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always crashing, i posted ticket but not get response

The problem is in AppCheckServices class, I don’t think the apk and the code are the same.

Problems when it get uploaded to play store, it gets suspended because it violates the deceptive behavior policy, how did you upload it ?

thank you for the fast reply, can i know how did you upload it? i get suspended every time i upload it for my client, please, did you upload any compliment policy or something ? thank you & waiting for more apps from you, i loved the design and the features :)

i don’t see that you have purchase source code from here


Is it possible to use this app and reskin and re-submit it to Google Play as with new name?

Yes possible and let about it so please add me on skype id : niteshsuvagia

The application give crashes and not working I have added skype zekirdek55 please support me

let start discussion and tell me that what problem on it

Hello there is it an android studio project?

Yes, on android studio projec

App not working and crached every time

please tell me that what problem and please add me on skype id : niteshsuvagia

where is the admob place in the app !? is the user will show ads when he open locked app ? and what is the kind of ads ?? banner or full screen ?

all page contain banner ads at bottom and screen display when new page opened. Yes, user will be ads on lock screen both app banner and full screen

admob banner or interstitial ? or both ?

Yes, both google admob on it

What if I buy and upload it to Play Store and get copyright infringement issue?

no any issue because i have already upload app on market of previous buyer

still have support?


We bought app and app doesn’t works. No lock anything.