Webba Booking - WordPress Appointment Plugin

Webba Booking - WordPress Appointment Plugin

Webba Booking - WordPress Appointment Plugin

Webba Booking is a powerful and easy to use WordPress booking plugin especially thought for Service Providers to optimize their time and for the comfort of their customers.

Webba Booking has been designed and developed to have a grip as simple as possible and almost endless application options.

This means that a freelancer, a law firm, a hospital, whatever the type of service which requires a booking system or appointments made, all feel comfortable with Webba Booking.


Appearance customization

You can design your form from scratch or choose among 79 presets ready to be used. In both cases, you have 80 options (CSS as padding, margin, etc … for each element of the form) to refine your design and get the result you want.

You can use your own wording, all form’s labels, same as emails notifications and reminders are editable.

You can decide to display or not the booked time slots.

You have also the option to display the time on the slot as a time range or a start time.


Services represent information about different areas of company’s activities. Create unlimited Services with their own schedule and booking rules. Provide an access to the schedule of service to your staff.

Your staff has access to his own schedules and also, you can have access to all the appointments from all the schedules in an appointment table.

There you can filter per Services and date range and get all kind of data like name, email, date, Service, phone, etc… and display as a table sorted by whatever data do you want. A great function to have a quick overview of whatever you’re looking for to edit or delete also.


Create as many categories as you want to group different services. With categories, you can setup the shortcode to display only services from those or another category on front-end. This feature also can be used to limit the scope of autolock.


Build directly the shortcode with the tool integrated into the page/post WordPress editor that will display the booking form corresponding to one or all the services you offer.

Auto-lock appointments

If you need to connect Services between them, this feature (also called chain booking) automatically locks the time slots of all services on booking.

For example, few service providers use one equipment, in this case, it will be logical to make services unavailable for booking on certain time if one of the services was booked at this time.

Auto lock is independent of duration or business hours because the algorithm analyzes the intersections between time slots.

Feel free to try the Auto-lock demo.


You have in backend a dashboard with all the tools to search, sort (by status, name, and so on…), edit all the appointments in progress in a few clicks. All the results of your manipulations are also exportable in CSV.

Advanced appointments status system

You have 5 different status to characterize the booking steps and to use according to your needs. (Awaiting approval, Approved, Paid (awaiting approval), Paid (approved), Arrived) These combined with sending notifications according to their status for an optimal management of your schedules.

Mutiple time slots selection

By activating this option, your customers will be able to make multiple reservations in one session.

Local customer’s time

If your activity covers several timezones, you have the option of displaying the local time for the greatest comfort of your customers when making appointments.

Online payments

Accept online payment with PayPal.
Set your tax (if required) and choose your currency. Depending on the number of items and price assigned to the service, the amount to be paid will be calculated.

Feel free to try the payment demo.

Group booking

Supports one or several places to book per time slot.

Feel free to try the group booking demo.

Flexible scheduling

Plan your business hours from one hour a week to 24/7. Lock and unlock any dedicated day or time.

Lock/Unlock in just a few clicks a range of days or a time slot of this range of days with the help of the schedule tools.

Basic or Extended booking mode

Use basic mode if you need to provide easy and fast booking process with a minimum of questions to the customer. Or use extended mode for advanced flexible time search.

Try our demo to get a more precise idea

Manual booking

Add, edit, delete appointments/bookings from back-end.

Email notifications and reminders

Send e-mail notifications on booking and daily reminders. Messages are editable with built-in MCE editor and placeholders.

Send to yourself and/or to your staff the agenda for tomorrow’s appointments.

Unlimited Email templates

You can customize your messages, add images, styles and so on, in order to match with your different services.

Custom fields

Create forms with an unlimited amount of custom fields according to the specificities of your business.

Webba Booking is integrated with Contact Form 7, so you can create forms with an unlimited amount of custom fields in the CF7 form editor and use created forms as Webba Booking form.

Flexible time search

Provide the most suitable time for your customers with the help of extended mode UI.

Split your workday as you want

You can use appointment duration + time between appointments (default) or set your own value.

Responsive back-end calendar

Manage your schedules from anywhere.


Close the appointments/bookings for the period of your holiday.


Translate the frontend side (labels, messages, e-mail notifications) from the back-end. Translation of the backend is easy with mo-files included and poEdit.

Javascript API

Extend the plugin functionality in any creative way! Like redirects, tracking, manipulation over HTML…



  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Swedish

Pot included.


