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I hope you can make Android version

Hi and thanks for your interest.. I’m sorry but we develop only for iOS..

Hi. I purchased this but have some trouble. I tried to Run the unchanged file that was downloaded in Simulator, but it told me Build Failed because ‘Umbrella header ‘GoogleMobileAds.h’ not found. If you can be please help. Tx.

I have no issue on XCode 7.3 and the app builds correctly.. which version of XCode do you use? However you can try to download the google mobile sdk here: https://developers.google.com/admob/ios/download and reinstall the framework and see if this solve your problem.. Let me know..

I want to display Arabic text, right align the text to the right of the tenth please help me

I did not give the storyboard, text-Arabi put yourself to discover Please help me

I’ve already answered to you in the other question! :)

Ok Tanks

Hi Yes I storyboard the labels to the right but unfortunately I still see the text from the left side of this image was displayed http://uupload.ir/files/x0nn_appystudio.png

Ok.. this line of code should solve your problem:

txtQuote.textAlignment = NSTextAlignment.Right

Remember to add it to “TodayViewController” and “QuoteDetailViewController”. Let me know..

Hi MR Unfortunately, I am the face with a problem too big. The first time you run the source in the screenshot below ButtonBG http://uupload.ir/files/dofg_1.png

X code that close and re-open it in the screenshot below Instead of ButtonBG http://uupload.ir/files/2ubu_2.png And when I see the program below knee simulator or iphone http://uupload.ir/files/kkdd_3.png

This means that every time you open and close ButtonBG instead of Xcode changes I thank you for your help What do I do when the ButtonBG does not change

You just have to click and drag the “ButtonBG” on top of the list.. like it is in screenshot number 1..

is it build on objective c ? universal ? storyboard ?

It’s build in Swift, Universal, Storyboard..


the favorites button display the message “Already present” when i try to remove quote from favorite list, it didnt check that the quote is already in favorite list.

it will be nice if the button favorite is also displayed when we click the quotes detail from the favorites list then the user can delete it from that list regards

Hi and thanks for your purchase.. you can remove favorites in the tableview by swiping on the left and choosing “Delete”.. that’s the way the app is designed.. if you want to remove a favorite from the quote view, you have to add some code and call (or copy and paste) the delete function in the favorites view.. by the way, maybe in next updates I’ll add this feature.. thanks for your suggest..

thanks for the hint, another thing in the today detail view the bottom admob banner hide the quote text how can i fix that please ?

You have to add a constraint to the text view of the quote.. from the TEXT VIEW to the bottom of the parent VIEW and set the vertical spacing to the height of the banner (about 60 pixel I think..)..

Hello, I have purchased this app , I didn’t find any online website or software that I can convert the “CSV file to plist” , kindly suggest me some free online website or software that I can convert the CSV to plist file. How much Quotes can I add in the excel sheet is there any limit of it? Thanks

I didn’t knew the issue..

Did you resolve the issues that I mentioned and update the code at codecanyon website ?

The update is already live with the fix on the “save image”.. if you’re talking about the message “Already present”, it’s not an issue, it’s how the template is designed.. to remove a favorite you have to slide to right in the favorites table view, as the apple guidelines..

offline or online?

Offline (local data)..

Hello, Kindly check the error in the app , When we select Device “ipad pro 9.7 inch” .TheApp is crashes when you click “Favourites Button” on Main screen of app. I am sending you screenshot , kindly check and remove the errors.Thanks


The app search for a favorite id that doesn’t exist anymore.. probably you have saved a favorite in that device, and then changed the number of quotes.. try to uninstall the app from the simulator and run it again..

Thanks for the replay . i am very impressed from your support and solving the issues of customer. I must praised you because you are only few seller who are very good with customers at Envato Market . I hope you will publish more apps soon.

Thank you for your kind words.. I really appreciate!

Really beautiful :)

Thank you!! :)

have you plan make it work with online data via json ?

No sorry..

when you will update the app for iOS 11 and xcode 9 ?

As soon as possible.. but the app should works fine also in iOS 11 / Xcode 9..