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salebgd Purchased

Hi there, after perfect installation I get P signs on every label and words, I triedn changin language but still same. Screenshot

Hi, Your support ticket has been replied with fix, Thanks.


salebgd Purchased

Yep thanks a lot. Amazing script. Now I got issue where all uploaded images for services are black no matter which size I upload. How do i fix that?

Please use few pixel cropping before uploading image to get rid from black image issue. We are going to fix this issue in our upcomiong release.Thanks

Looking to use as a room booking system. I would like to be able to let users select mutiple time slots (so they can hire room for longer than 1 time slot). Is this possible? or easily achieved

Multiple time slots for longer hours is not able in current Cleanto version.

hello Could you provide more information for multi provider? Is it mean multi vendor? The vendor can sell their own service?

No, Multi provider is not like multi vendor, they can not sell their services individually.Its for their internal assignment of the jobs. Thanks.

Can you tell me how this works with recurring appointments? Does it automatically generate next appointment?

Hi, Current version of Cleanto has not recurrence option, Its in our list and we will think to add this in future. Thanks.

i am stuck at

Start Install is not working. Placed files in root folder. here is error log from server [11-Sep-2017 19:34:45 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘cleanto_myvariable’ not found in /home/jpworldc/public_html/index.php on line 41

Hi, Your Support ticket has been replied, Thanks.

I am thankful for support. But if you provide me required support after the time elapsed then all is useless for me and i will be in big issue

Thanks for your suggestions.

Friend. I tried to submit a ticket but it wouldn’t allow me. Last couple days every-time i click “complete booking” it shows this Error:

” Error connecting to AuthorizeNet “

can you please give the solution of this error. it might be some update in your script required.

Hi, please use in case. Thanks.

Hi, skymoonlabs we buy today this item. But we discover few problems we send you ticket few of them with the issues to be fixed. Soo respond asap please. Thank you.

Hi, You must provide your website correct access to make us fixes or changes, so for our support team is not able to get in your files. SO please provide the correct address to allow our team to reply you for your asked questions and fixes. Thanks.

Hi, i allredy send the link of domain on the first ticket support. No problem will send you again in monday and also ftp access. One question before we deside to continue. To choose user multiple calendar days in one order is not possible?


Hi, can this system be used as sass ? Please reply here I can’t use skype.

No, Cleanto is for single business usages, For Saas you can contact us at Thanks.