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Nice, just purchased and will be checking this out later :)

Thanks for your purchase! Hope you find it helpful :-) If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Humm! Look familiar! :p For those who buy from you before they will remember this installer! :)

nice :-)

Glad you like it :-). Let me know if you have any feature requests or wishes.

wishes next features: license agreement and database table prefix


is it possible to install a cms with that script?

for example: a user choose “joomla” as the cms ( after that he has to enter his database datas and ftp datas ) and this script installs automaticly joomla on his webspace?

Not exactly, mostly because Joomla! has it’s own installation wizard that runs a series of sql statements, and creates a config file as such. Basically, Joomla! already has an installation very similar to this, which is how this operates.

Thanks for the inquiry!

thanks mate, I purchased it but need help with adding stuff to it, like a form after the config file is made so I can create an administrator account and add it to the database.

I was wondering if you can help me out with that, if you can please add me on msn or contact me back.


This is definitely possible. If it seems like it might take some time there will be a minor fee. Can you email me at with your AIM ? I don’t have MSN :-(.

Sure, can the fee be me buying more of your items?

I dont have an aim mate. :P

what license do i need .? i whant to include the installer in one of my webiste projects that i sell.

looks great the installer

Just bought extended license looking great

Just about to purchase, if I am creating a site for a client I can still purchase the regular licence, i.e purchase a regular licence per site that i produce for a customer, the extended licence is only required if I build a site and sell it in mass.

thanks Nick

For each site it is used, you purchase a singe license So, if you have 3 websites, then 3 purchases. The extended license is if you want to use it in another project you sell, so yes, you are correct.

Does it support creating the database during the install? I want to install php app pm a newly installed WAMPP /XAMPP system with no existing databases.

Will Purchase if it does.



Will this install an *.APK from a web url? looking for an easy way to create web apps…thanks

Does it create a

Can I use to install Joomla? I know that Joomla comes with an installer, but I need your script to create a installer of a customized joomla, is it possible? How do I configure? Is it easy?

Hm.. lol .. ? Notice: Undefined variable: msg in C:\xampp\htdocs\installer\installer.php on line 45

Great script but one thing important is missing! Path???

I need to add a path!

Any ideas


$url = isset($_SERVER[‘HTTPS’]) ? ‘https://' : ‘http://';

$url .= $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’];

$url .= $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’];

$path = dirname($url);

$input = ”<?php // Generated ”.date(‘F j, Y H:i:s’).”

// Database Details define(’”.$setting‘database’.”’, ’”.$db_name.”’); define(’”.$setting‘database’.”’, ’”.$db_user.”’); define(’”.$setting‘database’.”’, ’”.$db_pass.”’); define(’”.$setting‘database’.”’, ’”.$db_host.”’);

define(‘PATH’, ’”.$path.”’);