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Sorry to bring the bad news but this kind of apps are no longer accepted by Apple. (impersonating app store behavior)

Hello, if you submit this app, you have to rename this app. I don’t say that you name it is App Store

Does appstore form apple not offer a search abilities ?

You can go to AppStore and search for one by one and it is a waste of time. So: This app helps you save time and effort in searching for apps, music, movies, etc. and represents one intuitively, it also help you decide whether or not download instead of

I suggest to change the name of your app to get good sales

Stev, Kanton is right. Apple does not allow app store mimic apps anymore. Maybe you should change this app into something else (hint: APOD)

Nice work buddy . good luck ^^

Nice work GLWS :)

can you make it so that it goes through affiliates link?

it will be in the next version

as many have already said, this App is not in compliance with Apple Guidelines. See 3.2.2 of the guidelines (point 1), 5.2.5.

hello, this app is for education, so buyer can understand how to get everything in appstore

Very Nice Work :)