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Thanks a lot!!! :)

very good job ! ;)

Thanks!!! :)

where is demo link?

Hi, unfortunately we don’t have demo link for now. But you can check video tutorial. You’ll see a lot of features there and it will help you to understand how plugin works. Check it here: https://youtu.be/y3D_6oZmwJ4

Dear BuxRecord,

As here in Aparg we value our customers wishes a lot, we have built demo site were you can check all plugin’s features.

Check demo: http://wpdemo.aparg.com


Very nice, but does video auto play on mobile ?


Thanks for good question. Unfortunately video will not auto play on mobile as it contradicts to iOS and Android privacy policies.

Does the plugin allow for responsive ads automatically within the content on the article?

Hi, You can create “Embed” campaign type, after that embed it to page or post content via shortcode or a widget(if placeholder exists). After that you can set width of you newly added campaign to 100%(it’s default value) in campaign options. Also try to play with “Background image type” option to get best result.

Hi, two questions is your plugin compatible with google adsense and what is smart ad controlling??

Hi thanks for question,

1) Yes our plugin is compatible with Google AdSense and also with most of other advertisement systems. Simply create “Code” type ad in desired campaign and paste AdSense generated code into it(don’t forget to activate campaign after all).

2) Smart ad controlling is our unique tool to control appearance of ads in the way which is best for your client. Each ad and campaign has include/exclude fields that accept post, page, category and tag name as value. So for example if your client is some sport shop enter sport category name of your blog into include field of ad and this ad will only appear in posts of that category and archive page of it. Or if you have campaign in which you have created only sport related ads, add your sport category name to include field of campaign and all ads in this campaign will appear only in posts of that category. Same way you can use exclude field to prevent appearance of ads or campaigns in posts you don’t want them to appear.

Please check also our video tutorial to see it in action: https://youtu.be/y3D_6oZmwJ4

If you need any further assistance please get in touch. Thanks

Nice to see that Armenians can do something cool like this.

Thanks a lot!!

Hi, is there an option for geo targeting?


For now we don’t have geo targeting, but plugin is in active support. Currently we have update in review and next update is already in development.

We already have targeting by post, page, category and tag. Your request is very important for us so we will try to include geo targeting too.


The linked to url shows for an image ad. Shouldn’t it just be that you click the image which goes to the link?

Do you know which front end cpt form plugins it will work with? Are the ads custom post types? I would use something like the following to have buyers upload their pic and choose their posts. https://wordpress.org/plugins/frontend-uploader/screenshots/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/mage-forms/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/formidable/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/gravity-forms-custom-post-types/

Great. Anyway if you’ll need any further assistance let us know. Thanks!

(Will tip you off that Fordmidable devs are extremely rude, they may not be the top choice for anyone )

Thanks for your tip)

Hi I just checked your demo. Jsut some presale questions:

Is it possible to set a banner above Content of pages and Posts automatically?

Do you Support AMP Ads with the plugin?

Is it possible to set alternative ads for mobile only, so that the standard desktop ad does not appear?

Are all standard desktob ads automatically delivered responsive on mobile devices?

Does the Popup-Feature support exit popup?

Is there a link to a public documentation?

Does ist supply php template tags for including ads in the theme?

Does it have the Option of using Google Analytics for statstics?

Cheers from Germany



Thanks for your questions.

1 ) Yes you can achieve that by dropping SmartAd widget into placeholder if you have it above content, or paste SmartAd shortcode in PHP template with do_shortcode function.

2 ) We don’t have native AMP support, but you can try AMP ads by pasting them into Code type ad.

3 ) For now we don’t have feature of hiding some ads depending on device.

4 ) Our ads are responsive, so your desktop ads will be delivered mobile friendly as much as possible, if your theme styles are good so result will be good too.

5 ) Yes. Popup ad type has exit popup feature. Also you can set time after which exit button will appear and also additional time for popup auto close.

6 ) Yes. You can check it on SmartAd page on our website, and also video quick start guide. http://aparg.com/aparg-smartad-wordpress-ad-management-plugin/

7 ) Yes. Check 1st answer.

8 ) For now not. We have our own analytics with export as PDF feature, but it doesn’t integrated with Google Analytics for now.

Feel free to contact if you need any further assistance.

Thanks, Aparg team

Thanks for the quick answers. To make sure, I understand it correct. At the Moment there is no autoplacement Option in your plugin (like above or within a post). You have to use shortcode or template?

Yes, you are right.

This feature can cause problems with various templates that’s why user manually have to drop widget or paste shortcode into PHP template.


Thanks a lot!!!

does this have a scheduled start and end add feature ? also do I have to manually place the add like a banner using a short code or will be pasted automatically for example in the header? finally if I want to make a site BG skin) advertisement will this do?


