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Hello , I am working on your “anti cookie match 4 ” game , I am following your video and have setup on firebase and facebook as you told , Now at authentication on firebase , User database is showing “null” , I run game on my iphone and play more than half hour but its still showing null value at firebase. Second thing is facebook invite , when i click on the button its showing error on xcode . Kindly tell me what is the error. Thanks


Please rewatch and redo the setup, because if you did everything as shown in the course than Firebase should get your data.

Also, send me more info about the Xcode error when the Facebook invite button is tapped.


Hi, Is there a Android version. Can you help me ?


We are an iOS-only Developer Company. Sorry no Android version is coming.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hello,I have sent my question on your email one week ago and still waiting for answer from you. When I am putting the my apple id to facebook account , its not accept it , I don’t know way , I have sent you screenshots on your email and you can see , when i click on “save button” on facebook , its not accepting my apple app id .

Second issue is you have updated the game , I have just downloaded now , I didn’t understand the file you attached “Migration_From_2_0_4_to_2_1_0” , Did I do these steps on new version 2.1.0 or these steps you have shown for 2.0. 4 version? The images in this pdf is not very clear to read , either you should make a short video for these steps .

I already setup game on version 2.0.4 , Did i need to do all these steps or you recommend me to use new version 2.0.1 to set up again from start new firebase and facebook and itunes id. Also Did with new verision 2.0.1 we need to do all these steps on terminal and install new pods (step 3 and step 4 in your docoments : Open Terminal and navigate to the root folder of your project and pod install) ?? Please replay as soon as possible . Regards

Hi, I have just updated the lesson 10. Update on Facebook video Q&A with the answer.

It goes like this:

Quick update.

If you cannot save your Facebook App ID as shown in this video that most probably is because your app is not already on the App Store and unless it is actually in the stores, you will get “Your iPhone App Store ID is invalid because the iTunes App Store reports your app as being unavailable for iPhone and iPod Touch”.​​ This means that you will have to wait till your app is approved by Apple and is already live on the App Store. Read more here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7746019/native-ios-app-what-do-i-put-in-facebooks-developer-iphone-app-store-id-unde​ Long story short: If your app is not already live on the App Store than leave this step out and make sure to add your App ID once it IS live.

That’s it. You can leave that field empty and make the necessary changes details in the video AFTER your app is live on the App Store.

Regarding the Migration from 2.0.4 to 2.1.0 just follow the step in the pdf file (sorry for the pixelated images, will change that soon; but you can also read what you need to do in text)

In steps 2, 3 and 4 you need to: 2. comment out (with a ’#’ ) the pod in the Podfile 3. in Terminal type in ‘cd ’ (WITH thew space) that drag and drop the root folder of your project to navigate to it; hit Return 4. type in ‘pod install’ to install the newly edited Podfile (and deleting the SfiftKeychainWrapper pod)

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi, I have recently left a good review for you as I personally like this template. Also I have done reskin and uploaded on store for which I am getting a huge response. Here is my reskin version based on Halloween theme for your reference


Thanks, Vinod

Added answer on the Stackowerflow thread. Thank you for letting me know about the question.


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Hi, rebeloper,

I bought the apps but could not found Video tutorial for section#2~4 in


Could you let me know how to view the video tutorial ?



I believe that you haven’t enrolled into the course. You need to enroll first to get access to the course.


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May I know where to change the link for More free games ?


Hi, you don’t need to set it to up in code. You need to add your Chartboost App ID and Signature in code as usual than go to the Chartboost Dashboard and set up More Apps there. See how to set it up here: https://answers.chartboost.com/hc/en-us/articles/204933749-MoreApps If this is your first app ever than you cannot use this feature and you need to set showMoreApps to false in the Settings of the app in code. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hey guys, Is this code AppStore ready and equipped for the latest version of swift?

