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jorge33 Purchased

Hello, I purchased two items of webba for instaling in two diferent costumers. The wordpress instance of theese costumers share the same database. When I create a new Webba “service” for a costumer it appears automatically in the other costumer´s plugin. Is it normal? is it necessary an independent database for each webba installation? Thanks.

Hello, yes, you need an independed Wordpress database for each installation.


jorge33 Purchased

Thank for your fast answer… Perfect! its working. Thanks. The best.

You’re welcome!

Hello, can the plugin been used for Book online Tee time for Golf Course ? The only needed is time intrerval every 8 and 7 minutes. for example 08:00, 08:08 , 08:15, 08:23 (one available every 8 and 7 minutes) ?

Hello. No, as the minimum interval in our plugin is 5 minutes. So, you can setup only 8:00, 8:05, 8:10 and so on.

Hello, Is it possible to transform the service “select tag” into a clicking image? Thanks

You’re welcome!

Other question, Is it possible to have multiple [webba_booking] on a same page?

No, you need to use only one shortocode on a same page.

Do you have easy “going” button for logged in users?

I have gym classes and it would be nice to have something similar than Facebook has for for goin.

Sorry, we don’t see what you want. May be, can you detail us or share a link to get an idea?

HI, this looks great, but wondering if there is a user dashboard where they can see the appointments that they’ve booked? Thanks.

Hi, in the current version we don’t have this feature.

Hi I’m in search for a few features. Firstly i have multiple clinics, so i need a feature to chose a Location and book an appointment for various clinic in a specific location. Is it possible?

Yes, you can do it using services grouped by categories. So, each category would be a clinic.

Hello, Can I lock a time slot for users but still allow admin to be able to add appointments?

Hello, admin can unclock required time slot and add appointment.

Purchase questions

I like your plugin. I see you have an appi link with google, What purpose of this link?

Does the system recognize the user who previously registered?

A pre-buffer can be programmed automatically. Ie user can program but system enable, x date to future

Sorry, don’t understand what you mean on appi link with API. Could you please provide more details?

And the same for “pre-buffer”. Please, give an example. Thank you.

Here are some questions which came up, when I was installing this plugin for my client:

1. I can choose an email template for each service when a client makes an appointment request but there is no email template for each service for the confirmation notification

2. Why is the request send before the client does the payment The notification to the admin should be only sent after the client paid. Can this be adjusted somewhere?

3. The API is also fired as soon as the client books the appointment before the payment is confirmed. We would like to add each appointment to our google calendar and like this, we have all the appointments in our calendar, with and without payment and with and without confirmation. Can this be changed?

4. Is there a fast link to an appointment to approve it. It would be good, that the admin receives an email with a link for approve or cancel. Because right now he has to login in to his wordpress – go and search for the appointment and approve it there. The process would be much faster, if you can approve via a link in the email.

5. The appointment page in the backend should show the latest booking always, without needing to search for them. Maybe always show, latest not approved appointments. To filter all the appointments with date and service is a bit of a pain.

6. How can I make a page forward after the client paid via Paypal – we would like to forward them to a custom Thank you page or so.


Thank you for your questions.

1. In the current version there is no templates available for the approval notification. It will be added in some of the new releases.

2. The option to send additional notification will be added after payment done will be added.

3. We plan to add new functions in the API. Version with Google calendar will be published this month.

4. Thank you for the suggestion, we add this option in our dev. plans.

5. Same as the point 4.

6.Customizing of thank you message is not what you need? Do you need a dedicated page?

Thanks for the Answer – looking forward to the updates

to 6. I would like to forward the user after a booking and the payment to a dedicated page

6. Also added in our plans. Thank you for your suggestions.

Hi there,
Can this plugin act as a multi vendor concept? I wanna make a “book something” website. Meaning that I’ll have many different customers wanting to edit their form without bugging me all the time, is it possible?
Form editing in the frontend only? Or manager goes to wp admin part of the site?


I think our plugin is not what you need. We have an options to delegate access, but most of the setup job can be done only by the website administrator from the backend.


I’ve been testing your demo website and I have a question regarding csv export:

- Custom Fields in Export – How would these be exported? If you created multiple additional custom fields would these be added as seperate columns in the csv file or would all the data just be added inside one custom field column?


In the current version custom fields would be added in one column. However, we have plans to rework this part in a way each field would be exported in dedicated column.


Thank you for the quick reply. Do you have a rough ETA on the compeltion of this rework?