Thanks for your interest to our plugin.

Aparg SmartAd has scheduled start by date and also auto end by max click, max views and date. You have to place campaign were you want with two methods via WordPress shortcode or a widget. Once you have placed campaign you can add or remove ads in it as much as you want and they will appear in that place. Now your last question. We have 3 campaign types embed, popup and background. So you can use background campaign type to achieve your desired result.


background ads possible ?

can we sell adspace , frontend user panel?

Dear robertnbg,

Yes we have background campaign type, you can check how it works in demo https://wpdemo.aparg.com

For now we don’t support selling of ad spaces we have it in our feature list and will develop it in coming versions.


Can you filter ads by role or capability? Or even logged in/out status?

I know that some of the ads (like the shortcode or widget based ads) can be filtered this way using various plugins but the popup and background ads would require this ability in your software.

If not you really should add this feature. This way someone with a subscription site can advertise the upgrade to a paid membership from a free membership but stop showing the ad to those that are already a premium member.

Dear worsin,

For now we don’t have such feature, but we have Smart Filter that is now filtering ads and campaigns by pages, posts, categories, tags and site languages. Smart Filter is easy expandable so we will shortlist your request and add filter by role, capabilities and login status in coming updates.

Thanks, Aparg Team

Thank you very much for providing a full-featured demo, including the admin panel. We recently bought another ad plugin that had good reviews and made big promises but turned out to be terrible. I was hesitant to buy another plugin without knowing it would be better, but your demo helped me feel confident in recommending it. Thanks!

One feature request that would make the plugin even better: it would be awesome if there was a per-campaign fallback option for ads blocked by AdBlock. Some of our ads are image-based, and those show up great, but our code-based AdSense ads get blocked. While the option to display a “please unblock us” message is nice, what I’d really like is to be able to display an in-house image-based ad instead.

Thanks again for providing such a good ad plugin!

Thank you so much! Such good feedback is really inspiring us to make our plugin even better!

Your suggestion is very important to us and we think that it’s really great. We have already shortlisted it and will try to include it in next update.

Thanks again!

The demo doesn’t work. Can I see it in action somewhere?

Dear kimmpb,

We have just checked and the demo works properly. Please go to https://wpdemo.aparg.com, pass through captcha and login. You will see that SmartAd has already been installed, you will just need to setup your campaign and check it in front side.

Thanks, Aparg team.

Hi, seems really interesting. In my case I want to implement our own product Ads between our Blogarticles and the sidebar. Is it possible to manage this, with this ad tool? If I run this kind of campaigns, do you expect to have also problems with adblockers?

Dear InstitutGP,

You can place our “Embed” type campaign anywhere in your theme using shortcode or using widget (if you have placeholder in that place). If visitor will have adblocker, our plugin has adblock warning feature for such cases. You can set message text and after enabling this feature visitor with adblockers will see warning message to disable adblocker.



aquagd Purchased

We have tried the demo, and we are interested in this plugin. However, the last time it was updated concerns us. What are your plans for updating this plugin?

Dear customer,

Thanks for the purchase. We don’t have ad slider functionality for now. “Change interval” setting indicates how long visitor must see the same ad during surfing your website from page to page when this period expires new ad will be served. Please check also manual to understand it better.

Thanks, Aparg team.


aquagd Purchased

Good Day, Just a suggestion for the plugin. Along with a feature to enable the ads to slide and a feature to allow random ad to appear on page load (not how it is now) we notice in the stats section that when you have a lot of views and a few clicks, it is very hard to see how many clicks you have in the graph form. Is there a way you can include the number of clicks and views on the exported pdf itself (maybe in a table format of the which days got how many clicks?) This will be a really good upgrade to the plugin.

We have already finished new version and will push it at the end of the month. Your suggestion is very important for us and we have already shortlisted it and will try to include in the next update. Thanks a lot!

Lovely plugin you have there. I have a couple of questions:

- How to rest the ad views count? - How do I exclude admins from being counted?


Dear AdameDahmani,

Nice to hear that you like our plugin.

For now you can’t reset stats or exclude admins from being counted. We have included this features in our list and will try to include them in next update.

If this can help you can now delete and then create new campaign to reset stats as workaround.


Hope they made the cut and we see them soon :)

Hi! I have a question, I need a plugin to do this: 1. Use DFP (DoubleClick) code to show ads 2. Responsively resize DFP ads 3. Use shortcodes 4. Chose categories where to show ads Would this plugin be able to do that? Thank you in advance!

1. We have code ad types, and we have tested them with Google AdSence codes. 2. Our ad containers are responsive and if inner content is responsive too you will have no problems. 3. We support shortcodes. 4. We have smart filter and you can filter by categories and not only.

Anyway you can test all features you need in our demo environment https://wpdemo.aparg.com