Discussion on Online bookings management system for maid services and cleaning companies - Cleanto

Discussion on Online bookings management system for maid services and cleaning companies - Cleanto

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is there a posibility to add my own sms gateway ?

Hello, We have Twillio, Nexmo, Plivo, MessageBird, TextLocal already integrated sms gateways, but if you need any other, we can do it for you under customizations, for that please send us email at Thanks.

hello, Is the demo updated to the latest version?I’m watching the demo on a smartphone and it doesn’t work well

Hello, Yes demo is updated to the latest version and it is working in mobile version also. Thanks

yes that will work, thanks!

Thats good! One more thing: if it is available in turkish and russian languages as well? I

Hi mate, yes there is an option to enter your own captions language you can translate it in any language, Russian we have pre translated file but for Turkish you have to translate yourself but yes there is option to do it. Thanks.

Hello author,

Does your current modern version has also POS options for all the services if yes how can I check it from your item demo?

Kind regards

Hi Sam555Q, no we have no this feature. Thanks.

Thanks for the clarification.

But then what does this feature description under item demo means? ” Cleaners booking script with CRM and POS options”

Hi, POS is not any different option, In admin area you can book appointment with payment system (manual booking) is POS option. which is working from last many previous versions. Hope it make sense. Thanks.

Will I be able to change the service name in the system from “Cleaning” to “Pest Control Service”?

Hi any advise to my product query, please?

Hello, Yes you can change any service name as per your need from the service menu in admin dashboard. Thanks

Hi how much would you charge for assisting with the installation of your software for us, please?

Hello, thanks for your query, We do not charge any for Cleanto installation support, its absolutely free for the buyers. Thanks

So upon purchase we could request you to help us install on our CPanel?

Hello, If you are facing any installation problem then please submit your ticket at with the Cleanto purchase code and website details. Thanks

Hello, I love this software. I just have some questions, I would like to see if there is a way to see the invoices generated, or the only option is to Send Invoice from the payments tab

Hello, Thank you for contacting us, Yes admin can see the invoices and send the invoices to the customer. Customers can also view and download invoices for their bookings from their dashboard.

Hi author, great job with the app, I just have 2 questions:

1) When I try to update the “general” settings under the main “settings” tab within the admin section, the updating/saving icon graphic appears but it then continues endlessly and does not complete. I’m able to refresh the page, but then the changes I made to these settings are lost. How can this be fixed? I’m running version 8.1.

2) This also happens when I attempt to create “add-ons” for my services. Again, here the updating/saving icon runs constantly and never completes, forcing me to refresh the page and lose my progress.

Thanks for any guidance you’re able to provide.

Hello, Your support ticket has been replied Thanks

It is not responsive

Hello, Thank you for reaching us, Cleanto is fully responsive but if you are facing any design issues please submit your ticket at with the Cleanto purchase code and website details. Thanks

I have just finished installing your product on my server.

Problems :

1 : It only works if it is installed in root_path (aka public_html) but managed to get it working by modifying the BASE_URL & SITE_URL & AJAX_URL & FRONT_URL by appending the installed folder to those variables (I don’t want it to be installed on root path)

2: service_addons_ajax throws Uncaught TypeError: Unsupported operand types: string + string -> $hours and $minutes need to be converted to int.

3: Manual booking in admin CP does not work due to this error : Uncaught ReferenceError: advance_date is not defined ; This is due to the a cyclic include : in calendar.php : include(dirname(dirname(FILE)) . ”/objects/class_users.php”); witch includes manual_booking.php on line 289 witch includes class_users.php The PHP error is : Cannot declare class cleanto_users, because the name is already in use in objects/class_users.php

I am currently using PHP 8.0

Thank you for your quick reply. I will try to reinstall it on the root directory and if I don’t succeed I will contact you via your support system. Thanks !

I have submitted a ticket ; Thanks in advance !

