AppSudi Framework

AppSudi Framework

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Thank you all for your patience, A MAJOR UPDATE IS ON THE WAY

Introducing AppSudi

“a rapid and scalable app/website development framework”

What is it?:

AppSudi is the next generation app/web development framework, fully extendable, scalable and easy to use and implement.

We have made it easy for you to become a more efficient developer, by helping you cut down the number of hours you spend trying to come up with a base framework for your next project, while stilling thinking’ we went ahead and did something super cool for your, powerful like the Komodo Dragon, it can kill hours of your long struggle within minutes and you’re ready to impress your clients.

What you’ll get:

In the final package you’ll get a demo package which will also serve as your startup framework. Download extract, get a few cups of coffee, headphones on, your favourite music and popcorns as you watch your code flow! Have fun!

So what makes it unique? Why do I need it?:

What makes AppSudi different and an outstanding creative alternative,  is the fact that you have total control over your project, over your code and build unlimited cutting edge solutions. Fun’ of bootstrap? Ooh..never  mind we gat’ you covered. Apart from the stories we’ve said the framework also brings to you on the table:

-          Get / generate friendly and professional URL - will be – Facebook and Twitter style! No joke try it out!!!

-          Hide absolute file and folder paths from the public hence giving your project a major security boost

-          A more organized way to work

-          A rapid framework for your future projects, which is extendable and scalable

-          After setting up your app, and ensuring that the cookies, sessions and database and other access levels are well set, you can chose to have specific content displayed when the user is allowed access or both register and guest.

-         Build Multilanguage applications in just a minute

-         100% open and clean code

You’ll also get the following to help you get started:

PHP source files, js files, images and a help file.

Working template files ready for your usage:

-       Login, Account Reset and account Registration forms

-       Help template file

-       Account / profile template file

-       Error 404 template file

-       Home Page template file

-       Admin template file


And so what makes it different, unique and fun to use?

      I.        Easy to use

    II.        Intuitive design

   III.        Complements Twitter’s bootstrap

  IV.        You get 101% free support

    V.        100 clean and visible code, much of it you actually know of so nothing new

  VI.        For both skilled and none skilled developers

 VII.        Pros’ and learners too can use it.


Who needs “AppSudi”? Who can use it?:

  1. CMS Developers
  2. Custom PHP developers
  3. App Developers
  4. Web developers

…and beyond.


      I.        Twitter Bootstrap

    II.        jQuery Uniform