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Hi, This script is called anything slider… can you explain me how to slide a complete div ? Your support file explains only how to work with images…

regards adrian

No problem, Adrian. The code will work if you just replace the images with divs. Here’s an example:

<div id="slide-me">
    <div class="first-slide">
        <div class="inner-div">
            <p>This content will be grouped and slid with the first slide.</p>
        <div class="inner-div">
            <p>This content will be grouped and slid with the first slide.</p>
    <div class="second-slide">
        <div class="inner-div">
            <p>This content will be grouped and slid with the second slide.</p>
        <div class="inner-div">
            <p>This content will be grouped and slid with the second slide.</p>
    <div class="third-slide">
        <div class="inner-div">
            <p>This content will be grouped and slid with the third slide.</p>
        <div class="inner-div">
            <p>This content will be grouped and slid with the third slide.</p>

In the example above, the divs with the class of first-slide, second-slide, and third-slide will be the slides. Whatever is inside of them will be grouped and slid as a unit with the slide. The divs with a class of inner-div will not be slides, but they will slide with the element that they exist within because they are not direct children of the element that you called the plugin on.

The classes I added are only to help explain how the plugin works. They are not required for the plugin to work.

Please let me know if you have any more questions or need further clarification.

can this script be formatted to no conflict mode to use in a joomla template?

there is anyway to make a jquery.noconflict version because joomla noconflict makes the script to stop working

Hi nick7268. I have submitted an update to the plugin. It should be available to you in the next 48. If you have purchased the item, you will receive an email about the version 1.1 update. Thanks for your feedback!

thanks very kind of you =D

I’m thinking of using this as a testimonials slider with an image and text. Some of the text is very long (several paragraphs) and other text is short.

If this is possible with this slider, would you be able to show an example?

Hi crashette, thanks for your interest in the AnythingSlider! I’ve added a testimonial section to the demo site for you to take a look at.

That demo looks great and it looks like to pauses on hover too, pretty cool. One last thing… can the nav arrows be added as well?

Yes. The pause on Hover is an option that you can turn on or off as well as the arrows. You use the following script to change the options for each individual set of slides:

  style: ‘slide-up’,
  transitionSpeed: ‘slow’,
  carouselSpeed: 5000,
  arrows: true,
  buttons: false,
  buttonsTheme: ‘lines’,
  stopOnHover: true,
  carouselHeight: ‘dynamic’,
  carouselWidth: ‘max’

Ok, you got me :) I just purchased and downloaded. I noticed that that your newest “Testiminials” demo is not in the zip. Is there any chance I could get a copy of that example as well.

Thanks again, great slider and extraordinarily quick support!


I’ve simply used the code as provided;

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC ”-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd”> <html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”> <head> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1” /> <title>Untitled Document</title>

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”anythingslider/anythingslider/carousel.css”/> <script src=”anythingslider/anythingslider/jquery-1.10.2.min.js”></script> <script src=”anythingslider/anythingslider/carousel-plugin.js”></script>


<script> $(window).load(function(){ $(’#slide-me’).carousel({ style: ‘scale-down’, transitionSpeed: ‘slow’, carouselSpeed: 5000, arrows: false, buttons: true, buttonsTheme: ‘lines’, stopOnHover: false, carouselHeight: ‘crop’, carouselWidth: ‘crop’ }); }); </script>

but the slider doesn’t appear to work?

Some advice would be greatly appreciated :0)

Acknowledged74 Contacted us directly and we were able to work out the issue.

I just installed this for the first time and when I browse the page the slider is on, all I see are all of the slides, one on top of the other vertically and nothing is sliding? I’ve followed the Quick Start guide multiple times. Can you help?

Hi newsomphoto. Thanks for purchasing the AnythingSlider. If you see your images stacked on top of each other without any animation happening it means that one or all of the scripts are not being accessed correctly. Please ensure that the Carousel Plugin JS file is being called after the jQuery script. Make sure that they are both linked correctly. If you have the site online and can send me a link, we can help you work out this issue.

Hi Master, is it possibe to edit the lines Button via CSS? For example with Test and image ?

Really super work Respect

Yes Senfgurkenjaeger. When you download the package, there is a CSS file with specific comments letting you know which CSS is for the lines. You should be able to easily edit it there.

Thanks you .I will buy it :-)

Hey, im interested in this it looks nice and simple which is what im looking for. Only thing im wondering is what jquery lib version does it need to run?

It comes with v.1.10.2; however, I am unaware of any compatibility issues if you wanted to run a slightly older or newer version of jQuery.

Hey, i got the plugin and it did exactly what I wanted… the one thing I would like to ask is if there is a way that you could update it so that the image has a load img placeholder and doesn’t show until its ready. Because the way it is now they load take up space downwards before the script is loaded, thanks

Im having a little trouble understanding if I was to do an inline style I tried to put display none and no image shows up.

The only problem I have is only for maybe half a second while the script loads. Its like the images all load first then script comes in. is it possible to display the first picture and hide the rest till they load?

This issue will best be taken care of by adding a few lines to your style sheet. If you’d like to send me an email through my profile page letting me know more details of your situation, I’d be glad to help you.

hi this slider is can slide swf file. i mean if swf file is playing finished slide next swf. and 1is jpeg file and 2is swf file and 3 is flv file and 1 jpeg file timer working and finished 2swf playing and finished then 3 flv file playing and finished play first like working or not

I’m sorry amurnet, you are asking if this plugin has the ability to have varied timing for each slide and the answer is no.

We would like to buy your script, but we have a question.

If we have a pretty large image, say larger than the slider or larger than the screen resolution, will the image will be automatically scaled down to fit the slider size, keeping the original proportions?

Please let us know. Thank you!


Thank you for inquiring about AnythingSlider. The script does indeed make sure that the image width does not exceed the width of the container or the window. After purchasing the script, please feel free to contact us for support if you need any assistance.

Is it possible to have the slider resize when the window is made gets bigger? without having to refresh the browser.

This is an issue that we have not currently troubleshooted. Please follow these instruction in modifying the carousel-plugin.js file. Let me know if it works and/or if it causes any other issues…

Find the following text around line number #124

'width': startingWidth + 'px',

and Comment the line like so…

// 'width': startingWidth + 'px',

Refresh your site and see if this fixes your issue.

Work perfect thank you, just needed to modify my css a little to centre it up

Hi! Pre-sale question: Can this be used with wordpress? If so, could you tell me exactly how. The reason I ask for exactly how is I need to know easy or hard it is without requiring additional support.

Stucazz, thank you for your interest in AnythingSlider. This is NOT a WordPress plugin. If you have knowledge of WP theming, you can integrate this in your custom WP theme or child theme. Once you purchase the item, we will be willing to help you make the necessary integrations if necessary.

Very nice job

Thank you!