A detailed online documentation is available online.


- Improvements: multiple time slots selection in one session. 
- Improvements: group services by categories (shortcode improved). 
- Improvements: autolock feature improved (ability to lock appointments by service category).
- Improvements: option to show customer's local time in the time slots, based on time zone.
- Improvements: price placeholder in the email notifications and reminders. 
- Improvements: link to pay online in the email notifications and reminders.
- Improvements: options to delete not paid appointments within predefined time. 
- Improvements: link to delete an appointment in the email notifications and reminders. 
- Improvements: additional masked input embeded (more compatibility with mobile devices) 
- Improvements: export appointments to csv file. 
- Improvements: advanced appointments status system. 
- Improvements: e-mail notification on appointment approve. 
- Improvements: customer's comment length extended to 1024 symbols.
- Improvements: jQuery no-conflict mode on front end. 
- Improvements: checking current time bofore booking form submit. 
- Bug fix: bug on certain date formats in the appointments table.
- Improvements: add, edit appointments in the appointment table.
- Improvements: option to send a copy of emails to predefined email address.
- Improvements: option to disable dates in popup calendar if no time slots available.
- Improvements: option to set preparation time for the service to prevent booking on today, tomorrow etc.
- Improvements: popup calendar style improved
- Improvements: options interface improved
- Improvements: time slot auto lock feature.
- Improvements: option to display cancel button.
- Improvements: auto lock on manual booking.
- Bug fix: bug with booked timeslot when show booked slots enabled.
- Bug fix: unable to select the current day on 7 days services.
- Bug fix: bug with auto lock services with custom gaps.
- Improvements: custom fields in the appointment table.
- Improvements: status wording improved.
- Bug fix: form refreshing.
- Bug fix: email templates with images.
- Improvements: compatibility with Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension.
- Improvements: email validation improved.
- Improvements: unlimited email templates for notifications and reminders.
- Improvements: option to hide the form when a booking is done.
- Bug fix: update active time slot when a booking is done.
- Improvements: option to hide address on PayPal checkout.
- Improvements: schedule tools to lock and unlock a range of dates.
- Improvements: Online payments with PayPal.
- Improvements: Service price option added.
- Improvements: appointment status added.
- Improvements: Minor CSS improvements
- Improvements: Compatibility with WordPress 4.6.1.
- Improvements: unavailable dates in date picker.
- Bug fix: Date picker bug fix.
- Bug fix: update server.
- Bug fix: default book button text fixed.
Improvements: custom user roles for service access.
- Improvements: Appointment table.
- Improvements: Auto-lock time slots (connection between services).
- Improvements: JavaScript API (enable to trigger custom js code on booking).
- Bug fix: issue with email sending on WordPress 4.6.
- Bug fix: error if appointment duration is less than 10 minutes.
- Bug fix: issue with the custom checkboxes.

– Improvements: email notifications for customers provided as group members in custom fields.
– Improvements: options to edit subject and message for group members email messages.
– Improvements: option to display booked time slot.
– Improvements: option to edit booked time slot text (with placeholders).
– Improvements: minor CSS improvements.
– Bug fix: time slot interval without a gap.
– Bug fix: error message in booking form with defined service.
– Bug fix: slot with 0 available.
- Improvements: the format of time on the time slot block.
- Improvements: business hours setup with 15 minutes step.
- Improvements: Detailed or simple timeslot view.
- Improvements: CF7 select field validation (required / not required).
- Improvements: E-mail reminders for customers and administrators.
- Bug fix: list of users at service page.
- Bug fix: phone mask issue.
- Front-end CSS improvements.
- Bug fix.
- Front-end CSS improvements.
- Appearance customization: 79 frontend design presets, 80+ options.
- CF7 acceptance field support.
- Active time slot visualization.
- Minor bug fix.
- More appearance options.
- Several booking per 1-time slot for team booking feature.
- Frontend labels as editable options.
- Backend interface improve.
- Minor bug fix.
- Custom fields in booking form feature available.
- Integration with the Contact Form 7.
- Appointment duration limit removed.
- Romanian language available.
- Russian language available.
- Phone number format options added. 
- Minor bug fix. 
- Plugin adapted for using via page builders.
- German language available.
- Minor bug fix.
- French language available.
- Minor bug fix.
- Booking form style updated.
- Translation enabled (pot-file included).
- Bug fix.
- Bug fix.
- Backend calendar improved.
- Initial release.

More information

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