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Hello, in “Reminder Date”, how you can choose the time? as in “Create an Event”

Attached sample image:

For reminder data you can choose only date not time,you can select data and time for only event.

hello, install and configure the script mail.php but so far the script does not send any email, what is missing?

I replied you on skype.Please response there.

Hello KingPabel,

I like your app, but I have some extra requirements I would like you to customize for me.

My client wants to operate a call center for hospitals where the public can call an operator to book an appointment with a doctor in a hospital.

So when the appointment is booked, a hospital staff with the right permissions can view all appointments for their hospital. And doctors can view appointments booked against them.

The system should send notification to the patient, hospital and doctor, when an appointment has been booked. Then the patient should get a reminder close the the appointment.

Please let me know how much this will cost and how ling it will take.

Regards, Michael

Thanks for your comment.I am very interested to do that types of customization.Please send me an email( to get quote and i will reply you

Hi. Can a client book their own appointment with your system or does the business owner have to set the appointment?

Thanks for your comment,only business owner can set an appointment.

The reminder email field does not allow line breaks could correct the code?

If line breaks is entered, in addition the menu Events it also shows:

Thanks for your inform,the reminder text field is not a text editor that’s why it breaks when you entered a line break.Cause it can’t understand a line break.If you need a text editor please mail( me.

I didn’t see any Cronjob settings ? How reminder could work without ? I’m not always connected to the site.

Thanks for your comment.Reminder work using cron job.Please see documentation’s event part hers’s the instruction how to set cron job!/event

There is no public/account section after installation and unable to create or login to account

please come on skype, i have sent a request

Please let me know whether you are able to give the support or not because I’M not getting any response from you

Dear I already sent you a mail,please check this

Hi, how many languages the application have? These scheduling calendar is shared with all users, or I can chose with users can see my appointments on my scheduling calendar ?

I am very disappointed with the application!

1- The documentation does not allow permissions to be given to files, and directories!

2- The installation script has the information that is to be sent to google !! ” Part of the installation script code <script> (Function (i, s, o, g, r, a, m) I [‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’] = r; I® = i® || Function () { (I® .q = i® .q || []). }, I® .l = 1 * new Date (); A = s.createElement (o), M = s.getElementsByTagName (o) [0]; A.async = 1; A.src = g; M.parentNode.insertBefore (a, m) }) (Window, document, ‘script’, ’//’, ‘ga’); </ Head>

Ga ('create', 'UA-60038966-1', 'auto');
    Ga ('send', 'pageview');
</ Script>


<Script async src = ”//”> </ script> <! – Category – 1 ( -> <Script> (Adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []) push ({}); </ Script>

3- I have everything well configured, and the application is just the step,!/installation. I will write all the data in the fields of the installation menu, and after clicking Install, return to the form of the installation menu!

4- You do not have in the description of your product any kind of specification about what is necessary, for the application to run! I have apache2.2, and php 5.6! Anything else is needed?

Please replay asap or refund me !

I still wait for the support !!!

Thanks for your purchase and comment.I am so sorry that i can’t reply you soon cause i was in vacation,in fact i let know codecanyon that i will not in support that time.The application is for English language.Specific user can manage and maintain his schedule.

Your answer

1. Documentation can’t allow to give permission to files or directories

2. Yes the application send data to google,but you have the source code if you want you can stop this

3. If the installation doesn’t work then that’s not a big deal.May be that was a silly file permission issue.I will help to solve problem.

4. Product specification (Software Version PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.x ) already have on item details page.Please check again

For any query feel free to contact with me.