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No email temзlate to Admin and Client for Canceled booking. How admin know what slot is canceled ?

Update to latest version and setup the email notification to admin on booking cancelation.

Hi! Great looking plugin. Presale Question:

we have 1 room for rent, which you can rent

- 1/2 day Daystay / at morning (4h) starting at 08:00h

- 1/2 day at afternoon (4h) starting at 13:00h

- night / Overnight stay from 18:00h – 10:00h

—> sometimes it comes to an overlap: When a room is booked from today until tomorrow for 1 night, a Daystay tomorrow isn’t possible for the morning stay.

Is that possible with your plugin?

thank you & best regards

Morning and afternoon – possible. Night is also possible, but with the two limitations: 1: you won’t be available to show time interval in the time slot (only start time), 2 – each time the room is booked for the night you’d need to lock the 9 am time of tomorrow manually in the Schedule page. That’s because Webba Booking works with time slots in a range of day.

Okay. we decided to have only 2 slots (without a overlap):

- Day (from 10 AM – 4 PM) - night (from 6 PM – 09 AM)

We don’t need to show time interval. we would like to show our guests just 2 variations / labels: - stay over day - stay over night

Is there an option to define just 2 slots for each day with label “day” and “night” ?

Best regards

You can create 2 services – night and day. And setup labels like “Please, select day or night”

Hello, is there a way to auto select day? (to always be “today”)

Also, is there a way to have the services in a list with checkboxes and the timeslots in a dropdown?

Hello, in the current version we don’t have the features you mentioned.

Hi Webba, I love the simplicity and all your straight forward demo!!

Pre-sale question, I’m running a studio hire venue with only one room. There are 3 options for the hire: 1. Half day, 9am-1pm 2. Half day, 1pm-5pm 3. Full day, 9am-5pm Is it possible to give client option of booking half day or full day via your plugin? Meaning that if they book Full day for that particular date, the Half day options are automatically blocked out.

We may have a 4th option for the whole week hire, Monday to Saturday. Is it possible for a discounted price options which books out the entire week calendar?

Thanks so much.

Hi, about automatically blocking – yes, it’s possible. Discount feature is not available in the current version.

Hi, thanks for the respond.

So does it mean for my business to work, I’ll have to use the ‘Chain booking’ feature? Having service Option 1 as Half Day and Option 2 as Full Day?

Then obviously there are only 2 slots for half day which is 9am or 1pm.

And then if picking Full Day, there’s only 1 slot 9am (which technically is 9am-5pm).

Is that correct?

Thank you.

There are 2 ways to implement the workflow for your case. 1 – chain booking, 2 – multiple booking in one session. You can choose the one you like. In any case, we will help you with the setup.

Great work :-) GL

Thank you)