Hi, yes it is ready for the App Store and written in Swift 3. All you need to do is change the artwork images and set up the ad network IDs to yours. You will have access to a 2.5+ hours long video documentation showing you exactly what you need to do. Let me know if you have any further questions.


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Hi, when trying to install the cocoapods,after the last command ‘pod install’, I get the error: “Unable to add a source with url `https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git` named `master`. You can try adding it manually in `~/.cocoapods/repos` or via `pod repo add`.” I am not a developer so hard for me to fix that, any advice?


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Chartboost is showing, only admob banner doesnt now


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Figured it out so ignore this:)

Great :) once your app is live on the App Stores feel free to post the link here so I may take a look at it. Till than if you have any further questions just let me know.

Hey guys, Is there anyway you can email the game background without the cookies on it? I’d like to use the same background but of course the theme for my game wont be candy and cookies. If its not too much to ask, and also what font was used to create the game title? I like the playful theme and want to make my game title the same way. Thanks guys

Awesome, I’ll give that a try, thanks!

Hey guys is there anyway I can move the gameboard itself a little higher?

Hi, yes. Have replied to your Rebeloper Support Ticket with details.

What a great app thank you for sharing 5*, Happy new year, best regards!

Thank you :) Happy New Year!


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Hi, when I click the link in the documentation and go to the video course it is asking me to pay (it says the coupon is invalid)

Hi, the coupon code in the link has expired. Sorry for that. Please, contact us at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com and I set one up for you. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, I have send you a email about the coupon code link has expired. I didn’t hear anything from you yet! Thank you

Sorry for the late reply. You should have got the email with the correct link now.

Hi, Where do I find the coupon code for the course?

The link in the downloads is outdated. Please contact me at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com and I’ll send you a coupon code just for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi! does this game uses sprite kit? 10x.

Hi, yes. It’s built with SpriteKit and it supports the latest version of iOS 10. Let me know if you have any further questions.

I’m trying to run the game. However I am getting errors like: 1) Chartboost/Chartboost.h not found 2) Failed to import bridging header and lots of other warnings too

I’ve done the steps from 1 to 5. But I don’t understand the step 6. Where are the new files and old? I never used the ‘pod’ thing before so I don’t really know what it did in step 4. It’s not at all working for me now and I would kindly request a refund.

Please send me coupon code for video tutorial. Nothing is working for me right now

I am not able to compile neither run

Do you have Cocoapods installed? -bash: pod: command not found comes up when you don’t have the latest Cocoapods installed. For the code to the tutorial contact us at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com

I see the smart admob banner only. Do i need to change it in the code or it will be visible once the app in the store. (its available for sale but users still see the smart admob banner)

Solved it. never mind :)

had wrong id

Great. Let me know if you have any further questions.

can this game be converted to the android platform?

Hi, we are an iOS – only developer company; sorry, no Android version will be available

Is it possible to change chartboost for admob Interstitial ads?

Yes, however that needs custom coding. We can do it for you. Contact us at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com

any plans to make rewarded video view?

Hi, not at this time. However we can do it for you as a custom job. Contact us at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com

Hello I just purchased the script but I can’t find the tutorial video. Thanks

Hi, welcome to the Rebeloper Community. I have sent you the link to the course documentation via our support. If you have any further questions please let me know.

I have a problem with the application when I run it

Showing Recent Issues /Users/xxxxx/Desktop/my mac/AntiCandyCrunch/AntiCandyCrunch/AntiCandyCrunch/GameViewController.swift:13:8: No such module ‘FBSDKCoreKit’

Are there any video other than the video in the description !!

Hi, sure. THer sis a Documentation file inside your download. Click the button in it and you will be able to write to us requesting your free video documentation. Make sure you write us the date of your purchase and your product.

And What about the problem how i can solve it !!!

You need to clean your code, install Cocoapods if not installed already, quit and relaunch Xcode, delete the app from simulator / device etc. There can be a multitude of things that can go wrong and cause this error. Please follow along the video tutorial.