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Hi, I would like to set a date to start the booking appointment (exp: 5dec2016), can you advice where can i edit it? Thanks

Hi, do you mean all dates before 5 Dec 2016 should be unavailable for booking?

Hi – is the plugin multi-site compatible?

Hi, if you plan to use Webba Booking only on the one of the websites of multi-site network, it will work correctly. If on several websites – no.

Hi there – I have a pre-sales question:

I would like to “catch the booking” and send it to some other php script i have, is that possible? Perhaps via the JS API?

I think Webba Booking looks very convincing. Thanks!

Hi, yes, you can do it with our JS API. Each time the booking is made the function from Webba API is triggered with the data about a booking (service, time, name, email, phone, description, quantity). To send data to another platform you need to do the next:

1. register a hook in the WP that send data to your platform (PHP). 2. override the Webba API function to call the action with Ajax (JS).

If your platform ptovide JS API, you just need to override the function from our API without writing PHP code.


Can i permit site users to create deadlines/reminders using the wpbooking plugin? I plan to add this to the bottom of each post. I want the logged in users/site visitor to create a note/task for themselves with a deadline. I also want to the feature of them receiving reminders at a certain frequency before the deadline.

Can I create this feature by enabling unlimited bookings for a timeslot. So if the user creates a goal/note and picks a timeslot, he receives an email immediately and at the time of reminder/deadline with the intimation.

Cheers, Saqib

Hi, You can’t set unlimited bookings count per time slot. But you can set a large value (for ex. 100000) and hide the count of appointment left with the CSS. About reminders, our plugin sends reminders only once – one day before the day of booking at the specified time and sends notification when a customer book.

hi, presale q. 1. Does it support woocommerce for more payment gateways? 2. Your backend demo doesnt work 3. I want to be able to set predefined booking time slots. In my case 4 hours each, with a gap inbetween. so A (9am-1pm) gap 1pm-4pm B (4pm-8pm). can it do this and can it show those hours. ie not just the start hour but both the start and finish so the user knows when it ends

Hi, 1. Curently no. 2. Can you tell us what do you mean by “not working”? 3. Yes and yes.

Where can I translate the calander text? Such as “Today”, “Close”, “Clear”, ETC…

Please, take a look the “Translation” chapter of online documentation – http://webba-booking.com/documentation/translation/

That is exactly what I did… Not the first time I am translating a plugin or theme…

Please, send your po-file to support@webba-booking.com, we will check it.

How disable this ugly effect ( slide from down to up ) for Popup date windows ? please make simple fade without Slideup effect. its very ugly .

Please, send us a detailed explanation to support@webba-boking.com

Sorry, for the misspelling. Please contact us at http://webba-booking.com/contact/

Hi, Pre-sales question, can this plugin do time-slot booking? For example I want people to be able to book from 10am-12pm and then the next available time slot is 1pm-2pm for example? So can I set the duration of the booking?


Yeah exactly. So not just 9am but from 9am to 11am would be one booking

We have an option for the time slot format to display time slots like “9am – 11am”. At the same time, in your example there is different durations of appointments. In our plugin each service provider has fixed duration.

Take also a look at “Auto lock appointments” in our doc (http://webba-booking.com/documentation/getting-started/) This may be the solution to your needs.

I have a question before buying. Is it possible to send people a payment link/option after they made a booking and we confirmed the date and time?

In the current version we don’t have this feature.

Presale Question: my client has a property and wants to rent out the various rooms for different use. Each room my be a different cost and we would want people to be able to book from 1 hour to an entire day, and require payment at the time of booking. Is this possible?


Hello. Webba Bookign wouldn’t fit your needs. We don’t have a feature for setting prices, depend on the duration.

I need this plugin to be in French language while in your backend demo i cant see any option to change the language while here its written it has translation for french?

To change the language, you need to set it in the WordPress General settings. This is about the back end. To translate front end elements you need to setup wording at the Translation tab of settings page. Please, note, some of the back end elements added recently can be supplied without translation and you need to translate them by yourself. For more information about the translation, please follow this chapter of our online documentation http://webba-booking.com/documentation/translation/.

Is there any chance to use a timetable instead of calendar? Also is there a solution to export the bookings in .csv format? Thanks!

