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Hi, I have bought and installed your plugin. Everything is working fine so far. I’d like to know how I can change the email subject for the message received when someone has submitted a testimonial. At the moment it comes to the admin with the subject ‘New Form Submitted. I can customise the message but not the subject. Where do I manage that?


Hi there,

We really appreciate you writing in.

We have added the custom subject feature in our plugin and submitted the plugin to codecanyon for an update. If you need it faster then, please provide us the email so we could send you plugin file through email.


Thanks for rolling out an update so quickly, top class support – it works great! Rating your plugin 5 stars ;-D


Thank you for your kind words. And thank you for your rating as well. It means a lot to us.


Dear Access Keys,

I’m very happy with your plugin and it does excactly what I want! However, unfortunately the plugin does not seem to work with avada / fusion builder, the editor is actually not displaying when the plugin is turned on. I’m hoping you can shed some light on this issue, maybe you have heard it before since it’s a very popular theme.

Kind regards,

Iris Heuer

Hi Iris,

We really appreciate you writing in. And we apologize for late response.

By editor, you meant the page builder doesn’t work if our plugin is activated? If so, we will need to check for the compatibility with the theme and get back to you if it is causing the issue.

If possible, can you please also provide us the backend URL to the site so we could check what might be the issue, which will be more hassle free for you as e could suggest. So, if you are okay with it, please provide us the temporary access to site from our profile contact https://codecanyon.net/user/accesskeys#contact.


Hi, Does the plugin have functionality to display only reviews of 4 or 5 stars when using the shortcodes please? It looks a really useful plugin. Best regards Peter Lay

That’s great I will purchase and set it to use for my own business while I await the amendment. Thank you for your help, I look forward to hearing from you when the tweak is done :) Best regards Pete

I have purchased and will get started on my own site however it has occurred to me that I would also need a custom code to output just the testimonials for each client on their page too. Best regards Pete

Hi Pete,

As our plugin is mainly intended to work for the single site with single form and review/testimonial of the same type, currently, there’s no option to filter by the client. And as per our current study, and as a tweak or customization, we can probably pull current client detail either in form or page id of some sort and filter the testimonial as per it. But this is only our pre-assumption about how plugin might work. Please feel free to inform us if you have an any better idea or suggestions.



I have a list of questions before I purchase this plugin.

1. Does this theme allow you to remove the stars from reviews?

2. Can I mix video and text testimonials within the same list / grid?

3. Can we customize the character limit before the “read more” appears?

4. Is the “read more” animation something we can edit? Are there other animation options for this button? Such as a simple expand?

5. Are the social icon styles able to be edited? How many styles of social icon options are available within this plugin?

6. The $19 is a one time fee?

Thanks so much!

Hi, there!

Thank you for writing in.

1. This is not the theme it is the plugin and yes you have the option to disable stars from reviews.

2. You can use video and text testimonials but for the video, you have to use the HTML tags such as <video></video> to use within the same grid/list. For image reference please click here http://prntscr.com/k5h7f0

3. Currently, we don’t have the option to limit the characters.

4. Apology, currently we don’t have an option for animation on read more button.

5. Sorry but there is no option for changing the style for the social icon however it can be changed depending on the template.

6. Yes, it is one time fee only.

For more info please check our demo https://demo.accesspressthemes.com/wordpress-plugins/ap-custom-testimonial-pro/