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Hi i would really love to buy the script, but would u consider adding the following. Subcategories Action, RPG and so on. Custom fields for App page

Hi, for now that is not available by the itunes api if it is in the future i will consider, thanks for your feedback.

google webmaster tools dont show Nothing after month!!

Hi, please contact me on the item support page.

Do you have the ability to block content? I have a similar script running and recently had to suspend it because of trademark infringement. Let me know if you have this option and i will switch over to your script.

Hi, yes it is possible to block certain urls through the htacces file if you receive complaints.


LinkPro Purchased

Sent you email for some coding help, hope to receive a reply soon. thanks

All the _main.php files and change in the htaccess file

Can we change the /track_id in url. I mean to have the /(app name first) then /app id?

Hi, there are no options for that.


rajsh Purchased

Is there any way to make the itunes affiliate URL?


rajsh Purchased

I meant to mask/cloak the affiliate URL’s?

Hi, masking or cloaking your affiliate urls is not allowed by the program.

dear i bought it i need little help how can i contact with you

already sent you email please see it

Hi, i have send you email.

hi i want android apk sharing possible? pls give me admin panel

Hi, it is iOS apps only, no admin panel but a config file for all the settings.

how add apps?

apps are added automatically with the itunes api.


Can I start using the script without the affiliate program? Thanks

Thank you for reply.

Can I choose which apps to show in my site?

Thank you

You can set featured apps for the homepage, but it shows all available apps by default.


Is there any google playstore API ? can you make it, i will consider for buy it thanks.

Hi, unfortunately there is no api for google playstore available.

Hello! I really wanna buy this script. I have two important questions: 1. can i install wordpress on a subdirectory /blog with this script? 2. can i add a link to the blog on the script menu or on the footer of the site? 3. If i set the translation for braziliam portuguese and the location of the apple store for Brazil, the content of the apps and games imported by this script from the appstore api will be imported in braziliam portuguese too? Thanks

Hi, to answer your questions; 1) yes 2) yes 3) yes you can use ‘br’ for Brazil itunes store in the settings and it will show all in brazilian portuguese if available.

Please help me add pagination to all pages i.e., New Apps, Top Apps, Categories etc


Also please guide me how to change apps slug:

to something like:



Discussion on AppStore – iOS Apps Affiliate Script

I am sure it is the item page I am trying to contact.

Please do help me add pagination to all pages i.e., New Apps, Top Apps, Categories etc

Hi, there is no pagination from the itunes api, for support you need the Support tab, this is the Comments tab.

is it possible to see anywhere in the apple affiliate dashboard 1. Who bought a Product? 2. Wich product has bought? 3. username or id of the buyer?

Hi, it just tracks sales, no personal user info that would be against privacy policy, read the faq here;


miukun Purchased

Hello, Author.

We need hreflang .

Please add function.


Hi, why do you need hreflang, that is only if you have multiple language versions of a site.


miukun Purchased

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I want to multi lang and multi countries apps store.

I need in all countries.


Hi, i see, you can add the hreflang links in the <head> part in the includes/header.php file


kmnd Purchased

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apple pay now only 2,5 % instead of 7 % are you want to add a feature for adding music and video?

Hi, there are no features for adding music and video.


Set up a website, created a category with a capital letter
Website is indexed and were duplicate pages.
Url with a capital letter and the same url with a small letter.

How to remove duplicates?
Thank you!

Hi, please contact me on the item support page.

Hi, great job! Is it possible to show search results by categories? I mean, results to ‘soccer’ inside Sports OR ‘budget planner’ inside Finance? Tks in advance.

Hi thanks, no it searches in all categories.


moisbach Purchased

Hi. What best way to exclude some items (apps) from the public listing? I received a notice of trademark infringement requesting the exclusion of 40 items from my website built with your script