Hi, About timetable, no. For exports in csv, it is on our to-do list. Planned for a next update

Hello Can you please tell me what’s the issue with calendar. I’m using the TheGem Theme and it’s onepager demo. Here is the screenshot: When i click on the date the calendar pop up shows up but half. And the other hald get hidden. Then i can even scroll.

http://prntscr.com/dlvmwl Please check that and let me know how to solve it.

Hello. Please, send the link to the page with booking form to support@webba-booking.com.

Just some few questions:

1. How can we add teachers on the booking? We are running a language tutorial site and our students needs to select their preferred teacher.

2.How to add custom fields on the form?

3. How can we include other users from the email notification aside from admin and students? I would like to include the actual teacher.

Hoping for your response! Thanks..the plugin is looking good so far!

1. you need to create the service for each teacher.

2. please, follow the instruction in our online documentation – http://webba-booking.com/documentation/working-with-custom-fields/

3. please, provide us more information in your email to support@webba-booking.com.

I need the plugin but I want payment gateway options as well, Stripe or any other, Do this plugin have this option? if no then when you will update this plugin with payment gateway options?

We plan to include integration with Woocommerce into Webba Booking for its payment gateways but can not give you a clear deadline. This should be around end of January 2017.


I have a few pre-purchase questions

1) Is it possible to have each staff member automatically assigned their own calendar when they register on my site? If not can this be done through custom work?

2) Is it possible to have each staff member automatically assigned to a service when they register on my site? If not can this be done through custom work?

3) Do you have a shortcode that can display the calendar availability of a specific user? for instance John Doe a staff member will have a page where only his calendar/availability will be displayed? Can this be done automatically for any agent/staff registered on the site?

Thanks in advance, - GM


1) No. 2.) No. 3) It is possible to show dedicated schedule of a certain service, but not automatically (you will need to place a shortcode manually).


unixtime Purchased

Hi, is there a default characters limit in the textarea using contact form 7 with the plugin?

I have added a new form with the following:
<p><label for="wbk-name">Your Name (required)</label>[text* wbk-name class:wbk-text id:wbk-name]</p>
<p><label for="wbk-email">Your Email (required)</label>[text* wbk-email class:wbk-text id:wbk-email]</p>
<p><label for="wbk-phone">Your phone (required)</label>[text* wbk-phone class:wbk-text  id:wbk-phone]</p>
<p><label for="wbk-organization">Organization (required)</label>[text* wbk-organization class:wbk-text id:wbk-organization]</p>
<p><label for="wbk-comment">Addtional Info (required)</label>
[textarea wbk-comment class:wbk-textarea id:wbk-comment maxlength:1024]
[count your-message]
<p>[acceptance wbk-acceptance]Acceptance <span class="wbk-acceptance-error" style="display:none;">Acceptance not checked</span></p>
All works fine, the only problem, I cannot use more than probably 100 characters in the textarea and the character-count does not work. I followed contact form 7 documentation http://contactform7.com/max-min-length-options-and-character-count/ unfortunately that did not work with Webba Booking.

Please advise. Thanks.


Yes, there is a limit to the comment field (255 characters). We will remove this limit in the next version. If you need to solve it asap, please contact us at support@webba-booking.com.

Hi there – do you have a mechanism for event booking? As in, rather than be an appointment it is a class with 20 open slots at a specific time and date.

Hi, we have the schedule tools in our plugin that allows to set only certain dates / time available for booking. Also, you can set up the amount of slots available.

Hi: Great system! Do you plan on adding Stripe.com as a payment option?


We wanted to have different emails on each service. Is it possible? We currently have 4 services and 3 teachers and the way we use your booking plugin under services is this(i think you suggested this): Teacher1-Service1 Teacher1-Service2 Teacher1-Sercice3 Teacher1-Service4 Teacher2-Service1 Teacher2-Service2 Teacher2-Sercice3 Teacher2-Service4 Teacher3-Service1 Teacher3-Service2 Teacher3-Sercice3 Teacher3-Service4

Is there a way that we can have separate email reply per service? We want to send the joinme link of the teacher that they want to book or please let me know if you have any suggestion on how to build the process.