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Is a google play store version planned ?

I really like to make this too, but they have no API yet. Scraping is not an option. So really hope they release it soon

Good to know, thanks for the quick reply !

I’ll keep my eyes open ;-)

Hi! Just purchased your script but I can’t make it work properly.

Please take a look here:

My problem is when you click some app, it won’t go to the right page. What should I do to fix it?

Hi! I already found a way to fix it.

Glad you fixed it, what was the problem? regards,

Can I use your script from Pakistan? will google will allow me to put ads on it? do i need to make account on apple website?

Sure you can You will also need an Apple account if you want to make some money/commission for app sales

Sure it can with some change in the config.

I can put on the home page of the app Brazil?

Sure it can with some change in the config.

Can you make a system to android app like this:

There is no Google API for getting Android App

it would be great if you had something like this for google play store

I would like that too, but they have no API or rss feeds. As soon they have , I will add it.

Hey are there any plans to make it multi language ? So that the users from Denmark get Danish and people from Germany get German etc… ?

Eventually all my script are going to be translated with admin panel, but this may take some time.

Any news about an update ?

Well for multi-language is not done easy, but can just include google translate code in the footer code. If you want one country only you can also change the template text.

1. How do I remove your logo? I need private label.

2. How do I get disqus to work? It does not work. I included my id. Do i use your ID appcharts? I am confused.

Hi there is no logo, do you mean the title text? The disqus id can be changed in the config. Appscharts is my id, you can change that.

Did that worked?

Is there a setting i can use to make this script strictly responsive for mobile. Also the images dont have a hyperlink. I installed the script at

i want to make the homepage icons look like caiocalls page – the images on my homepage arent linked.

I have changed it now, will submit new update today!

Thank you so much, i will update it later today.

I’m trying to install this along side with my wordpress site, but I can’t get it to work. I want it so i have my base website ( and have links that lead to the store ( I’ve swaped all the info within the two files (settings.php & htc.access) to and installed it within my public.html, but my site just takes me to my wordpress site 404. Please help!

Hi I think your Wordpress is messing with the script. can you install it on a subdomain? Like ?

Regards Vidal

Is this script RESPONSIVE? I just tested it on my iPhone and it is unresponsive. Does It only work on a desktop? Can you fix?

Show me what you want to be better. The script is responsive. It’s using twitter bootstrap.

I don’t seem to get any .htaccess file within my download, so I cannot get any internal links working… Please sort this out.

It’s a hidden file by default. make sure your ftp shows hidden files.

What did not see China

Dear i bought your script fro codecanyon but i uploaded it but nothing show only home page is showing but when i click on menu return 404 page error help me out.

Send me an email, we will have a look


Is your problem fixed? This might be just a temp cache problem.

Hi, your demo is not working.,,, It does not display any of the app charts. (e.g. Top Free Apps, Top Paid Apps, etc etc)

We will check out the problem, we just changed servers, so might be something we forgot to enable. Thanks for letting us know.

We fixed it after adding to php.ini allow_url_fopen=1 allows PHP to get external data