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Greetings. I purchased this script only to find the Method “DELETE” (which is included in the Live Preview as well as the screenshots) missing from the script in the download archive. Would you please be so kind as to update the archive and let me know so that I could download the full version of the script. Thank you.

thanks for purchase and letting us the issue, we have updated the script and it is uploaded as it is approved by envato, you will get update message so that you can download.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this!

Nice work, GLWS! :)


Missing the ability to add headers (i.e. Authorization: Basic xxxx).

Otherwise. Cool!

Nevermind, I was using $process instead of $curl

Why isn’t adding curl option CURLOPT_USERPWD working?

thanks for your comments, it is first version of this product. we are evaluating to include more features for next version.

I tested the script on your demo page but there is an error, please, check the screenshots attached:

1. Your script returns a false API call 2. The browser returns a success API call


Maybe… but I can not add parameters on you plugin neither…

The API developer told me: The api is not whitelisting any IP Addresses. The system works perfectly when I CURL, use a browser and POSTMAN. I suspect an issue with the plugin provider.

I’m really interest on your plugin, but I suspect there in an issue!

can you please provide the details of your API so that i can test it and check the issue.