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Seriously? Its about to be 2016 and you put out this Shopping cart you made back in the early 2000s ??? Why not just take the time to update your “existing” softwares man….? I’ve been asking you for years to update your Biz Directory. Anyway, good luck I think you will need it

Thanks. We’re working now on new version of Business Directory with fully MVC structure and responsive template. Planning to release in 4-5 weeks.

For years based framework of all its products, is obsolete and protected, but at least they could have changed the template to make it responsive. Excuse my opinion, I expect to see new products.

simple nice and cute without javascript

i’m interest with this script. but before buy i want a ask first 1. can this translate to indonesian language ? 2. Can this add option payment with local bank ? 3. Can this add local shipping method ?

1. Yes, you may add new language and translate it. @ yes, it’s possible. 3. you may define shipping methods and fee for each of them.

hi …i want to buy this functionality but before that my question is ….. can i integrate this e commerce functionality to my website “ including the database and admin panel control…

Yes, you may do it, but you have to replace a template. Here the example of this script with another custom template:

Hi. The icon to send mails it doent work, isnt it?

What do you mean the icon? Where exactly?

Hi, Im intrested to buy this script for a jewelry website , but few things stops me . a. IS THIS RESPONSIVE ? b. Can i change the templates, or do have any templates for jewelry company once i buy can i use for my other sites too ? please responsd early, so i can make up my mind, Sam

Unfortunately we have no responsive template at this time, but you may take any responsive HTML/CSS template and implement it by yourself:

Ok, That sounds great. but can i use any Html /Htm5 templates , or shopping template in html and manage this through Microcms ? do i need to know PHP to do this ? is there is any coupon code to buy this, will appreciate .

Yes, you may use HTML5 templates, but it’s not an automatic operation. Implementation of template requires a basic knowladge in PHP and HTML.

Can this app be used for fashion websites where for instance a shirt will have say M/L/XL/XXL and different colour

No, currently it’s not possible, but we’re planning to add it in the next version.

Admin panel dont work

Please help me

Please contact our support: http;// and explain what exactly doesn’t work.

Before the purchase, payment systems supports the site ?, I’ve seen in the admin is not possible to configure them. It is documented? . Thank you.

I’m sorry, another question, this site has everything you need for ecommerce or I have to buy some more plugin?.

This script supports PayPal, 2CO and Authorize.Net payment systems. Customer may also leave online-order and admin will contact him later.

this script is good but no updates at all

Hello, can I edit the script? Is encrypted? It’s what I were looking for. Simple and without too much javascript. Thanks

This script is 100% open-source and you may changer or customize it according to your needs.

Dont you just love this comment from the author? “This script is 100% open-source”, yet hes selling it. In the open source community, open source means free, You may want to reword your reply.

Open-source doesn’t mean free. Please read carefully LGPL license.

Where is the update 4.0 ?

and when to add multi vendor feature ?

We’re not planning such feature now.

I set the email address i the 3 locations, its not sending Php and also smtp email at the time of customer register and also subscribe news customer cant register. help me to solve the issue

Please contact our support:, describe them yuor issues, provide all needed info.

hi, can you add new payment option?

Yes, you may do it.

Which version ? new version ? and can you add comments and rating feature ?

i can buy this script but you can add comment module thanks

It’s planning to be added in the next versions.

i think buy this script please you can add comment module

How do I add new attributes to products?

Currently it’s impossible, only with manual customization