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+1 to deadanon;

He might not be around but I went with extended license knowing that he is no longer around.

If you know PHP and you don’t want to spend hours to create such thing, it definitely worth $150 if you want to implement it to your own system to sell it.


I have faced some problem on my function. I need to generate(create) image based on the request and send back the image name to that request. But i try to create image within the function it shows error. PHP code :$image = @imagecreate($width, $height) or die(‘Cannot initialize new GD image stream’);

I got error : “Cannot initialize new GD image stream”;

I dont know why its happen me. Because my server has used that iamge create function already that works fine. But within this api , i am unable to generate(create) images..

this apps not work at all with https, it’s not secure, be careful. and no answer from developer.

its suck

I just have one quick question before purchase. Let’s say that I have a web app that requires an API key. If I wanted to pull information from the web app to show on a different website hosted somewhere else, I would need to authenticate with the API key, right?

owner is dead L0l


It does work with https

click on the support tab above

Make sure you add the port number to the API request url you place in the endpoint.php file. This is wrong: This is correct:

HI, I had installed framework as like in video when execute the link no error displayed and the page be blank. can you help me for this problem??

Hi , I have a website for the Real estate property listings.I would like to do the following. 1.I would like to allow Other websites to post the property listings in my site from the other websites or property Builders Or Read the listing from their websites once they allow.2.Let other websites read my listing and post in their websites.

I do not have experience in this.Could you please help me out this API server works for my this works.what i need to do. Thanks Thank you Regards

I am looking for something to work with angularjs and phonejs. Would this be a good fit to use as a backend?



This script is NOT working. Spent the entire day configuring it. Seems that support is dead on the support server.

Have the same issue as admindp, script returns empty file. I’ll request a full refund.

I’m trying to implement the API Framework, I follow these interactions that are described in “Install and configure API Framework” from the API Framework and in the video Actually I have a domain of project with a sub-folder that is So according to the installation steps I changed the .htaccess file like this

RewriteEngine on RewriteBase /digiShop/api/ RewriteRule ^(.*)\.(json|xml|csv|txt|printr)$ endpoint.php?api_request=$1&api_response_type=$2

<Files ~ ”\.ini$”> Order allow,deny Deny from all </Files>

and change this code line $request = new Api_Request(““); from $request = new Api_Request(““);

This all works fine with my localhost:8888 but after all of these configuration with my live web server the problem is when I execute this url this nothing show in response.

Im getting this error Access-Control-Allow-Origin i know its something to do with htaccess how do i solve?


Works fine. The initial install bugs are easy to fix if you put a bit of time into it. A great script overall and a great time saver.

Can someone help me get this going???
All I get is a white screen?


What am I doing wrong?

I installed as instructed…
What bugs do I need to address?
Please HELP! :O

What are we doing wrong???
Please Help!

Is there any restriction if I want to use this with code igniter or any other php frameworks ?

did someone resolved the blankpage yet?

nevermind i found the solution in the file xml.php change line 49 from // Start encoding $this->encode($this->root_element, $this->_data, &$root); to // Start encoding $this->encode($this->root_element, $this->_data, $root);

nevermind i found the solution in the file xml.php change line 49 from // Start encoding $this->encode($this->root_element, $this->_data, &$root); to // Start encoding $this->encode($this->root_element, $this->_data, $root);

are u gonna do any updates in to this ?

They are the video, the video but not translated! I do not know what to say! youtub video seemed to have automatically translated! Suggest video use!