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is there any way you guys can make this support multiple locations? I KNOW you have BookDice, but this one looks so much better and has the functionality that we like.

Thanks for your interest in our product !, No, currently Cleanto version have not option to use with multi-location. Thanks for your suggest and we will try to work on it. Thanks.

This is a multi owner solution ?

Hello, Cleanto is made for single business, you can not handle multi owner system in this. Thanks.

Hello, Can one integrate a different payment api into this?

Hi, If you need a different payment system you have to send us customization request to our support ticket system. Thanks.

Thanks for your response. But is it something that is possible before I buy this else if I buy and its not possible I’ll request a refund.

Yes, its possible to go for paid customization before you buy the product. please send the customization request requirement through support ticket. or send us request through email Thanks.

Q: In Canada we have two taxes that need to be separate: PST and GST. I noticed your system only supports one tax. Do you offer a customization service or feature for two taxes? Thanks!

Hi, Thanks for your interest in our product, currently it has single tax addition option we have in Cleato, we will consider your request or may be we will add it soon, thanks.

If I pay would you be able to add this feature?

Hi, yes we can add this feature as customization, you can contact us through email Thanks.


Don-G Purchased

i sent you a support ticket 2 days ago yet to receive any email

Your copy of Cleanto is not activated, Please use correct Envato Purchase code to activate it.


Don-G Purchased

i installed it on localhost and finish designing the website. now uploaaded to the server and getting that error


Don-G Purchased

please i need it as soon as possible. i promised my client to upload on friday. only to see the error. i pleaded to prospone to monday. after i submitted the support ticket. please need this rectified asap

Hi, Thanks for choosing Cleanto, we have replied the ticket and reset your purchase code as well. so if you want to give it try, it should work for you. Thanks.

Hi, great plugin!

one presale questions:

My need is that customer before to book, can see who is the other user’s data (if any!) in the same hours have booked yet!

My scenario is that every available day has 3 free slots for appointments; A users is going to click to book on a date where 2 slots are booked… before he books the free one, can he ckeck user’s data of other two booked slots in some way?


There is a calendar view for customer (as admin ones) to see all user data booking?


have you idea if i can reach my goal with your plugin?

Thank you in advance!!!!

Hi, Comments section is for presales questions only. Could you please send us your request at and we can quote you and we can move further. Thanks.

Ok! Thank you! I’ll send you an email

Sure thanks.

Hi Team,

I want to build iOS and Android app (for my client) which is going to be communicate with this Admin panel via web services. I am going to use this template for ONLY one client not any other client and will modify according to client requirements. Please suggest which type of license should i buy for my client?

Regards Vijay

Hi Vijay, you can buy Cleanto Regular license until unless you are not using it for your end product to resell. As per concern of modification you can create APIs and other required changes at your side for one client. Thanks.

hi there, is there a way to make this a multi owner solution ? as custom work $$$ ? thanks

Hey, thanks for your interest in BookDice, please contact us at our email for any type of customization request. Thanks.

send it :) thx

ok thanks

Hi nice script, just some resale question is it possible to book by one week ? it’s look can booking only for day services, there is some possibilité to checkin and check out ? thanks for your quickly reply, best regard

Hi, Thanks for your internet is in Cleanto, in Current version of Cleanto you can not book it for one week as we get just one specific date and slot for service booking, but If you want us to customize few sections for you, please contact us through with some more detaileds. Thanks.