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I don’t get it, why is it faster than Node.JS and jQuery ? That statement is a bit “weird” as Node.JS is a server side language and jQuery is a front end framework, for JS.

Hello dear friend. Thanks for the question. Antelope is faster as an AJAX request library for the same purposes that are being covered by Node.JS and JQuery. Since Antelope is a small code packages as an object and is very very light and optimized for speed it has significantly improved performance for AJAX requests. Of course what I am comparing here is just the AJAX capabilities of each framework and not Node.js and JQuery as complete systems!

I would honestly love to see some ajax request examples in the description or a link to the documentation, it’s to few information to make any of us click the buy button. The description is intriguing, let’s see a product presentation as well!

Welcome to Codecanyon!

Hello and thanks for the comments. The examples and details with the documentation are all part of the file if you download it!

I made some changes as well and enriched the description. Thanks for the comments once again.

nice script! but please, could you make some real, detaild and documented examples, the documentation is so very short ..

Thanks and greets

Hello and thanks for the comments. There is a detailed script in the documentation. Anyway, I will try to update the description in order to provide more details in the features of Antelope. Thanks!

Could you post a benchmark (video or other kind) to demonstrate that this is indeed faster than $.ajax ? (I don’t get what you mean faster than Node.js, as Node.js is on server). Is it a server or client side library? Does the script do any optimization on the server or client in order to make the request faster?

Dear friend, thanks for the comments. Just for a reference, Antelope is rather improved compared to $.ajax (66+% faster) and as long as it concerns the Node.js I refer of course to the speed that Antelope manages to send and fetch the requests. No Antelope does not do any optimizations on the server side as it is a client side script.

Congrats with first item! If you want to say that your script is smaller (in KB) comparing to jQuery library. well… then I can understand your point! But why it has “significantly improved performance for AJAX requests”? :) I would like to see benchmark results too

Dear friend, the way that I manage to make the requests and the way that I handle them via the options that I provide makes the requests better. I will do some benchmarks down the road.

Regarding the size, of course I am referring to the KiB of the file and also the size of code that I use to accomplish the same functionality in comparison to JQuery :-)

you really need a demo to show off this.

Thanks, I will make one for sure ;-)

needs examples

Sure I will provide them. Thanks for the comments

any demos? I don’t mind trying this out, money is not an issue but learning curves and time is huge. can you please provide a better quick sample on fetch json. $getJson is fairly quick and simple. please provide some samples.

Hello Carlos. Thanks for the comments. It’s pretty easy just put the arguments. In any case please send me your e-mail and I will send you an example. Thanks!

Definitely needs some documentation and examples.

Thanks Jordan. I will definitely do, soon…

What size is the uncompressed unminified JS file? Have you addressed the issues of lack of documentation and examples yet? Pl advise, thank you.

Have you set up the demo yet?

Hello I purchased your product because it was what I needed for my tool chest. I am not to much worried about bench mark test. By reading the comments those don’t matter to me as long as it does what I need it to do. ^5 on skills. Other may not see the learning value. I did notice you were willing to answer each of the questions that shows good support if I have a problem. amj

Hello Amj. Here it’s a bit late. I will come back tomorrow. Thanks for the support.

demo is not working please email me

Awesome work. Good luck