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android version ?

We are not aware of a Android TV device that runs apps like Apple TV, if you are, please enlighten us. Regards, RockStar_Media.

I meant Android App..

Nothing in the pipeline yet :(

Yes i would also love to see the android version

Hi There

I was just wondering how many layers can you go down ? By that I mean, for example, if you have a list of sermons which may have a theme, when you click on the list of sermons, I want to be able to then to another level that then has all the sermons – is this possible ?


Good day, lain… thanks for reaching out… yes, that is possible. You need to just create additional pages that will keep on linking to other sub-pages, I don’t know if that makes sense to you? If not, we can connect via Skype and we can try and understand each other better :)

Thanks – that makes perfect sense.

All the best. And remember, you can always give us a shout should you not come right. Regards, RockStar_Media.

hi, for upload new material, i upload the videos to the server only? and the changes show in tv app automatically?

Good day! Yes.

Hi – I do have one question, It is about the lcr files. How do you read them to see what is in them ?

Hi there, use the Parralex viewer (it’s included in the files).

I’m trying to follow the directions in the index.html file in the .zip but the files he’s referring to aren’t there. Can anybody help me?

Hi there, only use the CY_APA directory. The MACOSX directory wont contain any files.

Are you receiving my emails? I’ve sent a couple and never received a reply?

Hi there, didn’t get any emails from you?? Our email is: – there was an error in the old email address given. Apologies.

I’m looking for all your help videos, but I can’t find them. Can you give me the link(s)?

Are you receiving my emails?

In which directory is the help file?

Hi there! So sorry to hear that you are struggling to find the help files. They are located in the CY_APA (root folder), then open the folder called Documentation (that is the help file). Please let us know if you are still having an issue and perhaps we can schedule a Skype session with you

Does this TV app run just like the IOS and Android apps. I bought your other apps and was wondering if this can run off the same server?

Hi there, unfortunately no, the Apple TV uses a different framework.

I wrote you with the updated email address you gave me, but I’ve heard nothing from you.

Good day, we have responded to your email :)

Monday is fine with me. Just let me know what time we can talk.

Good day, do you still require to catch up on Skype?

I see that your extended license would give me the ability to charge for video views. I will be purchasing this one also.

But I wonder if you also have a template that would make videos play in an endless loop? This is something I need. I hope you can accommodate me with this.

Just let me know how much you would charge for this template. Thanks!

Good day, we’ll be more than willing to assist :)

fire tv from amazon runs andriod

Hi there, so that there isn’t any confusion, this is specifically for Apple, not Android.

Can anyone explain to me why I can’t get my scheme to appear in the Archive folder in Xcode? Everything else seems to be working, but I can’t get it to appear in the listing.

Can we setup that Skype session?

I am trying to call you on Skype, but you’re not answering.

Please note our different time zones. Will you be available in the next 2hrs?

Hello I would like to add an icecast/shoutcast streaming section is it possible ? Regards

Did you manage to get it right?

Nope could you please help me ?

Hi there, just replace the URL’s in the demo with your own icecast/shoutcast links – it should work.

I’m available. It’s 9:54 a.m. EST

I keep trying to call you and you haven’t picked up. Also, I left you a video message and I see no sign you watched it. Can you please let me know when you’re available? I’ve checked your time zone and tried to contact you during normal business hours, but to no avail.

Hi, can you create a channel similar to this one for Roku?

I can with this application add a live video in m3u8 format?

Good day… yes, that is possible.

Hi, can you create a channel similar to this one for Roku?

Thanks for the reply

I just emailed to request documentation on how to rename the application. In your youtube video you said you’ll have another link or something

Good day, apologies for that… please follow this tutorial in order to rename your project:

And yes, it does support HLS streams…

Thanks for your purchase :)

wow, useful stuff very nice, all the best for your sales !

hello work with swift 3? is possibile load content from html page ?

Good day, yes, works with swift 3. Nope, not from HTML – AppleTV doesn’t work as a web browser.

i write you to Skype but you not respond!

Hi there, did we ever give you our skype address and planned to talk?

All I get is TVMLKitErrorDomain error 3. What should I do?

Hi there, those are our own URL’s we used in the project for demo purposes. You need to put in your own video URL’s of the content you’d like to show in your app :)

I tried that but it wouldn’t work. Just a regular Vimeo share URL will work right?

Hi there, no, for the Vimeo videos to work, you have to be using Vimeo Pro. Please note that this only applies to Vimeo links… you can use other media links like .m3u8, .hls and .mp4 and so on to stream your content

Hey guys! Trying to set up the app, but in the simulator nothing will load. Just a grey screen.

please advise.

Yeah, I followed along. Getting nothing.

For reference, I’ve successfully set up a published app that is very similar to this one. I even uploaded the Server folder to 2 different servers. The app launches and just shows nothing at all.

solved it guys. my cloud provider had the files permissions wrong.

sorry about the confusion. thanks for getting back to me.