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I have purchased the spam pro in Feb., tried to download it then and again now and it says that there is no such plugin. By the way, I have not enjoyed the experience of getting your pro features from Envato. Way too complicated and took too much time. I only wanted to support your work but dealing with these Envato system is not user friendly for me. Maybe for you it is! Can I please get these features some other way?

Hi lawndude. I am sorry to hear that. I beleive Envato changed the codecanyon functionality by increasing the complexity of services for the users. Can you explain what issues do you have? You purchased the plugin and now you cannot download it from from plugin’s page, is that right? Can you see your purchased items on this page? – http://codecanyon.net/downloads

Tried all again and everything seems to be OK. Thanks. But I must admit it is not easy to contribute to your great work with Envato. I try to purchase pro versions of all my plugins to ensure everyone is making a little money for their efforts. “Go Blue Bombers Go”. I am from Mississauga, Ontario. Continued success.

Hi, lawndude. Thank you very much for your support. It is very important for me. Developers choose Envato because it unites developers and customers in one place. Can you describe what issues you had during purchasing via Envato? If you have issues with Envato that means that other users have same issues. We can share this information with Envato team to make website better.

P.S. I was at Kenora (Ontario) with my friends recently. This journey was like smooth transition from prairies to rocky forests with lakes :) It was cool.

dear sir, is multisite supported? thanks..

Hi dshoaib. Yes, Multi-site is supported. Each site of the network will have its own plugin settings page like on stand-alone site.

Please also keep in mind that you need to purchase Extended license for Multisite. http://codecanyon.net/forums/thread/wpmuwordpress-multisite-plugin-licensing/39780

i am using multisite but there is only one domain for both the 2 sites that i have in multisite. there will always be one doamin and 1 ip-address..why do i need extended license? thanks..

If you want to use Anti-Spam Pro on 1 website only, then probably Regular License will be fine in your case.


is this a stand alone plugin or just an addon? last update in FEB?

Hi, ibietela.

This is a WordPress plugin. There is no stand-alone version for this plugin.

I am actively maintaining the Anti-Spam Pro plugin and the current version is fully compatible with latest WordPress version. I am currently working on a new version for the plugin but it is not yet ready for release.

Hi! I recently downloaded and installed anti-spam pro. I am having two problems:

1) I don’t see a settings page. Under plugins, there is only Edit and Deactivate. I installed the pro plugin file from the zip I downloaded. 2) No matter what I enter for the code, I get the message “Go back and try again”. I can only post replies if I am logged in.

Here’s my setup: WordPress 4.4.2 running Black&White – Responsive Photo Portfolio Theme (Share on Theme123.Net) theme.

Hi, iukpo.

1) Plugin Settings page is located under “Settings => Anti-spam Pro” in the admin section. The URL will be something like this: http://site.com/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=anti-spam-pro

2) Please send me the URL address of the website with the issue via feedback form and I will try to help – http://web-profile.com.ua/feedback/

1) Ok, I see now. Thanks! I thought it was under Plugins. 2) Here’s the URL: http://www.ihimuukpo.com/#!/2016/02/21/spam-test?9. When I copy and paste the code, it tells me to “Go back and try again”. No other detail on the error is displayed.

New info: After setting the plugin to notify me of spam messages, I see this detail: “Error: empty answer. []”. I see that others have had this issue. As you look, I will look through these threads to see if there was a solution. I hope my theme is not getting in the way.

Best plugin anti spam

Thank you!

Thank you very much for you feedback. It is pleasure for me to hear that you like it. Reply me back if you will have any issues and I try to help you.


John2k Purchased

Hello the Spam words dont work!

i add words to the list but if i make comment with normal user the spam words can be post!

Hello John2k. Can you send me the spam words you are using and the comments which are passing thru? You may use feedback form for making it easier to send a lot of text – http://web-profile.net/feedback/ And also keep in mind that any comment will pass thru if user is logged in.

Hello. How do I upload the license in my plugins so it shows I have purchased anti-spam pro?

Can you explain what do you mean by “shows I have purchased anti-spam pro”?

I can download the license. However, on my website admin page, I don’t know how to upload the license so it shows I have purchased anti-spam pro

There is no ability in the Anti-Spam Pro plugin to attach the license. If you bought Anti-Spam Pro plugin that means that you can use it on one website. You may read more about Licenses here – https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard Probably I will add this ability to attach the licence to the plugin in the future.


R_Koek Purchased

Hi Webvitalii,

We are using the free version for over a month and some spam still passes. Now we bought the Pro version, but we can’t enter any message anymore. Always receiving following message after enter a text message:

Go back and try again. Error: empty answer. [] Comment was blocked because it is automatic spam.

I tried the “get support” link in the upper right corner, but I’m not transfered to a support page, so I’m typing the info here. Could you please assist?

Regards, Raymond

You may send the login info via contact form – http://web-profile.net/contact/

All the submitted info via that form will go directly to my email. I will enable the Anti-Spam Pro plugin for trying to understand the cause of the issue. I will try to be as careful as I can.


R_Koek Purchased

Hi Webvitalii,

Thank you so much for your very quick reply and work! So it was not the plugin but some old cached files. Thanks for sorting out the problems at our website and wish you all the best! Very good service !!!

Thank you very much for your great feedback, Raymond. Let me know if you have any issues or questions in future.

Hello, I have bought Anti-spam Pro. What are the next steps for installation. I have download the plugin file but installation doesn’t work. Thank you


Hi Karsten.

Main package file is not a valid installable plugin package file. It contains main installable plugin package file and other info about the plugin. You should download main package file to your computer and unpack it using archive extractor (for example 7Zip or WinRar). Inside of this unpacked folder you can find ‘anti-spam-pro.zip’ file and this is the main installable plugin file.

You may now install your copy of Anti-Spam Pro by uploading this ‘anti-spam-pro.zip’ file via the URL: http://site.com/wp-admin/plugin-install.php (where site.com should be replaced with your website address). Click “Upload Plugin” button and choose ‘anti-spam-pro.zip’ file previously extracted and press “Install”.

Write me back if you will have any additional questions.