Can’t say exactly, but I think it will be around the end of August.

Hello, I’m looking into purchasing the premium version of Webba, but I have a question after trying the Lite version:

Is it possible to display the user the time slots in 1 hour intervals, but have the duration of the appointment be 2 hours?

Or alternatively, enforce a minimum of 2 consecutive time slots to be selects? (while maintaining the flexibility of choosing a start time based on an hourly grid).

I tried to set the duration of the service to 120 and the steps to 60, but it doesn’t seem to work. The intervals between time slots seems to be directly connected to the duration alone.

Am I missing something here?

Thank you.


The required configuration for your case is:

Multiple bookings in one session – Disabled Time hole optimization – Disabled

Both options are in the Mode tab of settings page.

We just set this configuration on our demo website. You can check here:


Username : guest

Password : webba

Hi, thanks for your quick reply. I understand my confusion now.

I thought I would be able to let the user choose multiple time slots while having the steps be at 60 while the duration is at 120, but that may cause overlapping hours to be scheduled.

Ok, thanks a lot :) So far, Webba seems to be my best option to use.

Hi there, Do you have any plan to add SMS Notifications? including SMS reminder?


Yes, we plan to add SMS notifications, but I can’t tell you an estimated deadline for that.

Not sure if this was ever answered, if so my apologize.

An appointment can be 1, 2 or 3 hours. I set up 3 services for these intervals. Each service can start at any 15 minutes, but for the 3 hours for example it only suggests start times of 3am, 6am, 9am, etc.

Did I miss a setting that would allow the user to pick any start time for the interval if the total time does not conflict with other bookings?

Thanks in advance


I think you need to set “Step” option = 15 for the 3 hours service.

That’s it, perfect! Thanks

One more questions:

I am working with memberships on my page. Verified member should be able to book appointments, non-verified member should only be able to see the availability of appointments.

Is it possible to have 2 forms which allow to book or not book appointments? I could restrict the access to the different forms by the membership level

Unfortunately, there is no option to show, but not allow to book the appointment in our plugin.

Hello, can I create a calendar for each user? I need every user to have their own personal calendar

Yes. You can create services for each user. Each service has own calendar.


The date picker does not work correctly on cell phones and tablets.

When clicking on the date input box, the calendar jumps up the page where it is not visible to the users unless they scrolls back to the top of the page!

Also the booking section on the homepage does not show the date picker at all. Although it dims the page but the date picker does not show up anywhere on the page.

I appreciate your review and response.

Hi, please, send the link to the page with booking form to support@webba-booking.com

Hello, pre-sale question : there is an option to pay before booking validation for a service ? Thank you

Hello, in the current version we don’t have an option pay before booking. However, there is feature to delete not paid appointments within a predefined time.

Is it possible to have custom fields appear in the admin notification email? Something like this?

You have a new appointment.














Since version 3.1.7, you can now use custom fields as placeholders in your email templates and in setting> Email notifications. The principle is simple, you take the id of your custom field (eg id: custom-field1) and paste it to #field_. #field_custom-field1 will be identified as any other placeholder available in your editor.


sleektoad Purchased

Do you see a reason why the below custom fields aren’t showing in the admin notification email???

Details of booking:

Date: #appointment_day Time: #appointment_time Customer name: #customer_name Customer phone: #customer_phone Customer email: #customer_email Customer comment: #customer_comment



Please, send the code of your form to support@webba-booking.com.

Presale question: Is it posisble to display a calendar in the front end? Basically I want to show a calendar where it shows when we’re open and closed. Rather than using another plugin and enter closed dates in two places, it would be nice to have a calendar view based on Webba data – but don’t seem to find if this is possible. Thanks


1. In our popup calendar in the frontend we have an option to block booked days.

2. Please, clarify, do you need 2 fields for different type of phone numbers?

Thanks for the response. 1. Would it also be possible to show the calendar ‘outside’ of the reservation workflow (e.g. through a shortcode)? I.e. just display the calendar readonly and standalone on a seperate page, without the reservation workflow, as a “we’re open/closed” calendar? 2. For us, landlines have 9 digits and mobile numbers 10 digits. Not everybody has both, so a mask wouldn’t work for the mandatory phone field?

First, excuse us for responding so late.

For the first question, we do not currently have that option.

For the second question, you may not use Phone number mask input so that clients leave either. Or add custom field with Contact Form 7. More on our documentation about this http://webba-booking.com/documentation/working-with-custom-fields/