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Returns incorrect key on all my tests on the demo…

Thanks a lot for reporting, the error is fixed.

Yw! I guess this can be used to return an access key based on the user’s id…interesting, maybe I’ll buy

Well, the actual version works in 4 steps:

  1. Makes a random key
  2. If key already exists, generates new one (recursive)
  3. Associates the generated key to the received username
  4. Saves the key/username in the specified file and returns it

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Description made it sound like Database integration was included and easy to change. No such luck. Time to modify 50% of the code to work with a mysql db.

You don’t need database! And if you want, you can integrate this into a database
Where I say that the integration is included?

This class was designed to be simple, easy to use, different. The major Key Generators needs to use database. So, for being different, this doesn’t requires it. If you want, ONLY if you want, you can make your own integration with the database.
For sure, you can contact me and I can make the integration for you.

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Returns an error.

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /Users/sandrogumz/Sites/testes/keygenerator.class.php on line 145

This is a problem?

Please email me via my profile page, sending me what code are you using. Thank you.

Can this be used like you type name, address, website, date joined and that will generate a key? Then, when checked to verify, the name address website date joined will be shown, if the key is valid? I’m really planning to buy this if the script is okay with my concern. :(

Hello. This script generates a key from a unique string. For example:
$foo = new KeyGenerator();
$key = $foo->Generate('this_is_the_string');

So, what you can do, is to have a database with the data you want (name, address, website, date) and two extra fields with the generated key by KeyGenerator and the string. Then, in the field that checks the key to be correct, you check the key and the string and if are valid, show the Database data that corresponds to the key introduced.

Hope this helps. Thank you.

Thanks! But I have further inquiry and I will just email it to you on your contact form profile if you don’t mind. Thanks!

I’m finding that the documentation is very hard to understand and follow – also the included example files don’t function correctly showing all sorts of error notices when you try and just use it for a basic purpose (some of this was due to the PHP code trying to call variables and functions that haven’t been defined yet – no validation on variables to check for a value before calling them – not sure what is causing the others I’m receiving). I have probably managed to get it to work but I’ve had to change numerous lines of the code to do so.

Everything is tested and working fine. Are you sure you implement the script well?
Please contact me to the email given in the Documentation with the code are you using and the notices you get.

It’s ok – I realised that it depends on the server settings. The notices are happening but if you’ve got your PHP settings to ignore error notices then everything works fine. It’s simply because it’s such a self enclosed code that it tries to call variables that haven’t been set yet (although it doesn’t use them until the variable has been resolved with a value, so all good). For my purpose I’ve got it doing what I need it to. Thanks.

That’s a little weird. In my local server I have the error reporting to report all levels and I don’t get any notice.

Please contact me to the email given in the Documentation if you keep experiencing troubles.

How to make each key is valid once?

P.S: I’m french so excuse my english :)

Do you mean you want to invalidate a key after used?


Actually that is not possible but I can modify the code for you.
Please contact me at :)

Thanks for reporting, demo is now working :)

Demo is broken, white page.

Thanks for reporting, demo is now working :)

Demo page is not working.

Thanks for reporting.
The issue has been fixed. Demo is live now :)

I liked the idea, but I can use to license and protect my projects? It has remote check? Can you help me in this matter?

I am making an huge open source project, and I want only some part of this to use in that project, as I am making restful api of a webapp, I want this to generate client secret. Does license allow this ?


Here you can read what the Regular License allows:

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Hello I sent you an email to :-)


Yes, I received your 3 emails with the same content.

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Can you help to invalidate a key after used?

Can I use in Wordpress and Joomla? If yes, how can I integrate?