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creative..any demo? not screenshot one

Working on it :)

- Demo added

Great idea! I can see the full benefits of this plugin on 404 error pages or under the posts, keeping the user’s interest ongoing with those tags, my question is, can it actually pull the default tags of the site or better yet, since I’m using custom taxonomy and custom posts, can it pull the custom tags of the site??

Thank you in advance.

I installed your plugin on a WP 3 .0.1 and I dont see the fields to edit the tags or insert the links.

I see Wall Options, but nothing under Tags.(In reference to your screenshot #2)

Please advise.


That’s strange, we’ve tested the plugin with several WP installations in several browsers. Can you please send us inlog details from your WP installation via the author dashboard?

We will take a look to see what’s the problem, perhaps a conflict with other plugins?

Let us know,

I installed your plugin on 2 other sites: one that runs on WordPress 3.1.2 and another that runs on WordPress 3.1.4, both using different themes.

The WP 3 .1.4 site has 3 additional plugins: Post Thumbnail Editor, Quick Chat and Regenerate Thumbnails, yet, the issue is persisting.

Please dont tell me that your plugin would only work on the Twenty Ten theme?

Hello there. I’m currently running WP 3 .2.1 and using the pro theme. I’m having the same issue. I can create walls, but beyond that I only get the “Tag” header. There’s no functionality that lets me adds tags or links. I really like the idea of this. I hope it get’s worked out!



Can you send us your FTP + WP login details so we can fix the problem for you. Also we’ve send an update to Codecanyon to resolve some problems, you can also wait for that to be approved.

Tussendoor, can you advise us of a quick fix or at least provide us an estimated time to resolve this issue?


Like I said before in my previous comment, please send us your FTP + WP login details. We can see what’s the problem and fix it then.

Thereby, we’ve send an update to Codecanyon to resolve the problem, you can also wait for that to be approved.

Seriously? Since when FTP access is required to troubleshoot a plugin issue? Thorstone flagged the same issue as myself, isnt that a valid and clear hint that maybe something is wrong with the plugin and not from our end?

I’ll wait for the update if you dont mind, thanks for the heads up.

No offense, but isn’t that what we said? FTP can be useful to update the plugin, that’s why.

Thereby, we also have send our FTP details sometimes to let other authors troubleshoot. I don’t see any occurred problems in that question.

Anyway, we think the update should be available fast.

Alright, point made, will wait for the update, thank you for the followups.

Update is done. You van re-download the plugin.

Right on! This upgrade fixed it good! If I could add a suggestion for future releases:

1. To allow the color settings on a per tag basis instead of the whole tags located under one wall.

2. Creating a separate option which attempts to pull data from the existing tags

Was definitely worth the wait, thank you.


Good to hear that!

1) If I understand yo ucorrectly, that’s already possible. Under the tag you’ll see an option “advanced” per tag. You can click that en fill in extra options. Like color per tag, size per tag, etc.

2) I’ll keep that in mind. 3) (your other comment) Drag – and drop is something to keep in mind, but the whole structure from the anywall will be different then.

situation now is that the anywall will load random every time the page is loaded. There’s no permanent way of showing them. The position and size will be random every time.

Forgot to add one other suggestion: Capability to rearrange the order display of the Tags. (using a drag and slide from the admin panel maybe?).

AHH ! I didnt even notice that Advanced option, it also allows us to specify the behavior of the target window (Self / Blank), SUPER cause I was gonna ask about it also :)

When you say Random, do you mean the order of the tags or the size of the tags?

I’m using the php code insert and no matter how much I refresh the page, the order is displayed based on the entry’s order, so if I added Tag1 name that starts with the letter D and then went back and added Tag2 starting with letter A, I still see the Tag1 displayed at the beginning since it was my first entry. Its not taking in consideration the alphabetical order of the Tag names, this is just a suggestion by the way cause people tend to go by alphabetical order when reading through such entries.

The only difference I noticed when I refresh is the size of the Tag that changes which is not a big deal, I was hoping that by being able to rearrange the order of the tag names from the admin panel, that it would reflect on the front end as well.

I get your point. I’ll keep that (the order of displaying) in mind. The size is random right now. So you’re right with that.

You can already set the size for each tag if you want to, by the advanced options :)

Keep an eye on the plugin for updates in the future, I must say your idea for the order of displaying isn’t bad ;)

Glad you agree :) And will definitely keep an eye for any further updates, your plugin turned boring 404 pages into more productive and attractive pages (keeping visitors in the loop).

Cheers from Montreal!

Hi, this is a very nice plugin but is it shortcode, compatible with WPTOUCH so I can see it working with iPhone, Ipad ?

Wptouch works with lot of shortcodes, but it is said that the coding structure of the shortcode should be considered in some “good” way.

Please confirm me if possible. Thanks


The plugin uses the custom post type functionality from Wordpress. WPTOUCH supports custom post types so it has to work without any problems.

Hey there, just wondering if there were any updates in regards to the order display of the tags, its been a while you know ;) Cheers!


No, there haven’t been any updates yet. We’ve still got it on our todo list, but there aren’t a lot updates to be truly honest.

I will keep in in mind though.

So… any updates yet? At least the rearranging of the display order of the entries? As of now, we still have to delete existing entries in order to push a new one on top of the list.

Or maybe an editable Numbering box next to the entries that reorders them upon saving? Drag and slide from the admin panel maybe?

As soon as possible. Due to holidays it takes a little bit longer.

That’s one hell of a long holiday you got lol !!! Please tell me what country you’re in and I will migrate there ASAP to benefit from those extended holidays :)kidding Thanks for the update guys, really looking forward for this :)

Any updates yet for rearranging the order of the entries?


is your plugin tested on WP 3 .4?


I’m sorry for the late reply. The long-awaited update will arrive next week (monday / tuesday).

Plugin will then function on WP 3 .4.* + Yoast SEO .

Thank you! It is really cool and useful!

this is what I really needed

to tie together multiple sites on wordpress

Congratulations for this useful file. Worked like I expected!.

Of course five stars!


Thanks a lot, good to hear it works for you =)!

It’s been a while since the first questions about sorting. So is it ever going to happen or is this just it? Is there also a way to not put all the tags under eachother in a list?


Sorting currently is / must be possible in the plugin. Second question; no there isn’t..

Which version of the plugin do you use?

Hi…I’m looking for a word wall, found this. I can’t seem to add any tags or save anything. Is there something that I am missing?