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Hi, nice..but but missing a button to go back..any help?

Ho supertecnoboff and for a button to ho back?

Hi farm37,

Yes might fault sorry. I have just submitted a V1.0.1 update to correct this issue. If you give me your email, I can email you V1.0.1 :)

Thanks for your time :)

Hello, is it possible to show web page instead of app?

Hi nasarainfotech,

You would have to add this feature yourself. This is not something this app has been designed to do.

Thanks for your time :)

hi i am thinking of buying this code but I have a doubt as the app information including updates, via some web Pluh. json etc. thank you

This shouldn’t be the case as the App Store API returns applications only defined under that developer name.


Your welcome :D

How about adding info tab or button for company info? that would make it more professional.

Hi ilovecoding,

The point of this app is to showcase your applications in lets say the info section or settings section of your app. AppGallery has not been designed as a standalone application. It’s more of a plugin for your other applications.

Thanks for you time :)

Cool plugin :)

Are new published apps inserting automatically, if yes can you sort out certain categories?

Would be nice if you could integrate push notification once a new app has been published ;-)

Hi Alifar,

Yes this loads applications LIVE from the App Store. You do not need to update anything manually.

As for your other ideas of categories and push notifications, I will work on adding them in the next app update.

Please note that AppGallery is designed to be implemented in your apps rather than as a stand alone application. Therefore adding push notifications doesn’t make sense as users will get the same notifications multiple times if they have download more than one of your applications.

Thanks for your time :)


How can i make appGallery show more than 50 apps ??

I have 69 apps in iTunes but appGallery only shows 50.


Hi LauroSouse,

The maximum app limit depends on what the App Store API returns. By default the limit is set to 50. However you can increase the limit like so:

In the AppGallery.m file add the following to the URL API link:


You can then change 200 to what ever limit you want within the range of 50 and 200.

Thanks for your time :)

If you are having trouble with this then send me your Xcode project and I will do it for you :)

Looks good… nice add on for an app. I’ll be sure to buy soon.

ps. I presume it works fine on iOS8 and xcode 6?

Can you please explain how you define apps to display? Will it display all the apps in my appstore account? What if I want to show only a few?

Hi thumbpress,

Right so in the Xcode project you can set your developer name. App Gallery will then use this to automatically download a list of all your applications. You do not need to host any files or set anything manually. There is an included PDF developer guide which will walk you through everything super easily :)

Thanks for your time :)

Is there any easy way to exclude some apps from the list of all my applications?

No currently no. Although it might be worth checking to see if the iTunes Store API supports filtering through apps that you want to show.

Can I show case other peoples’s apps Thank you

Hi amanallam,

You can show case any iOS apps live on the App Store.

Thanks for your time :)

Does this use StoreKit?

Hi mattnico,

No, this does not use StoreKit.

Thanks for your time.

How this IOS app work?, iframe or fetching from App store.

any update to ios 9

Hi does Apple allow apps like this? This app pretty much only just shows other apps so the app essentially to app doesn’t do anything.

Also does it use a PHP or Xml file? Can it be linked to. Host so if I have another new app, it updates the app upon refresh?

Hi you app doesn’t open anything you tap on the apps they just don’t open any apps in the app store it does nothing instead, tested on an iOS device and I get not app launch in app store.

Hi your app works great I combined it with my main project with iOS and it looks great and now my app is live on the iOS app store!! thanks for this great bit of code!! https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/kerryco/id1111831066?mt=8

Your most welcome :)

Hello , can i publish this app as a standalone app? Does Apple accept it?

I purchased your code about a year ago, I just came back for the update and there is no DetailView.h / .m files as there were in the original version I downloaded but the screenshots clearly show a detail view, do you have the other necessary files to update?