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very good work ;) i wish you all the best for your sales !

Thank you. _

great ! Good luck for sale

Thank you.

very nice app and beautiful layout . In the next update please add the logout button. I will like even to discuss some customization

I will update it very soon. Thank you.

Nice app. What platform can I use to edit/submit this? xcode only, or any other option?

Xcode only. _

Can you make a custom work for app using using regular serverside script for example php both read and upload (usually in json)

This mean you will not use Parse framework but you have your own web service to send the data, right?

Yup, that is totally right :)

You do not need to create full CMS script, just simple json file (for data), and simple $_POST php script for uploaded image

Yes, I can.

Hi I’m keen to buy this but as in online wallet which I bought but not yet publish I need to know how to solve the parse problem.

Hi, is this app updated for the latest version of Swift? Thanks for your help!

Not yet.

Hi, Will this app work on the current iOS ?