Thank you, we will available anytime for you on

Pre-sales question: It seems Launch27 is your biggest competition in this space. What following features does your plugin lack or what is your work-around? TIA

1. Real-time maid availability 2. Multi-location client pricing 3. Online credit card processing 4. Recurring cleaning appointments 5. Gift cards, discounts, referrals 6. Auto-reminders for cleaning appointment 7. Client ratings/feedback 8. Drag/Drop maid scheduling 9. Analytics dashboard 10. Maid/Client self-service portal

Hi mate, In Cleanto all these features are available like staff scheduling and availability, multi location with zip code, card payment, recurring booking, discount and referral code, Email reminder for booking, Client rating for staff, SMS notification, Payment gateways, separate dashboard for Admin, Client and staff. Thanks

Thank you. How can I get a walk-thru demo?

Hello, Follow the below Cleanto demo link and credetials. Thanks Front URL: Admin URL: Login Email: Login Password: demo123

Hi author. 1) I could not find in the demo how the employee registers himself, without the participation of the administrator. And there is a worker and his own account where he adds his services, as does the admin. in admin panel? 2) If the worker has the ability to, for example, as a freelancer to earn and request a withdrawal?

Hi mate, yes you can go with Cleanto and I can help you to install it on your server. for Cleanto SaaS we can discuss further. Thanks.

Hello, I have a question, only 4 services are displayed on the main page?

Hello, We checked and found that you have added service but no methods and units have been added in it. When you add the methods and units in this particular services only then this services will display on the front side. Thanks

In the application I have when I try to sign in as a user it give me that username and password not correct / in the demo it gives the same and when I register as a staff It redirect me to the staff dashboard which has the demo user profile not the user I created

Hello. After installation, the settings options in backend dont’ work. I have 3 warning and the page will refresh only.

If i set php version 8.0 the page will be in error. only work on 7.4 And in calendar page in backend, if i click on demo appointments nothing word and in chrome console i see javascript error.

So, i need help to solve this problem to start use the system. Already open TICKET #3271334 , please need assistance. Thanks

Hello, sorry for inconvience, your support ticket has been replied Thanks

Hello. Pre Sale question. Are ready to php 8.0 yet? I also ask ( by email) some info to customization. Thanks

Hello, Yes now the Cleanto is suppported by php8.xx and for the customization you can contact us on and you can also contact us on Skype my handle for discussion live:support_53124 Thanks

Hi, when the script will be compatible for working on php8.xx.

Hi, thanks for asking, by next week you will be able to use it on latest php versions.

Dear team, I changed the server and website stopped working, front end so many options like drop down not working, backend admin side same page after login. Plz help is this node locked with server ip address or what is causing this error.?

Hello, please submit your ticket at with the Cleanto purchase code. Because if you want to change a domain, after resetting the purchase code you will be able to install Cleanto on another domain because Cleanto can only work on one domain at a time. Thanks

Dear team, Correction, i changed the server (not the domain name). Domain is same only but the server hosting provider changed and hence the ip address changed. This should not happen but i dont know why everything stopped working. We just moved data from old server cpanel to new server cpanel.

Hello mate, please check your php version on new server keep it same if possible. and for php 8.x.x will be support fully by next week within new version. Thanks.

Hi my friends, is there a way to fix this….: when you book a service and you want the person to be there att example from 20.00 to 02.00. So i can make the appointment betwen particular time. Thanks in advance.

Hi mate, yes you can setup the working timing like 12 AM  - 11:59 PM and set breaks from 2 AM to 8 PM, in that way you can setup your working time and can achieve this scenario. Thanks.


seoamo Purchased

Hello, I am using wp. how do we integrate this software with wp? I only have 1 database. Do I need to buy a 2nd database for this software? I would be glad if you help me in this regard. If appropriate, I will initiate the purchase. Best regards

Hi, Thanks for contacting us, Yes you can use Cleanto with WordPress via embed code and also use single database for both. If you have any problem in Cleanto installation then we will do set up Cleanto for you. Thanks

Hello I checked demo and created a order from admin but In staff it’s not showing order details it just shows service name..

I want my staff to know complete order details when I assign order to a staff member so I don’t need to tell them order manually. Is it possible ? Thanks

Thank you for interest in our product, Demo is perfectly working( and The details that are going to be show to the staff are given in this screenshot ( If you want to show extra details to staff then we have to make custom changes in it. Thanks


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