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There is a popular cracking tool that pirates use out there to crack IPAs on iDevices.

Can you confirm that this indeed does make it “crack proof” against the tools currently out there to crack IPA files.

If this comment isn’t allowed, please report it :)

Please read the FAQs. I think everything is said there.

@Thecodingdude you should always read the FAQ first.


I got error message when building your AntiCrackDemo.

check it below.

AntiCrack/Demo/libAntiCrack.a, missing required architecture i386 in file Undefined symbols for architecture i386: “ OBJC _CLASS$_AntiCrack”, referenced from: objc-class-ref in AntiCrackDemoAppDelegate.o (maybe you meant: OBJC _CLASS$_AntiCrackDemoAppDelegate) ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture i386 collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

sorry, forget it.

it’s working in Device not simulator


Is it possible to change the library name of AntiCrack so it’s not obvious what the library is there to do?


Sure, you can do that but in a compiled app the crackers won’t be able to find the library because it is compiled into the binary. The compiled demo project will look like this: http://bit.ly/gi1xh5

How would I change the library name? My worry is that a hacker could use a hexeditor to search for the word “crack”.

New projects available on request (not for sale on CodeCanyon):

QuizApp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p4MIA0cZkU

SoundApp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmQbB976Ycs

OnlineSoundApp (same as SoundApp but downloads and caches the sound files from a server)

Hi Max,

So by using this I can HELP REDUCE chances of my iOS App being cracked. Thats aim right?

And silly question but obviously this will work will all iOS Device right?

Please look at the FAQs. It works on all devices, right.

Dear MaxNorthpole

I’m an iOS developer looking for a good solution for my application to be protected from hacking.

Before making decisions, I would like to get answers for following questions:

1. We want to know if there is FUNCTIONAL difference between Regular Licensed version and Extended Licensed version.

2. Also, what can we expect as support for paid users like ourselves for updating to new version? Do we have to purchase again? If there are issues, how soon can it be answered by your company?

3. Can we purchase Regular License initially to try and test on our application, then later decide to purchase the Extended License? If it’s possible, do we get to pay only the additional cost, or whole price? Or, can you provide us trial software before we can make decision to purchase?

Thank you. It will be great if you can provide answers as soon as possible.


1. No. It really is just the licensing diff.

2. Usually I answer every ticket within 24 hours (please use the contact form on my CodeCanyon profile).

3. I recommend you to purchase the regular license to try and test, then ask for a refund and buy the extended license. I don’t provide any trial.

Hi MaxNorthpole,

Are you going to release an update that will work with iOS 5 also?

It only lists up to iOS 4.3.


It’ll work with iOS 5 also. Haven’t updated the description yet.


Two quick questions:

1. Is there any way to get AntiCrack to work on the Simulator? If not is this something you plan to add in an upcoming version?

2. Is there any way to toggle AntiCrack into “test mode” where we can easily report positives (i.e. isJailBroken == true) without having to test on a jailbroken device?

Thanks in advance.

1. In the Simulator it would always return false positives due to Mac OS API availability.

2. At the moment, there is not.


I need new AntiCrack version for iphone5/iOS6.

when available?


In a few minutes ;-)


do you mean you already updated the AntiCrack for iphone5/iOS6?

I downloaded it again and test. but still could not build my App using it.


I sent it to Codecanyon. They reviewed it and it should be available as an update now.


when will you release AntiCrack patch for iphone5/iOS6?


Can you please add support of ARM v6 devices. On product page it is listed to be iOS 3.1 compatible. But it doesn’t compile for ARM v6.

With the iPhone 5 and its armv7s we are unable to support armv6 any longer (Xcode doesn’t allow us to do so). We’re still compatible with iOS 3 and armv7 (e.g. iPhone 3GS that was never updated to a newer OS).

On iOS 6.1.3 [AntiCrack isCracked] returns true on a non cracked App with a iPod 4 generation and iOS 6.1.3 .

Is that in production in an app that is available on the App Store?

An old version of AntiCrack is in a App that is in the App Store and works fine. Only the latest version of AntiCrack has this Problem that you have updated to make it work with iOS 6.1.2. The old version supported armv6 / armv7, but because iOS 6.1.2 has no more support for armv6 you have updated Anticrack.

The Problem is with a Debug Version that i have executed from XCode IDE to a iPod 4 generation Device with iOS 6.1.2

Apple might have changed the structure of the app bundle. I’ll have to investigate and eventually release an update.

Hi, I have read the description, and FAQ sections, but have not found answers to some questions I have. So, just thought I’d ask them here.

1. I know the name of the item has the words “iOS Xcode Library”, but, since it is not entirely clear to me, I have to ask, do buyers get access to the source code? Or do they just get a precompiled static library/framework?

2. What are the chances of false positives? My aim is not to fight piracy, but to prevent pirates from using valuable server resources. And, I want to be 100% sure that a paying customer does not lose features.

Thanks for the time you may spend reading and responding to these questions.

1. Pre-compiled static library

2. False positives shouldn’t be reported at all.

iOS 8 support?

Is there some place I can buy latest code, iOS8, this is all outdated stuff…