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good work. congrats :)

Thanks :)

there are many adminpanels like this before with more features what is special about your panel.

There are many. even though features looks same how they work internally is different. and most importantly this app has a pretty solid permission handling system. I’m pretty sure there is no any app on codecanyon that has that much of a flexibility. and I believe it also has a good documentation as well.

Have a great day :) Nudasoft

Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thanks :)

v2.0 update submitted to the Codecanyon. Changelog:

This software does look really good and perfect for what I need but Nudasoft.. there is no website ‘about’ page or any details on who’s who. So it makes me a bit nervous and I frequently buy stuff and development is dropped soon after. Its so annoying when it happens (not implying that you will do this). I will think about it tonight.. Also is $24 the discount price?

May you have lots of babies.. :) Thank you ill get approval to purchase.

Spotted a security risk. I can hammer away at username and password with multiple attempts. It never blocks me. So I could use a script to brute force entry. It should present with Google Captcha v3 after X attempts at least before a total block.

Google recaptcha will be available within few days with few more features.

Hi I have purchased your script. I’m having a bit of an issue getting it installed properly. I followed your instructions but maybe I’m missing something simple?

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

I’m an idiot ignore me! Installed and working thank you.

Thats Cool :) Please make sure to change default login credencials. People can mess with your Appskull installation. And hit me up any time when you need help :) I will reply soon as possible.



v3.0 update submitted to the Codecanyon. Changelog:

Also check the new demo:

Here I am waiting patiently for 2 months for this new version and boom here it is but you have done NOTHING to fix the fact you can BRUTE FORCE attack this system nor added GOOGLE RECAPTCHA 3 after X attemps. Its really disappointing but I am just going to have to try another solution.

Hi user101,

Google recaptcha is coming with Appskull v4.0. Here is our Trello board screenshot:



Hey there! I purchased your script earlier today, going thru it I can see you’ve put a lot of work in here. I’m newbie web dev and I think I fastened a little bit when I decided to purchase this, because I really thought it’s much more intuitive, I thought Demo version was simply incomplete (for some reason, observing other similar items on CodeCanyon, which is totally my fault, because I should’ve asked in comments in first place) for example I thought Email templates and SendGrid integration (mentioned in “Features”) settings was done via panel instead of manually setting it up in CodeIgniter code and that it would be easier to get started for me (as a newbie in coding) to spin up simple web app that just requires few pages to be restricted for unauthorised users. Now, I’m feeling bad to ask for a refund, but I’m simply not able to use this at the moment and I would highly appreciate if you’ll agree to issue a refund because it’s really up to you now altho I’m feeling really sorry to write this and ask for refund and maybe cause frustration at such an early stage of your creature. If you disagree to issue a refund that’s fine too, because that totally my own fault, next time I will evaluate product properly before taking any actions. So if you don’t agree to issue refund, I would be glad to simply support your further development of this script, which hopefully will only get better with time. In that case I have follow up question on where the development is heading. In the near future, do you have any plans on making features that are similar to these: You can see they both provide (almost) all controls via intuitive web panel. Thank you for taking time to read this and excuse my broken English. Cheers! -Pavel.


I’m sorry but there is no refund if you downloaded the product.

I strongly disagree about putting all the configurations on system settings pages. Because most of the configurations are not frequently get change. Opening a configuration file and change relevant values are not that hard. And all the configuration options are well commented.

I have put lots of thinking when its coming to develop this software and believe its far better than most of the similar items on Codecanyon. It may not have all the features that other items have. But included features are perfected. There is no known bugs or issues yet. And I continuously develop this software and its v4.0 version coming soon.

If you need any help about anything that related to this script. Just send me a mail to my email. I will more than happy reply soon as possible. To get updates you can follow me on Twitter or check my github profile to see development activities.



Yeah right, that’s fair enough. All I can say now is good luck to you with development and that I’m really excited for what’s coming next. I appreciate all the hard work you putting into this script!


Feature Request:

1. Save User Ip

2. Multilingual


1. The code is well documented? I don’t mean the instructions on codecanyon.

2. I can change the code myself?



I’ve noted your feature requests :)

Yes code is well commented and of course you can do any kind of modification to it. we always release very detailed upgrade guilds with every Appskull updates.

And the good news is Appskull new version (v4.0) landed few minutes ago. :)

Check the demo: Changelog: Upgrade guild:



Version 7.0 is out.

Hello, this app contain form validation by the library that provides codeigniter?

Yes, it’s using CI’s built-in form validation library.

I have installed as instructed, and logged in into the admin account.

I wanted to test my existing website template and charts before going through with the documentation, my website functioned as expected except for my charts, they were not loading as they should, and upon revising the network console, I have noticed that POST received a 403 Forbidden status, whereas the usual should have been 200 OK.

Usually when I start my localhost server, I disable strict mode in mysql with the command set global sql_mode=’’;

However, my charts load fine on my existing project after disabling the mysql strict mode, but the same does not happen after I installed apeskull.

Appskull v8.0 is out guys :)

How far has multilingual support developed? I need the german language for my app. I would like to assist you in translating into German.

I would need mulitple languages, is it capable of that?


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