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Sorry to trouble You, could You give me an example, how to call script without .htaccess . You wrote above: You can call it using the script and the GET variable file=somefile.png if you’d like to take out the .htaccess

I cant to get it work. Thanks for any help

Hi David, Let’s assume your anySize.php is in the following location: /codeProjects/anySize/images/resized/ In that case you would do something like /codeProjects/anySize/images/resized/anySize.php?file=myimage.jpg&s=thumb to get to the thumb version of myimage out of the image folder you’ve specified during installation.

All the best!

Hello, What if I have 2 folders called images and images2 , and in both i have 1 jpg file but with same name for example test.jpg? Is the cache going to work like this and how I can call the 2 images from different folders? Do i must create folders for the resized images?

Hi HristoL, Assuming you have two installations of the resizer pointing at your two image folders, the resizers will make their own caches and you won’t have any conflicts among names.


hi, you have done a great job and i have a small question before i purchased this script there is a way to save the image in the size that i want? i need to upload it to CDN service.

Hi Xexmple, I think the simplest way is probably to just go to the serving url for the image with the sizing parameters you’re looking for, and manually save it off. If you’re looking to automate it, you might try CURL to save them off from their respective serving urls.

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Hi. Is it possible to create “real” square tumbnails (with crop)? Thanks

Hi. Is it possible to create “real” square tumbnails (with crop)? Thanks

Live Preview not working

Hi, I have made a script to load all images from a folder and it’s subfolder into a foreach loop.

Tried to include your script with no luck. How to handle request from folders with subs?


I need your help to install the script in wordpress project, please help me ASAP

Please add image quality parameter or pass to imagemagick

I was using SLIR. As I have problems with names of images with special characters like spaces, etc… I need to know if, for example “my photo 2100á.jpg” is valid to use with this script.

  • my website is wordpress and I use automatic social media pluging ( to push the content from my wordpress to my social media pages ).

the isuue socail media pages skip some of my images ( imean it post the post without images ) and iwant to Quranty to push my images to socail medias incase if the post content images ( by automatic resize images after ubloaded or what ever ) is your pluging can do that ? My Reqards.