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Hello, there is the possibility to create services with different prices for different seasons(low and high)? And also to set different οperating days for any service(not for any employee)?

Hello, yes, you can set different prices for different services. Same for the operating days. Please, note that we don’t have “employee” in our plugin. Instead of it we have have Services and Categories.

is it possible to have a date range for a schedule? For instance, i only want to be able to book appointments between May 1 and May 31

You can lock big ranges of dates with the Schedules tools of our plugin.

Thank you for your hard work supporting this plugin. Some questions please:

1. With this plugin I see that I can offer booking for defined time slots (like one hour). Can I set up minimum 1-hour blocks but someone can still book 4 hours for one booking? For example, someone can reserve appointment from 1pm to 2pm or also 1pm to 5pm.

2. And is it also possible to allow users to see on the daily calendar what time slots are booked AND who is booked for that time slot (maybe by mouseover or click?) In the demo, the booked timeslots disapper as a choice. I would like users to be able to see that the facility is booked by “Joe Smith 720-433-1122”.

Hello, thanks for your questions.

1. We have multiple booking mode. If this option enabled, your customers will be able to chose several time slots in a moment and after selection go to checkout. Demo for multiple mode is here – http://multiple.webba-booking.com/

2. We have the option to show booked time slots. And the option to show name of customer who has booked.

Hello again and thank you for the fast reply. I purchased the plugin based on your answer, however, I can’t seem to get #2 to work. When I book a timeslot (for example, 9-10am on April 22) that timeslot disappears on the front end for anyone else that is making a reservation for that day.

I can see the name of the reservation on the back-end under “Schedules” – is there also some way to add the phone number in addition to the name?


Please send us the details of the problem at https://webba.ticksy.com/ and possibly leave us a temporary access to help you. You are welcome.

It is possible to use captcha on the booking form?

No. The booking form is rendered by AJAX in Webba Booking, so there is almost no possibility to send spam with our plugin.

can i to use diferent pay method? and more important for me. Can user pay offline?.

can guest user booking?


Online payment is an option that you can activate according to your needs, or for a particular service or all. Currently, we have PayPal, Stripe is on our to-do list and any suggestions are welcome at http://webba-booking.com/request/

Is it possible to change the “Webba booking” menu label? I want to use this for a client and it would be much better for my client if the menu simply read “Appointment Bookings”.

This is not possible but you should find free or premium plugins to rename the items in the dashboard menu.