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very good work ;) i wish you all the best for your sales !

thank you very much:)

can people download apps from this app

yes, just a litte change, use system browser/downloader. window.open(url, ‘_blank’); replace ‘_blank’ to ‘_system’

Looking at this, can I make this a directory for anything? Like restaurants, bars, ect?

yes. it’s better to add a detail page for these informations

Not yet, sorry :)

Would be very interested in this if there was a non-parse version, using a MySQL database. Other than that, good luck with sales

thanks for your advice:)

Hello i want create my app with admin panel

For my app, it’s possible to create a admin panel? In my admin panel, i want deposit files (photos, pdf, videos) in user profile. In my admin panel i create profile. When i upload my site, it’s upload directly on my app?

In my app, the user connect and look and save my files deposit in your profil. After, I want RDV calendar (i put an RDV in profile user) It’s possible?

Can you help me?


congratulations ;) GLWS