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Is there a way to save the user input (create account) and a checkbox for a newsletter?

In the current version there is no option to create an account when the booking is made. Regarding to checkbox, you can create unlimited amount of custom fields.


xxdenxx Purchased

Hi, Everything works fine.

But i can not translate one thing…. At the end of booking you see “Thanks for booking appointment” I translate all files but still i see “Thanks for booking appointment” Where can i stranslate this?

Hi, please open the Translation tab of Webba settings page and edit the “Booking done message” option.


xxdenxx Purchased

Thx…. Did not see that one….

I am using your lite version and WPML on my website, and looking into buying the premium version. How ever i can’t get the translation working.

In the WPML String translation menu I can see some words/sentences are translated. However they don’t show up on my website. For example the sentence: ‘Book an appointment on’

I am using English and Dutch as languages. I do see the files wbk-nl_NL.mo and wbk-nl_NL.po in de plugin directory. The sentence ‘Book an appointment on’ is translated in the .po file.

How come this translation does not show up?

Thanks! CLearing the input fields did the job!

It does not seem to work with all fields. For example the field ‘Booking form label’, this field only shows up when it is filled in under the Settings > Translation menu. The po file does contain a correct Dutch translation by default, but does not show up.

The same for ‘Thanks for booking appointment’

Please, send your po file to support@webba-booking.com


xzyla Purchased

Hello – I am interested in purchasing this plugin. I need to know first that it is possible for the client to book multiple dates of one service. Most plugins only allow the selection of one date or time. I have a dog walking service where I need clients to have the ability to book a service for a week or so (multiple days).

Hello, yes it’s possible. Here is the demo of multiple booking – http://webba-booking.com/multiple-selection/


xzyla Purchased

I have purchased and installed the plugin. How do I enable this feature? I do not see anything in the settings and will only let me select one day/time.

Please, open the Mode tab of Webba settings page and enable the options “Multiple bookings in one session”

I have set my ‘Maximum booking count per time slot’ on 10 and made a reservation for 10 spots. When I try to make a new reservation the timeslot still shows up, but I can’t select any places.

When I go to the Appointments menu and manually create a new appointment I can’t select that certain timeslot, like it should be.

I would like that visitors can’t see the timeslot when it has 0 places left.

Hi, We invite you to use our email (support@webba-booking) for this kind of question, in order to have a better follow up. Thanks for your understanding


enetplus1 Purchased

Hello, I am really interested in this plugin but I would like to know… Could I have some support for the installation to have exactly the same as EXTENDED MODE DEMO like on http://webba-booking.com/extended/

Hello, No problem, as for all our customers, we will be happy to help you anyway. Here is the link to contact us: http://webba-booking.com/contact-and-support/ You are welcome.

Hi. I have a customer that has the need to create booking pages per customer. They offer massages to corporate businesses. What they need is to have a online bookings page for the companies staff to book a massage timeslot. We want to be able to send a booking link to the client but I need to only be able to show them the timeslots for that company and not have other companies book in their allocated times. Hope that isnt too confusing. Hope your product would suit.

Hi, yes it’s possible. You can create services for each company, and create a new page for each service. In Webba booking booking there is a shrortcode that shows the booking form of particular service.


yoosunlee Purchased

Hi, This plugin is so useful to me. Thanks. But I have some problems getting email notification to admin. I checked ‘Send administrator an email (on booking)’ and ‘Send administrator an email (on payment received)’ on Settings menu but it seems not working. Could you advise which options I missed?

Hi, please submit a ticket at https://webba.ticksy.com/. Do not forget to mention the link to your booking page.

Can your plugin be used in a listing/community based website where each user or listing owner can manager their own appointments/bookings? Here is the theme: https://themeforest.net/item/listingpro-multipurpose-directory-theme/19386460

No, because in our plugin there is no feature for front-end management. Booking data / settings could be managed only at WordPress dashboard.


cwarrent Purchased

Hello. This plugin looks great but just need to sense check usage. My client runs a mobile cycle repair business. Generally the setup of the plugin to allocate hour slots through the week then to book time out for services (eg tune up, callout) works well… the only issue is that my client has events some weeks at 3rd party locations.

Trying to work out the best way to deal with this.

Could we somehow create a service (eg “Event at City Hall”) which can then be allocated to the diary on the days valid and this takes priority so no other services can be booked?

Just trying to work out if there’s a way we can accommodate this need before purchasing.

Thanks again in advance.


cwarrent Purchased

Right! So we simply have to create unique services for these events and then apply Autolock and we’re good?

Yes. Also, there is another way – you can use 2-way synchronization with Google Calendar. When service admin (owner) add an event to Google Calendar, the time slots that are overlapped with this event, became unavailable in Webba.


cwarrent Purchased

Thanks for the update. I think we have a few options but can appreciate our needs may not perfectly fit. I’ll discuss and I think we’ll make a purchase and get testing and playing.