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If I have 5 staff members, automatically I have 5 slots available at the same time?

Hi, In Cleanto you can enable multiple booking for same slot or you can set only one booking for one slot option. You can not set any limit for the slot. Please create support ticket in case you need any help on this, comments section is just for pre sales questions only.

Is there a way to block a certain time on back end? (ex. customer booked a service for 9am and need 2 hours to complete service. Admin will block out 9am to 11am. New customers cannot book for these hours)

Hi, Please contact through support ticket. Thanks.

Hey, my support ended but I have a license and whenever I go to install it asks for purchase code, when I enter the purchase code I get this message:

“Your copy of Cleanto is not registered, Please use correct Envato Purchase code to activate it.”

I contacted Envato and they told me to get in touch with you.

Great plugin by the way!


Hi, please raise support ticket on or send us email at with your website access and purchase code also, We will check and fix your issue quickly. Thanks.

Hi, can I put the payment automatically on hold when a customer book a service and charge them once the service is complete? Also I read in some comments from 2016 you would integrate Zapier. Is this still in your plan?

Hi thanks for your interest in Cleanto, You cannot fetch payment on day of server, its possible with Stripe payment but that still matter of customization. You can not do that in default instance. Yes Zapier integration is in our plan but we can not give any ETA for that. thanks.

Hi! is this a stand alone, it depend on your host, or is a plugin that works with and is integrated into WordPress and I have full control of it inside my wordpress? I need to know before I buy.

Hi, thanks for your interest in Cleanto, You have to install it on your own hosting, its not standard wordpress plugin, you can install it and can use embed code to make it working on your wordpress website page. Thanks.

Good day, can i use the app without Wordpress or Laravel etc? As a standalone, as in the booking page is my only page. thanks

Good day I figured it out.

Hi, Thanks for update. On the another hand Cleanto is a PHP script. Its fully manageable on all platform . If you have any another query then please connect with us on support system . Comment section is for pre-sale questions. Thanks

Hello, can we accept bookings from customers and charge them on cleanto website using Regular license?

Hi, Could you please connect with us on Skype. So we will discuss about your query. Our Skype handler is : live:support_53124

Pre-purchased question: Can customers create account and login to make changes to their bookings? Also, if I have a total of 2 staff members and both are available every day 10am to 12pm, will the booking form have automatically 2 slots available from 10 to 12? Precisely will the slots available be based on the staff availability setting? And is this a plugins that I can download and install or just a script? Can the logo Cleanto be removed/hidden (precisely would like to show nowhere the plugin name and its brand)? Thanks

Hi, Thanks for your interest in Cleanto,# Directly customer create staff not possible. Customer can create his account while first booking. We have added script customer will automatically add while first booking.# Regarding Staff we have two option for calendar update while booking. For this please connect with us on Skype. They will give better communication/understanding between us. Our Skype handler is : live:support_53124 # Cleanto is a php script we have provided almost whole this is manageable in current Cleanto. Please check this in Cleanto demo. Thanks

Is it possible to use both options on wordpress?

- Show on page load - Show on a button click

Because I want at the end on a service to show a button. However to have another dedicated page load

You can create embed code form admin area of Cleanto and can use that code on wordpress page. You can create embed code of a button as well. Thanks.

How can I make that only post code of United Kingdom could be accepted? Or few cities covered ? I tried many ways without success. And what would happen if a non covered post code is entered?

Hi, Sorry for delayed reply, You can set the postal codes in admin as per your requirements according to your service providers areas. Thanks.

Does the mobile apps utilize payment? Or just Stripe?

Hi, No Mobile apps not having as payment gateway, Currently mobile apps having Sripte as payment gateway. Thanks.

Hi there, thanks for plugin, is it possible to have the documentation link please?

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for your interest in Cleanto, Cleanto is a php script . But we have provided manageable feature for embed code Cleanto on any platform. Use this link ( ) and get documentation for Cleanto. Thanks.

