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Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you

Why is this so expensive I don’t get it?

Because you will earn much more purchasing it. This is a good solution for your customer.


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you :)

very good job, fantastic work :) all the best for your upcoming sales and a nice day :)

Thanks :)

Nice work, congrations and GLWS – DCSF

so is this a simple Wordpress plugin with a single click installation or is it a complicated 100 steps as shown on documents? I’ve already got ssl for my website and currently accept payments via stripe on my website, I just couldn’t workout how to make the Apple Pay button, it appears but doesn’t work and was looking for a while for an easy way like a plug in, please explain how this works once I purchase it.

(a video would be great if possible)


Hi! Unfortunately, this plugin was created for Opencart CMS, not Wordpress. But the principle is the same. So, we can can improve your Wordpress plugin to accept Apple Pay. Concerning Stripe’s complicated 100 Steps – we do everything by ourselves, we understand that to issue certificate and so on … it requires tech skills, so do not worry, our developers will do it. Just contact us to with admin access details, we will check and prepare an estimation for you.

When live environment, why apple pay button is gray, can not click

How to use apple pay address not the website address?thank you.

Hello, please, send admin and ftp access to We will check.

Hello, please, send admin and ftp access to We will check.


For us need more information about this module.

In which section will appear Apple Pay Button? Is it module or after purchase you will manually will install it? How long will take installation? Is it will work this Journal 3 theme? Which shipping method will be chosen by default when payment will be received?

It will appear on checkout page. It installs like extension. Sometime it’s required some changes in a theme you use. We installed it for Journal without problems. Apple Pay appears after a customer selected a shipping method.

You will require to have Apple Developer account in order to validate the domain and install certificate. We will do it for free. You just need to buy Apple Dev access and send it to us.

So with this extension will not appear apple pay button in product list bellow add to card button and also in product page right? Just in last step in the checkout where are payment method is shown?

Yes, exactly. You’re right. If you need it on a product page, we can do it for you. We have developed the extension buy-in-one click where user can define shipping and payment by default. If you’re interested send your request to