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kcsnj Purchased

Can this script be used as a SAAS? Thanks

Hi, Cleanto is made for single use, you can not use it for Saas, please contact us at for saas script. Thanks


seaniyke Purchased

I can’t pass through the ct_install.php area as when I click on start install button, nothing happens.

Hi, Could you please raise the support ticket with url for quick solution at Thanks.

hello does user login and see bookings made and make payments 2.stafff login doesnt work 3.planning to launch mobile app soon

Hi, Comments sections is just for pre sales questions, please raise support ticket in case you are facing any issue. Staff login had an issue that is fixed in version 3.1 for mobile app, we can provide you APIs code if you want to get develop mobile app. Thanks.


joshmak Purchased

Hello update doesnt recognize cleanto authorization code? How to fix?

Thanks for support ticket. we are going to reply through tickets. Thanks.



I’ll be using this for my client, a barbershop. I’ll be using WordPress CMS, using Divi theme as a front end. Dont mind if I need to redirect the booking/appointment system to a subdomain. Can you answer the following questions;

1. Is possible to have one calendar where customers can enter their details and select which barber to get their haircut with, and any extra services the customer wants?

2. Is there any front end profile for the customer to change dates, time and cancel?

3. When the customer makes an appointment but wants to change the date or time, how would the customer do that?

4. How would the client make a refund to the customer?

5. How do you setup the staff front end profile? Also, can the staff cancel or change appointments?

6. Is there an embed code to use?

7. What payment gateway is available to use?

8. Is it responsive?


Hi, Thanks for your interest in Cleanto.

1. Yes this option is available in current Cleanto. In current Cleanto have separate section for staff and also have a option to select which service provide by staff. Staff can set our own schedule.

2. This feature is also available in current Cleanto. If first booking/appointment done with new user then after booking/appointment create separate client dashboard. Client login our account and check all booking details and also a option for reschedule appointment and cancel appointment.

3. This feature is also available in current Cleanto. If first booking/appointment done with new user then after booking/appointment create separate client dashboard. client on “My appointment” button and Client login our account and check all booking details and also a option for reschedule appointment and cancel appointment.

4. Refund option is not available in current Cleanto.

5. It has not any option to create staff on front end. But Admin create staff of our end and give credential to staff. Staff login our separate section and set schedule. Also check details of bookings/payments/profile . But Cancel and change appointment feature is not available in staff section. This authority is only for admin.

6. Yes , you can use embed code for WordPress.

7. We are provide no of Payment gateway. (PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net Payment Form, 2Checkout Payment Form, PayUmoney, Bank Transfer)

8. Yes current Cleanto is fully responsive in all media.



Thanks for your reply.

1. If there is no refund option, would my client have to refund through PayPal, or can this be done another way?

2. If you demo, I can’t seem to get past the “Zip Code” option, as I do type in 90001, but again shows red bar. Please fix this issue in your demo for me to get an understanding of your system.

3. How do I log in as a customer in your demo, please provide email/username and password for the demo.


Hello, 1) No, currently have not any way for refund in Cleanto system.

2) This is fully manageable in current Cleanto version. Please login as a admin on demo with this credentials ( username:- , Password:- demo123 ) on and set it according here Cleanto->Settings->manageable fields-> Zip code ( ) and then test it.

3) When you done new test booking on demo with new user. Than click on “My Bookings” ( ) button and login as a client with new user credentials.



Presale: Is it possible to make the settings so customers can not book the same day? Like set it, so there are 48 hours from the current date to the first avalible time?

best regards


Hi Henrik, Thanks for choosing Cleanto. Cleanto provide this feature, Admin can set “Minimum advance booking time” and “Maximum advance booking time” accordingly. Thanks.

Hello, I have a couple of questions before buying this plugin. I am using divi theme and toolset ( to create custom fields to my products as well as a front-end upload system. What I would like to know is:

1) Does your plugin works with shortcodes? I have built a custom woocommerce template using divi + toolset for my products, the only thing missing from my website is that they need to be bookable products. I know this cannot be done with woocommerce bookings itself.

2) I also need the ability to feed information to my bookable products from the front-end. The idea is to have a board where people can post their own content as a bookable product. I already have my front-end upload form for products ready, I just wonder if you think it will be possible to integrate the bookings into it since RnB – WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System transforms woocommerce products.


Hello, Thanks for your interest in our product, Cleanto have a own shortcode using for WordPress and other platform. But according to your divi theme and tool-set to create custom fields are not allow in current Cleanto. 2) We are unable to getting your point. Could you please write us in more details on email ( ) for this Thanks


our client has a grave care service.

Can we use the script, so that his customers can select a starting day and than book the service for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and so on? Can we disable the selection of time, so that only a starting day can be selected, not the specific time?


Hello, Thanks for your interest in our product, This feature is available in current Cleanto admin can set our minimum and maximum advance booking. But it is not possible without specific time. Because book appointment is related with each other so date and time is required for book a appointment. Thanks


when our client uses the recurring feature and his customer pays via PayPal, does PayPal collect the money automatically every month, or how does it work?

Hi, Recurring features book the appointment automatically but charging through paypal for recurrence is not an option there for now. We will try to add that in future Thanks.


migo77 Purchased

Hi there, yesterday i tried to install cleanto but it states that my purchase key is not vaid. Why? I know that it is expired but this should only applies for getting support not for the software at all, right?

Hi, Thanks for getting back to us, we will surely help you for this, please email us at with your purchase code and website url. purchase code verification to avoid misuse of script. Thanks.