Discussion on Appskull - Advanced User Login, Registration, Management & Permissions

Discussion on Appskull - Advanced User Login, Registration, Management & Permissions

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i am wonder if this up update to ci4 yet?

No!, Instead I’m making a brand new app with ci4. And it will be released soon.

Best regards, Nudasoft.


i am wonder if this up update to ci4 yet?

Hi protoxicmoney,

This update is pretty big. The app is completely build form the scratch with ci4. and its has completely new frontend. We are working everyday to make it launch fast as possible.

We are hoping to launch the new update before 20th of october this year.

Thanks for understanding.

Best regards, Nudasoft.

Are the following features expected?

Social Logis (only google) 
User acess logs for tracking
User impersonation (Login as X)

These features are already on the to-do list. But can’t be so sure if all of these are available in the first release. But I try my best.

Best regards, Nudasoft

I applaud the planned upgrade to Ci4! Thank you!

Would love to see an update to Ci 4


Already working on it.

Best regards, Nudasoft


<?php echo $this->session->user->username; ?>

Produces the username for the logged in user.

Any way to get their first name to show? I tried “firstname” and “firstName” and “fname” without luck.



Yes, Appskull only add few data into the user session by default. but you can easily customize this.

follow below instructions.

01. Opne this file: appskull\app\app\core\MY_Controller.php

02. Check line number 47.

03. Change that line to : $this->session->user = $this->user_model->user([‘username’, ‘firstName’], $this->session->userID); from $this->session->user = $this->user_model->user([‘username’], $this->session->userID);

Regards, Nudasoft.

Then $this->session->user->firstName; should work.

YES! Thanks so much!

Support request:

I’m logged in as the default admin account (the one that came with the software).

1. Under USER SETTINGS admin page

Entering the current password and trying to CHANGE the username results in a HTTP ERROR 500 once “Save” is clicked.

2. In the same USER SETTINGS admin page

Entering a new email address and clicking “Continue” results in an HTTP ERROR 500

Any guidance on where to troubleshoot? PROFILE and SECURITY both work on that page and other Appskull functions work.

Thanks. Chris

I’m glad it’s working great for you.

This is a new installation on a new, empty server. Literally the first files on the server. Updated to PHP 8.1.7 and the same thing is happening.

I also tried 8.0.20 and 7.4.30

I also did a second fresh installation.

What shall I try next?

Here is the message when attempting to change the “elonmusk” email:

An uncaught Exception was encountered Type: RuntimeException Message: /home/customer/www/ exists, but doesn’t declare class User_settings_email_model Filename: /home/customer/www/ Line Number: 340 Backtrace: File: /home/customer/www/
Line: 96
Function: model File: /home/customer/www/
Line: 315
Function: require_once

*Here is the message when attempting to change the

An uncaught Exception was encountered Type: RuntimeException Message: /home/customer/www/ exists, but doesn’t declare class User_settings_account_model Filename: /home/customer/www/ Line Number: 340 Backtrace: File: /home/customer/www/
Line: 89
Function: model File: /home/customer/www/
Line: 315
Function: require_once

Also, Profile and Security both work in “User settings”

RESOLVED: I downloaded a fresh archive of appskull and replaced User_settings_account_model.php and User_settings_email_model.php and both worked instantly.

Thank you!

Hello. Just purchased and installed. Thank you. My download did not have the htaccess.txt file included. Where can I get that?

I’m installing on a subdomain on Apache and when I changed the $config[‘index_page’] = ’’;., the sign in (without index.php in the url) stopped working.

Got it. For anyone else looking for the .htaccess it is:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L] </IfModule>

Demo doesn’t work, error message after login

I didn’t received any emails from you. I don’t know what’s up with your email sending. I literally use gmail.

use imgur service to host screenshots and copy paste hosted image links here as a comment.

Regards, Nudasoft

my fault ! error in the email address at my side; I have re-sended the email with the screen-shots, you can directly reply to my email if needed – tks

Hi, You get ‘The action you have requested is not allowed.’ error because, the demo gets load in a envato preview iframe element. As a security measure we don’t allow form submissions from another domain. In this case that domain is ‘’. The app only allows cookies from ‘’. This is a security feature called CSRF protection.

The app is working pretty fine. to view the app use url and click on the ‘sign in’ link.

Regards, Nudasoft

does it support field level permission?

You can add permissions for anything. it’s super flexible. for example, let’s say you have a form that has a field called ‘account number’ and you wanted to control that field separately. then you can create a specific permission for that and show/hide disable/enable functionalities with that permission.

Regards, Nudasoft

Hi, I look at your code and I find it very useful. I would like to purchase it to be used for my applications that I am developing. The question here is which exact versions of Codeigniter and Bootstrap are you using? I ask because all my code is ported to CodeIgniter 4.1.x and use Bootstrap 5.1. If the current version of your code does not use CodeIgniter 4.1.x or Bootstrap 5.1 then please let me know the timeline when these versions will be supported.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi. The demo is not working. It loads forever.

Hi did a server migrations at that time. now its working fine :)


I bought your product and followed the install guide. I’m getting on a website without css and if i go to the auth page or something else im getting “You don’t have permission to access this resource.”

Hi, I have checked ur screenshot and its shows that Appskull is working fine on your machine except assets not getting loaded. to trouble shoot that, check html source of that page and click on a asset file link, for example .css file link. and check if that file get loaded. if not please replace all the assets files into intended places.

And the “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access this resource.” error is not something Appskull related. its a apache error. you need to provide appropriate permissions to relevant folders to work. check this link:

Thank you for the Help! I used xampp for hosting on localhost and needed to reinstall it to another location. Now everything working and I’m not getting any forbidden errors!

Cool nice to here that. if something came up again, hit me up.

Will you create a new version for CI 4?

Yeah! CI4 based Appskull is coming.

Great! when will we see?

I would need mulitple languages, is it capable of that?

How far has multilingual support developed? I need the german language for my app. I would like to assist you in translating into German.

Appskull v8.0 is out guys :)

I have installed as instructed, and logged in into the admin account.

I wanted to test my existing website template and charts before going through with the documentation, my website functioned as expected except for my charts, they were not loading as they should, and upon revising the network console, I have noticed that POST received a 403 Forbidden status, whereas the usual should have been 200 OK.

Usually when I start my localhost server, I disable strict mode in mysql with the command set global sql_mode=’’;

However, my charts load fine on my existing project after disabling the mysql strict mode, but the same does not happen after I installed apeskull.

Hello, this app contain form validation by the library that provides codeigniter?

Yes, it’s using CI’s built-in form validation library.

Version 7.0 is out.


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