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If you can add the following integrations to this, I’m sure you’ll have more buyers;

• Push Notifications through a Parse.com account • Analytics, through something like Flurry

Hello, We do thank you for your comment, We can add push notifications and Analytics everything with Parse. If you need this please send me an mail at contact@unostile.com Thank you!

Any plans for an Android version?

For Android we are thinking about, probably yes

Would this get accepted to app store ?

also does it open a webview to any stie ?

Yes is an app for IOS. Yes Amy site.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Hi, Thank you!!

How do you insert events and photos to the app? Is there a backend where you can insert it online?

For events we give you a simple html page already set up where you can enter your event. There are two options for the photo gallery, one in the interior of the project and the other is a gallery html provided by us. There is a backend for this.

Hi I don’t quite get it.

How do we enter the details for the businesses? Is it with an API or manually, every business individually through html? Are business’s able to enter their own event details and photos? Could each business have the ability to send push notifications or is this just available to admin of the app. How do you monetise the app?

Many thanks

Hi Thanks for your comment, This is a project IOS programmed with Xcode, to make the changes you need to have this program. You can edit photos, logo, description, graphic, events etc. to your liking having a minimum of programming knowledge. Let me know what you need because I did not understand very well, Please contact us in order to help better contact@unostile.com Thank You Unostile team