new to coding and I am using this as a project to get me started. I will definitely research the location advice you have given me!

In regards to the pop up, I have tested on simulator, my iPhone and my iPad and all seem to have the same result. To my knowledge I have not altered any of the original code around the pop up. Is there a way I can send you screenshots to see if you can tell me where I’m going wrong?

Yes of course.. send it to support(at)appystudio.net

Hello. First of all i would like to say thank you for making such an awesome app template. But i can’t seem to change from sections to poi view. Whenever i change the config file main button plist files my app crashes. and also the code for current location doesn’t seem to work it gives me error at if authStatus .notDetermined { locationManager.requestWhenInUseAuthorization() } if authStatus .denied || authStatus == .restricted { showLocationServicesDeniedAlert() return } at the .notDeterminded and .denied part.

Hope to hear back from you soon!

Hi and thanks for your kind words!

What’s the message in the console when your app crash? Probably is something related to how the plist files are named.. if you still have issue, you can send me your project at support(at)appystudio.net and I’ll take a look..

Can you get this to work on android?

No I’m sorry..

backend with cloudkit is unavailable? This would make the app update easier without having to publish updates on the app store.

Yes I know.. but it’s not planned at the moment, sorry..

How is this different (if any) from your other app “AppyMap”? Please advice. I would like to buy it. Thanks

Hi and sorry for the delay.. appyCity is similar, but it show multiple pins on map for each category..


neset Purchased

Hi, does it work on iOS 11 and XCode 9?

Hi.. yes it works on Xcode 9 / iOS 11..

Hi I am using an android city guide available in codecanyon too, I want to use similar ios code for it which it seems similar at view.

My questions are; 1. Multi language suppor for interface 2. Multi Language support for data 3. for a spot, navigation support using google map or etc thanks

Hi.. 1 and 2. Multi language is not supported.. you have to add it by yourself 3. You can navigate to POI with Apple Map..

Please explain the “drive” and “ride” icons at the bottom of your app?

That screenshot is Apple Maps..

Hi I am trying to build this app…but it says: Copy Plist File Error – Reading data: The File “info.plist” couldn’t be opened beacuse there is no such file…. also there is no content in the “Spring” folder… is that right? emailed to support… no response… so I’ll comment here… Thanks!

Oops.. sorry! There was a mistake on the uploaded file! I’ve already sent an update to Envato.. check your email!

Thanks! Got it!

Hi, can I have another pin on the map for just one record of the same section? Example: In your demo you have the section structure Culture > Churches > 14 records. I would like to have all churches with the same pin on the same map, but only the Chiesa di San Cristoforo is represented by another pin. Is that possible and if so, how can I achieve that? Thanks!

Hi.. the image of the pin is set in “viewFor annotation” function in the MapPoiViewController and it use the name of the section (pin + section) for the image. You can make an IF statement in this function, that say that if the annotation.title is equal to “Chiesa di San Cristoforo” then use another pic..


You’re welcome!

in config.swift, is there a simple way to add more “PLIST_MAIN_?” sections, say two more, and have that screen scrollable? to where you could swipe up and down to see off of the sections?

Sorry for the delay.. when you rename a section, you must rename also the plist file.. see the user guide at page 6 (“PLIST files”)

Did that with all four Sections*.swift and they all work except one. I triple checked and the spelling is accurate with that one as well.

Did you change the Plist names correctly in config.swift? Can you send me a screenshots of your plist file names?