I’m planing to get this script. This is by far the best script for my use case. But there is 1 missing feature that is a deal breaker. How to edit existing appointment/booking? Currently you can only edit the date. How about edit the services like add extra?

Hi, Thanks for your interest in Cleanto, It need custom work. Could you please contact us through skype (handle: live:support_53124) or you can email us at for custom work. Thanks.

hello, I have an error to visualize the invoice for my orders FPDF error: Missing or incorrect image file:

Help plz

Hi, Sorry for inconvenience, it seems its due to “allow_url_fopen” is disabled form your hosting server. Could you raise support ticket please so we can look into further.Comments section is for pre sales questions only.


SkanderH Purchased

I’m trying to install on new domain name and I get this error every time: You can get your Envato item purchase code from Here.

Hey, Noticed your support is expired, and you are using it somewhere other domain, we have reset it for you. you can try it on new domain and get it removed from earlier one to make it working properly. Thanks.


SkanderH Purchased

Thanks, you fixed it fast!

I removed the old database from the old website and got a new installation working.

1. There should really by a option to input all prices without tax and when you enable settings-general->tax/vat it calculates the price with tax included on the front page and shows at service summary and not recalculated and add tax again.

If you want to sell a product it will calculate tax 2 times. If you manually input price with tax and than the service summary tax when enabled at settings-general->tax/vat will add tax again.

You can only have price with no tax now and than calculated at the service summary.

Hi, We have provided tax feature manageable ( Percentages % and Flat ). its going good. Tax calculate according to sub amount. Please connect with us on Skype for more details. They will give better communication between us. Or raise ticket on our support system. Comment section is only for pre-sale question. Or Our Skype handler is : live:support_53124 .

Hi cleanto comes with this theme? I would love to have the same layout if buy it comes with this theme?

Hi, could you please connect with us on Skype. We will discuss about your requirements. Our Skype handler is: live:support_53124

The author is not answering my questions about a license that I purchased. The license is supposed to entitle you to unlimited future updates, which… and I want you guys to read this carefully: IS NOT SUPPORT. If there is a problem with a license and your server is not activating it when I sent you the PDF directly from my envato account, then you need to either clear up the error, or give us something that we can use to reinstall the product on the same system. I sent my first email messages back in August and they have not responded. They say to file a ticket, but the system will not let you file a ticket after the 1st six months from which the product was purchased. NOT COOL.

Furthermore these authors get mad when you post information here publicly, but tell me what are we to do when you intentionally ignore our requests when we use the proper channels? If we have emailed you our concerns, sent the information you requested, and you simply say you’ll get back to us but you never do, then you kinda force us to put the stuff out here in the public domain. All I am saying is that I paid for a LIFETIME license, our server crashed, and we had to move to a new host, and you guys are being less than helpful when we contacted you about this, so I would appreciate it if you would drop the excuses, stop trying to hide behind the “support” excuse when the license is a LIFETIME license, and help us get this software that we paid for installed and working on our system.

Hi cooliojones, Sorry for inconvenience, and thanks for writing in details.. our support team asked you to give access and we will install it on your server but you have not given any. Np we are going to reset the license for you, you can get install yourself. Thanks.

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Thank you, but please remove the domain in this public forum, we do not want to have it here

Can this script be used for planning boxing classes through the week and repetitive? Or is it really only for cleaning business?

Hi, Thanks for your interest in our Cleanto booking product, Cleanto can be used for other booking services as well, but I think for classes booking you need some customization. You can connect us over skype to know it better, Our skype handler is : live:support_53124

Hi, skymoonlabs

i have some questions is your cleantosaas at cleantosaas_com? and do you have any plan for black Friday sale for saas version?

Hi, Yes we have 50% on that version as well, you will see the updated price soon. Thanks.

Hi, do you have API?

Hi thanks for your interest in Cleanto, Yes we provides Cleanto API . Please connect with us on Skype for better deal. Our Skype handler is : live:support_53124

That is, I have another CRM tool. Can I modify the cleanto code to connect via cleanto API with my CRM?

Hi, Yes you can use Cleanto APIs for another CRM tool. Thanks.