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Thanks mate :)

Was just looking for something like this.

In your item details it says “Support Cart Discount and Cart Percentage Discount of Coupon Type”.

Will it support:

- Product Discount, Product % Discount

as well as WooCommerce Subscriptions Discount options:

- Sign Up Fee Discount - Sign Up Fee % Discount - Recurring Product Discount - Recurring Product % Discount?

We need something that does all of the different discount types.

Hi there, Sorry we consider this as an enhancement and we will look it to it in future version.



Alright, thanks for considering it. I’ll hold on off purchasing until more coupon types are supported.

I’ll be keeping my eyes on this plugin, it’s definitely offering something that WooCommerce is sorely lacking. :)

Hi there,

We just submitted version 2.0 which contain product discount/product % discount and removing coupons.


I agree with CreateCollaborations—this plugin looks awesome but I need it to support all the coupons on my site. Also, it says it supports “Easy to apply Coupons from Phone Order.” Is this just referring to the admin order page or is there a plugin I don’t know about?

Hi there, We noted this as a feature enhancement we sure look into this in upcoming version. “Apply Coupons from Phone Order ” mean it referring to admin side.


Hi there,

We just submitted Version 2.0 which contain product discount/product % discount, and removing of coupons.



Is it also possible to enter a value as a discount instead of a coupon? We sometimes round of our orders, so we enter values like $16.7 and $9,94. or depending on the size of the order we define our discount on the spot. So no predefined value to re-use. And making a coupon for each value is time consuming.


If you have applied a discount to the order originally through the customer front end, then in the back end you add new items to the order, it does not seem o update to the new line items even when adding the discount code again. Would be good to remove and re-add the discount.

Hi thanks for your queries, We will soon get back to you with removing coupon as well.


Hi there,

We added Remove Coupon Option in version 1.1 and added Product Discount and Product % Discount Support in 2.0



jbzurn Purchased

Works great, now I can apply a coupon to an order from the backend. This is fantastic, I really needed this for months and saves me loads of time.

A great feature is that it allows you to search for the name of the coupon, and select it.

I used it for $ amount cart discount coupons. (e.g. $10 off your order).

Here are some handy tricks I found for using this plugin:

- make sure the coupon is less than the value of the order. e.g. don’t apply a $10 coupon to a $5 order. If you apply a large coupon to a small order, your order shows a negative total (e.g it will say the order total is $ -5.00 ). Workaround: make a special coupon for the exact amount of the order, and then apply your special coupon.

—-It only changes the amounts in the order right when you apply the coupon. So if you change something afterwards, it won’t update. But the workaround is, 1) manually change the prices back 2) create a new coupon with a different name 3) apply the new coupon.


cwgsupport Author Team

Hi there,

Thanks for your comment.

I forward your queries to development team and they will contact you with rightful and future updates.

Regards, Support team.

Hi there,

We taken of those problem as you state what if you apply coupon higher than order total?

We just submitted version 2.0 in codecanyon, it may available in a day or two. If you need the plugin in case of emergency please mail us


Does this work with WooCommerce 2.6.3 and the latest version of Wordpress?

Hello, once we add the coupon when we manually create an order, how do we remove it? I don’t see an option. What happens if the order needs to be adjusted and we need to remove that coupon – can you show me where I would do that?

oh no, this might be a showstopper for us. But let me ask one more question if that is okay – how can we get the coupon code to show up in the confirmation emails. it shows the discount but not what discount code was applied which is difficult for our staff. Where do we go to enable that setting? Thank you! ;-)

Hi, Kindly apologies us for your inconvenience. We are currently working on remove coupon behavior which may available in next update of our plugin. For your another question we checked the behavior of woocommerce coupon, if you apply coupon in cart and complete the order, woocommerce email enclose only discount amount instead of coupon code, this behavior is what we also followed and hence we don’t have specific settings to configure. may be its a good idea to bring it as an new option in our plugin. Please advise if we miss something?

Thanks and Yours, CodeWooGeek Team


We just released 1.1 which contain remove coupons option it will available in a day or two, if you need this in case of emergency please mail us at, we will mail you the plugin files.


sounds great, will new version support Product Discount and Product % Discount as discussed in previous comments? thanks

Hi Kindly Apologies for the delayed reply. We just submitted version 2.0 which contain product discount/product % discount, It may take 2 days to approve. If you need updated plugin files please mail us, we sure mail you the plugin files.



nmagne Purchased

Just installed the plugin. After trying various coupons it will only apply $1 off the items. No matter which coupon code I use. How do I fix this?

Hi there, Can you please mail us temporary login details and steps to reproduce the issue. please mail us


ldprice Purchased

I just purchased your coupon product. I applied a coupon to a customer order. The coupon is a one time use coupon. The Apply Coupon on Order for WooCommerce did not adjust the coupon to show that it had been used. This is a serious problem. Please resolve the issue.

Hello, We tested this behaviour of limit coupon option in our side and created the video, Please advise us if you point some other than this video?


Hello! I would love to be able to create a coupon from the order page, not just apply a coupon.Is that possible?


We are plan to add a custom fixed/percentage discount value to the order instead of coupon as additional option. It will help in your case instead of creating coupon. We will let you know once it implemented.



Can I apply or reduce the coupon usage from Woocommerce Coupon inventory? I just want to reduce the amount of usage for a particular coupon from the coupon inventory. This is helpful for those who run a shop and they use their own point of sale system but they want to still offer a discount to a discount with valid a coupon code

Hi there,

Coupon Inventory Management is already taken care in our code, please cross check that order status goes to processing or completed it will automatically reduce from coupon usage count.

If you still facing an issue with inventory please provide temporary login details to our email id

Regards, CodeWooGeek Team

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales

Thank you so much ☺️