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is there a history for the reading for prev days ?

Hi there. This app template tracks current day events only and resets the next day. If there’s enough demand for it, I can certainly add this feature on the next version.

The history for reading and displaying previous days steps have been implemented in the most recent update.

Does this run in the background or must the app be open all the time??

The app continues to accumulate your total steps even when in the background. Thanks.

@manutak, I totally think that you should make a history for prev days. That would a total sale point for me too. I would totally buy it.

Thank you for replying. :)

Hi there…I see that my latest update has been approved BUT the product graphic and the screenshots have not been updated to reflect this. Can you check for me?

Yes, you have only one screenshot. Try to contact them.

Hi Are you ready for extra $ to build custom prototype feature: In tab: progress bar of steps for reward and reward catalogue to chose and submit collected steps to get reward?

yes I do custom builds. let me know if you want to chat. thx

@manutak, can you please tell me if your app could detect if the user is in a bike? Also, can we get data as elevation, distance, speed and things like that?


Thanks for your message. Yes it can detect if you are riding a bike. As for elevation and speed, this is not available at this time.


does the app sprout multi languages ?

it only has English right now but the app has localization support and can easily be adapted to another language

can u make provide reskin ….?

yes I can provide a re-skin Let me know the details.

Hi, I recently purchased this app. Can you let me know if we can add the stairs climbed easily into this app?


Yes you can. You need to utilize the CoreMotion CMPedometer class to obtain the number of floors ascended or descended (FloorsAscended property). Note though that the device needs to support this.

Hi there – will you be updating this for iOS 8 at all?

Maybe even watchkit extension?

It works with iOS 8 right now. As for watchkit extension, it’s a good idea so I will put that in the queue.

Does your app get the data from the motion sensor or does if get the data from apple health. (This would mean that it also works with the number of steps from an activity tracker) Thank you

Right now the app gets the data from the motion sensors. The purpose is to allow the phone to be your step counter vs. a general display of motion data stored on the phone. Thanks

1. How it works? is it possible to automatically distinguish between I go walking or going by car?
2. Is it work on IOS / Android?

Hi, Yes you can distinguish between walking or going by car. It only works on iOS right now.

I’ll buy the app if there is admob banner for monetisation and works well on latest iOS/xcode. Thanks.

The app works on the latest iOS and Xcode but does not have any ad integration right now

I would like to buy to import into an existing app. After purchase can you give brief instructions to add to my app?

Yes I can. Send me your questions and I will answer them. Thanks.

Hi Mautak, is there a live version I can test before purchase? thanks

no there is not. I never released this to the app store

Can we export the data from the app to the HealthKit or even send in email form? Would like to have it available for capture.

this is not a current feature but I can take it into consideration for the next version.

can you update your code plz ?