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Does this Plugin work with Multisite.

The current version doesn’t work with multisite.

How do i export appointments list?

We’ve replied to your request by e-mail.

I’m looking for a calendar / booking app which allows us to have several staff members with their own price and their own calendar that preferably syncs between google calendar. I would also like the customer to be able to choose book reoccurring appointments. They can setup either a number of appointments per week say 1-5. Or they can setup less regular appointments, for example 1 appointment per fortnight or 1 appointment per month. They then pay via preferably stripe, or alternatively paypal and that reoccurring payment is setup.

Options are added regularly but currently, the plugin will not be able to satisfy all your needs.


pre-sale question: There is the possibility to set 24 hours not 12 am/pm? Can be used in Visual Composer, maybe with Shortcodes? I see that is not compatible with WPML. Can I use on multilingual sites? THX

Hi, Yes, yes and yes. We have time format option, shortcode and translation based on mo-files.


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Is there a way to generate separate links to each service? We wanted to display the services and when they click it it will automatically select the service in the booking system that you have and they will just need to select the schedule and pay.



You can create different pages for different services and use shortcode with service attribute. If you need more help, please contact support at https://webba.ticksy.com//


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I’ve left a review already, but I know more people – and prospective buyers – read these comments, so I’ll say it here as well.

I’ve used a number of booking plugins, and this is easily the best. As well as that, support is outstanding. Responses are within minutes, and fixes are always very quick to arrive.

If you’re thinking about buying Webba Booking, do so, you won’t regret it. Does it do absolutely everything anybody will ever need? Not quite, but it’s pretty close and developing constantly, so ask the author.

It is always a great pleasure to read such testimonials. Thank you!

Hello, I want to buy this plugin, every time I have two questions: For the integration of Paypal, I have to create an API? Can I translate everything? Including months?



Yes, for the PayPal integration you need to set up your API credentials. Detailed documentation about the PayPal setup is available here – http://webba-booking.com/documentation/paypal-setup/. Plugin is fully translatable, including months, for more information about translation please follow this manual – http://webba-booking.com/documentation/translation/.

Hi, interested in your plugin.

Would it be possible to book venue and have scaled costing i.e if venue is booked from 13h00 to 14h00 cost would be $10, but if the venue is booked from 13h00 to 15h00, cost would be discounted to $8 per hour with a total of $16

So I Would like for the client to be able to book consecutive hours at a discounted rate dependant on the amount of hours booked.


Thank you for your interest in our product. The current version doesn’t support discounts.

Hello! Cinnabar asked already for discount but I have question about coupons… Would it be possible to use coupon codes in the future? Simple coupon codes which we can create in the system, something similar like existing functionality in woocommerce?

So far I am very happy with Webba Booking;) but additional functionality would be really appreciate from all users ;) Thanks J

Hi, First of all, thank you for your kind words. A Coupon/discount/loyalty card system with different options is going to be developed, it’s on our todo list. All your suggestions are welcome. Thank you for taking part in the vote here: http://webba-booking.com/request/


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Can we export the appointments say a day view to a PDF we can give to a driver ?

Hello zenweb, Currently, no. You can export to CSV since version 3.1. (Have you updated Webba booking?) I think you can find online tools to convert CSV to PDF. If it can help you right now. That said, we invite you to submit your request to webba.ticksy.com. We will add it to our todo list and include it in the vote http://webba-booking.com/request/


zenweb Purchased

We’ve added some custom fields to the booking form and would like to use those in the email templates, how do we include those in the email?

Do you have #customer_custom placeholder for this purpose. If do you need more help, thanks to use webba.ticksy.com for support. Regards


ietm Purchased

Just checking out if you already have the timezone conversions?

I also need to know how to disable the suitable hours option from the booking form.

Lastly, we wanted to make the phone number as optional, can you tell me where to edit it please?



To enable time zone conversions, please, set the option “Show local time in time slots” in the General tab of Webba Booking settings page.

To disable suitable hours you need to set the Basic mode in the mode tab of Webba Booking settings page.

Phone field is required by the core of Webba Booking. Same time, you can create an additional phone field with the CF7 and make it not required. Main phone fields should be with the predefined placeholder and hidden in this case.

If you need more help, please submit a ticket here – https://webba.ticksy.com/

Hi, this looks very nice, however, I have a presale question. Does LITE form has major capabilities implemented / functional? I installed it. However, I could see only the services select input, and nothing happens. Accordingly, I kept only one service to have the DATE selector as a first step. But, then no calendar shows up. Is that a jquery conflict or am I missi g something here? I am using a theme called manual, with which I did. Ot have any problems with other plugins. Maybe, a paid version will function properly, but I don’t want to waste money if that won’t function with my theme. Any way congratulations, very sleek looking plugin,

Hi 79180018, Be kind, send us a detailed explanation of your problem at support@webba-booking.com