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Hey guys, when creating the facebook app for the game is there anything particular I need to setup on facebook for the login to work? My app keeps crashing so Im not sure sure whats wrong with my facebook ID. Is the ID all I need or do I need to configure the facebook login and etc? Again, I never received access to the videos, thanks for your help guys

Hi, have you contacted our support team to get access to the video documentation? Please, do so at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com with the details of your purchase: date of purchase; product name. Setting up Facebook can be tricky but is all covered in the video documentation.

Done and as I clearly mentioned in my message above I bought the game months ago and never had acess to any of those videos. Next time you guys should put it on YouTube but all I need is help with my facebook app

Hi, thanks for emailing support. Just sent you access to the video documentation.

i want buy games like this pls contact with me cmtmr@hotmail.com

Hi, thanks for your interest. You can contact me at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com

hello I need the documentation so I can replace the anti candi crush for the share feature for FB

Thanks for your purchase. Have sent it in the ticket you emailed to support. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Great game! 1 question; When a user completes a level and at the same time completes an achievement, then first the achievement pops up (and sometimes also and ad). This leads to a conflict, because it cause the ‘You win’ popup to NOT show and the user goes back in a game that is already won….This is annoying for a user, because the user has to make another move to complete the already completed level. Do you have a fix for that? Would it be possible to sent the fix by mail, I can easily implement it in the code. Or could you otherwise just point out, where in the code I should try to fix this?

Hi, thank you for the detailed bug report. I love these kind of comments. You explained everything I needed to know in order to fix it. The new version (2.2.1) has been submitted for review. The file changed: GameScene.swift. CodeCanyon should approve it within days. However you can download it immediately from the link that can be found in the documentation videos. Thank you again for the detailed explanation of the issue. Alex

Hi, thanks alot for the quick response and fix! I’ve implemented and tested it and can confirm that it works. Great documentation also btw.

You are welcome. Let me know if you have any further questions.