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Does this create apk files?

Hi, no it generates a WebApp. And also QR-code and ShortUrl.

sir php code generate android app “apk”

Hi, no it generates a WebApp. And also QR-code and shorturl

There are tools to make an APK from a webapp

we need something that generates an apk please


I know it’s a good idea. I will have a look what the possibilities are to generate an Android APK

Like it!

Testing the preview I see images associated with the feed did not appear. Only see the “flame”.

Is there a way to include images with associated feeds?


Hi, thumbs are not rendered now. I will try to add thumb support in the next update

There are tools to make an APK from a webapp? which ones do you recommend

Hi, I’ve never tried one before, but they are out in the wild :)

Updates will be any? How can I download the APK file?

Hi, yes update will come soon, with APK generator :))

when about to wait? Can you make a parser for keywords? Well, that content is created by keywords?


Can I create an android or iPhone apps for my site using this tool? Also, can I upload the app created using this tool to Play store and iPhone store? Please confirm.

You can try to add your app url to this online APK generator and make an APK of your App url

Hello, you have a video to see the app creator performance?

I have no video, what kind of app performance do you mean? It just generates an online Web App superfast

login/password is immediatelly needed. so that nobody else can edit the created apps. because now, whenever you create an ap, on the sidebar, you can edit the app. this is bad.

Hi when is the update coming with apk generator, Thank you

Hi the APK generator will not be possible at the moment. It needs many modules to be enabled on hosting. But you can make apk’s very quickly with Just add a Webview with your url and build an apk in minutes.

hi, nice script, any updates coming, any hopes of adding APK Generator … am really interested in APK files. Thanks

Hello. When you say WebApp, do you mean it creates a mobile website? I am very interested in buying this app but the demo version no longer works so I am having trouble seeing what it does. Thanks

We are working on a new version, will be fixed this month!