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how to disable Zip Code?? in Your Personal Details form..

Hi, you can not disable form’s zip code input area from admin, we can do you help by disabling it from coding directly, please raise a support ticket at Thanks.

I like it the application. I have a few questions for a custom work. how can i contact you? would you please share your email? Thanks

Hi, thanks for your interest in our product, Yes we are ready for any custom work, you can contact us or you can raise support ticket at

HI there, nice script, do you have it for wordpress also ?? Can I see a demo for wordpress ??

Also, if it possible to have different professionals / vendors that can be add to a main website by the ADMIN and each one with his prices/timings/accepted postal codes/etc…. all this made in wordpress ?? I am interested in this option.


Hi, Thanks for your interest in our product. Cleanto is built in PHP but it has option to create embed code that can easily use in wordpress website. Cleanto can be used for single provider schedule for now. in future we will add multiple providers option and their own schedule etc.

Hi there, pre-purchase question. I will try to detail my needs, please let me know if the plugin will work for me. The idea : - My registred clients should be able to book services according to specific time slots - Available time slots depend on staff members: o Staff availabilities should be set on a monthly basis (I get their schedule for a full month) - Clients should be able to choose between different services, which each have a specific allocated time (manicure 15 min, massage one hour etc) - There should be a limit to how many bookings a client can make (10 per week for example) Do you think your plugin can manage this?

Hi, Thanks for your interest in our product, I will suggest you to go with our demo at Cleato support one provider schedule to get booked. It don’t provide multiple providers in current version. Thanks.

Nothing is working?? whats going on??

Hi, can you please send the issue with some details on, Thanks.

Can I sell the tickets in a package system and then give the option to reserve in the event the want only for the package they bought? Let say I bought a package with 3 different service but I do not know when to use it, but I have the option to reserve until they are all use.

Hi, Thanks for your interest in our product, Yes you can sell the services in packages by just showing multiple services in a single service or using addons, but there is not any way for users to use all service as per their own requirements. But if you want it as a customization we can do that. Thanks.

Pre-sale question: How do you install to wordpress? When I filled in the details on the demo and clicked ‘Confirm Booking’ It scrolled the page back to the zip/postcode section with no explanation of why? Does this not alert users that the services are not provided in their area prior to filling out the whole form? Thanks

Hi, thanks for your interest in our product, For Wordpress you just need to install cleanto script in Cleanto directory on root and after setup you can use embed code for your wordpress page and then Yes it shows the alert if service is not provided in your area. but if you forgot to fill it, it will scrolled the page back at the same point and will ask you to fill it again. If you try to fill zip where the service will not available it show you the Error message. Thanks.

Is there any multivendor/marketplace option?

Sorry, for now its single vendor system, but we are planning for this to add multiple providers option soon. Thanks.

Fantastic Script I must say.

Few Pre-sales questions; 1. Can the embed widget code details be pasted on the frontpage to enable third party users to copy and use on their websites? 2. Is it possible to have a part on the site for employment (careers) where interested cleaners and artisans can apply for jobs. 3. Does this script has an android app or are there plans? 4. I’m in Nigeria, can our local online payment (interswitch) be integrated?

I’ll expect your reply.


Hi, Thanks for your interest in our product, Yes embed code can be used anywhere on any other website where it allows for iFrames, No we have not any part for career. Yes we are planning to add android app in coming future but we can not give you any ETA for same. No we have not ‘interswtich’ for payment but we can do that as a customization request. Thanks.

Ok great.

Can you do careers (jobs) as customization request for me as well? Something like UBER “drive with uber”? just a form that collects would be employees details and submits to the backend?

Yes sure can check for your request, can you please email us on required details on and we can discuss it further. Thanks.

unable to see the front demo . some error coming, please check

Hi, its working fine please check it again. Thanks.


mkkhan Purchased

can you integrate payumoney and api based indian sms gateway or


mkkhan Purchased

sometimes getting
“Your copy of Cleanto is not activated, Please use correct Envato Purchase code to activate it.”


mkkhan Purchased

now getting in all devices not activated error

Hi, could you please share your website and purchase code information with in the support ticket at : . Thanks.


revotech Purchased

After the recent update, my service drop downs do not populate. After selecting the service, the script no longer provides the addon and pricing options. Please help. See the example at

Hi, You have to set redirect in your htaccess file from www to non www link as your license registered with non www domain. we have replied through your support ticket as well. Thanks.


fodsal80 Purchased

Problemi di istallazione, ho inserito la Item Purchase Code nel file config.php ma mi spunta sempre “Your copy of Cleanto is not activated, Please use correct Envato Purchase code to activate it.”

Hi, We found you have installed it on your localhost first and then with another domain, but we have reset your license and Your support ticket has been replied. Thanks.

Hi, Is it possible change fields at “Your Personal Details” section. Is it possible to add / remove fields to booking form?

Hi, In current version of Cleanto you have not option to manage the fields of personal details section. but in future we are planning to add this feature too. Thanks.

Hello, need to be able to select more than 1 day at a time is possible?

Hi, No you can just select one day at booking time. Thanks.


mkkhan Purchased

Why Getting “ Your copy of Cleanto is not activated, Please use correct Envato Purchase code to activate it.

Please help me urgent

Hi, could you please share your website and purchase code information with in the support ticket at : . Thanks.

something wrong if we change language to Arabic .. look at screenshot hope you fix it soon

Hi, For Arabic it shows Right to Left and for translation you can add translation from admin easily. Notifications are empty so for in your screenshot. Thanks.

why the Notifications Box showing!! after change language to arabic .. it’s still showing and i can not close it.. please try to change language to arabic and save setting to know what i mean..

Hello, Please raise support ticket at with your website access and we can fix it for you and this fix will be available in its upcoming versions. Thanks.


WebExtra Purchased

Just one question before will leave review. How you will pass post variable to your script. Lets say I want pre-set booking time from diferent form.

Hello, Please send us request with your form information at , we can do it for you Gladly, Thanks.


mkkhan Purchased

This script not working only getting Cleanto Not Activated Why developed this type activation system which not work with all devices

Please send us the required website access through ticket and we can do it for you. Thanks.


mkkhan Purchased

Ok, cpanel details already sent please have a check

We have installed it on your website, sending updated information through ticket. Thanks.

Presale question: is there anyway to set up appointment Schedule Type to yearly rather weekly or monthly?

Hi, no there is not yearly schedule option, Weekly and Monthly are two options to setup schedule. Thanks.