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Can i use this for auto fill a custom form?

You’ll have to customize to match the form fields.

we are using superforms plugin, can i use this for the integration whit your plug?

I am not sure, this plugin has its own form and you need to customize it.

Hi, i purchased plugin a few days ago, having problems getting it to work. Have emailed you at

thanks for reply … but this is your website image if u follow it take you to iam trying to embed the link in Facebook as i send in the email my link is i follow all the instructions and still

ok thanks >> now its done >> great Pluging just i wonder why there is no delete and export to excel in LinkedIn Signups

This has been added in the feature list for new update of the plugin. Hopefully we will be pushing new version soon. Thanks

Do you guys plan to answer support questions in your forum? I’ve been waiting for any reaction for 3 days already.

Hi Elvinas,

I apologize for the inconvenience.

We have replied to you there for verification of purchase. We did get 2 of your tickets but we were unable to verify your purchase there as you have not mentioned any transaction or purchase ID.

However, I can see you have purchased the item here so I will instruct my team to go ahead and answer your questions.

In any case, you can always reach our Support department directly at and you will get response within 24 hours.

Hi, we purchased this and I can’t select the plugin to apply to my custom post type – doesn’t show up. Is there anything I have to add when I register the job post type? thanks!

Please email and we will help you with this.

Hola buenas tardes, he estado configurando el plugin apply with linkedin y lo tengo configurado de manera correcta por la documentación que he podido leer, pero no se como poner el boton de apply with linkedin en mi web , necesitaria vuestra ajuda, muchas gracias por el tiempo un saludo.

Please use this shortcode [apply-linkedin-button]

If this does not resolve your issue, please email us at


Hello. I sent an email yesterday (and a follow-up email just now) with some questions regarding the plugin’s settings, and differences between the current setup and the setup described in the included documentation. You said you had an issue verifying the purchase code, so I’m commenting here now.

I have checked your email. You have to place shortcode [apply-linkedin-button] on a page where you want the Apply button to appear.

If this does not resolve your issue, please email us at with your Wp login & password and we will set it up for you.


Thanks. I’ve got the button in place and things seem to be nearly working now. In the settings, the only available choice for “Select Post Type For Jobs” is just “post,” but the job listings in our system have a custom post type “job_listing” Is there a way to make that work?

Here is a solution suggested by one of our customers:

In linkedin_in_admin_page.php on line 97 it states

$args = array(‘public’ => true ,’_builtin’ => true );

The “_builtin => true” part makes only the builtin post types (posts) show up, if you remove that argument it shows all the custom post types.


I’ve just bought your plugin and I got a little problem : My Linkedin Form Page URL is

and when I click on the apply button it asked for the acces approval of my app and then it keeps redirecting me to!

1/ that’s not even my thank you page 2/ it doesn’t keep any trace of the application… 3/ How can I grant a Full Profile Access to my app ?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Jean,

Thank you for the purchase and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please email us your wp login info at and we will look into this.


Is this plugin have been discontinued? Your support forum is not working and you don’t answer emails. What is going on? Should I ask for refund?

Right, we are still working on it. If you have urgency to get new features added in the plugin, you can email us at for a custom quote. Thank you.

I see. Well, I guess my expectations were too high for a plugin to have such functionality as “Delete” link next to the data entry. You have updated your plugin last time on 23 February 16, so your “custom quote” for a standard functionality sounds like a blackmail and I don’t believe you will ever publish the update. I’m done with this crap.

Alright sure, if you want us to add a feature that is not advertised with Plugin and you want to push us to get it to you because you need it urgently, thanks but no thanks :) The crap is obvious here. You can not always get everything for FREE being cheap .. Learn to pay for things you want..

Good day, my purchase code is 0bdd75e0-b4f0-42e7-b73c-dab19f8892e7 I want to know how I can use your plugin with wp job manager so people can apply for jobs on the jobs taxonomy instead of the post taxonomy. I can place the shortcode in a job description but then it still defaults to the list of posts instead of the jobs

I have managed to make it work but I have hundreds of jobs if I press share it does not select the correct job in the dropdown automatically. People will have to scroll and struggle to find the correct job. How can I make it automatically select the correct job

What I mean i that the job on which I clicked the apply with linkedin must be automatically selected

Thank you for purchase TCEGOFFICE

There is currently no way to auto detect the job. Candidates have to manually select.

Let us know if you have any other questions.



jerdude Purchased


we have use this plugin with out post type in which we are giving n option to user to apply with LinkedIn its working fine. thanks for great plugin.

Now our problem is we are not getting any post id in render from not in when form submit, we want the post id from which the user has applied.

please help us and let me know how can we get the post id in render form or in submit form function.


Hey Jerdude,

Thank you for purchase.

Sure, we can help you with this. Please email us directly at and our Team will help you with a custom snippet to get this done.

Thank you

Hi, I’m looking to purchase your plug-in and have a few questions: Do I need to set up something on Linkedin in order to get the info? Where can I see the info once someone registers? Can I use the Extended license in several domains? Thank you Tal

1. Yes, you have to setup a API client on linkedin in order to grab all candidate resumes. 2. Our plugin provides a dashboard page where you can see all candidate resume and even download them in PDF or Word. 3. Yes


Can you send me a link or tutorial for what I need to set up on Linkedin?

It’s part of the documentation that comes with our Plugin however you can visit this link: