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Download link of “App Store” not working.

Page : http://portalhoy.com/candy-crush-vendra-instalado-de-fabrica-en-windows-10/

Hello again,

That’s not an issue, the original design doesn’t involve blue background on download link. If you want, you can add it by tweaking a bit the CSS file.

Also, the links should automatically open in a new window. If this doesn’t happen, please contact us using plugin’s support tab.


You know i use the 3 plugin in same page so its not viewing good 2 with and 1 with out backgrund. can you tell me plz what i need to add in the CSS file .

We’ve replied to your email ;)


Hi!Your plugin does not accept new links in iTunes. Where a 10-digit ID. Eg. https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/blown-away-secret-of-the-wind/id1064025591

Hey Leokolt,

The plugin absolutely do handle 10 digit ids (check out the apps in the demo site). Grab a fresh copy of the plugin from CodeCanyon and install it: everything should work fine!


Hi I just want to ask if you know any reason why the plugins causes a 403 error just on the iframe (i guess) where the plugin should render

Hey there,

It could be a permission error, just check that cache folder is both readable and writeable and it should work fine.

If you still have issues with it, please write us a mail using the contact form on our page and we’ll get back to you soon.


do you know what i like most here ? it’s the support i see you are applying for every issue with a professionality… thanks for this great plugin i like it to much

Glad to hear that you support us back! :)

i have a question do this plugin work very will with iTunes affiliates ? i have added my own token code but the link looks not right ?

Hello Murad,

If you put your affiliation token after viewing a box, it has been cached and that’s why you don’t see it. To see if your affiliation code is correctly working you’ll have to wait some time (as set in Cache Settings section, Cache expiration part) for the boxes to be refreshed with the latest data, including your affiliation code.

If you want to force a refresh, you have to simply head over Cache Settings and click on the button under Vanish cache part, then click the big check mark at bottom left to save. This will delete all cached boxes and create new ones with your affiliation token as soon as you visit them.

If you still can’t get it working and given your appreciation of our support, just writes us a short mail and we’ll fix the unfixable.


i have already install another music platform script. can i use this script in sub folder. this is my website – http://www.beatsnoop.com/explore

Hello Chris,

not sure I’ve understood what you’re planning to do with the App Store Box but keep in mind that the box doesn’t allow you to play iTunes track previews.

Cheers, Anatoli.


In december I have opted for SSL certificate and starting then every image stored from AppStore Box is on a domain without SSL and my page is not performing well. Could you pleace do something?

Here is a link to my latest post with app store box https://www.isay.ro/indrumare-vocala-pentru-harta-romaniei-waze/

Here is a picture from inspector on Chrome https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByiqN3YZagThZ29tNnRsVXljUFE

Thanks, ionică

Salut Anatoli,

Great news but I have a question, I’m not using Jetpack and I’m not gonna do in the future, so the secure icons will be available?

We do suggest using Jepack but I think it will work without it as well. We’ll work on some tests and will let you know everything on the release.

Salut Anatoli,

Au trecut deja 3 luni, și chiar nu vreau să renunț la plugin doar pentru că pozele nu sunt over https. Am multe articole în care am folosit linkuri de aplicații din App Store, iar Google mă penalizează pentru că acestea fac referire la http deși site-ul meu este https.

Securizați locația imaginilor, treceți-o pe https, e simplu (ex: let’s encrypt).

Când o să rezolvi această problemă?

Aștept un răspuns de la tine.

Mersi, ionică

No thanks. Jetpack is not for me. Waiting for release :)

How to make this nice plugin available for RTL websites ? I’m planing to use it with my website but unfortunately it’s not working with RTL example of the problem, the icon is inside the box http://www.blogofapps.com/best-free-vpn-apps-ios/