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Well I had a look at that link and its not any more use that an ashtry on a motorbike for sure…

I purchase stuff to help me I defo dont want to try work out code etc If I wanted to do that I’d have just got it free from them with the same problem.

Defo not be using this again what a waist of money

If you bought this plugin just for the tree then indeed you waisted your money. If you would like you can drop me a message via my profile here and explain what you want to achieve and I’ll set you on your way.

no thanks I’ll look for another one.

Please I’d like to know, How to change colors with code? In your default code shows as below. It work well but I’d to define it.

h2 class="antagon-color-main">Bootstrap buttons but styled h2

Like: h2 class=”blue color”>Bootstrap buttons but styled h2 Thanks. Roberto Takeo.

Please In your main page. I saw button with hover effects. I’d like to know how I can get it?

hello and thanks for your purchase

for changing colors: there is a folder LESS which you can use to precompile your CSS. folder is less/antagon/core.less. This is a very handy tool to create CSS and Bootstrap uses it. The core.less file holds all global variables and configs for CSS. Line 139 holds @antagon-color-main: #64bb5d;

the buttons on the front page are found in less/antagon/main.css

let me know if you have more questions, rgds bruno

Please answer this comment and not the other one so that I get notified when there is a reply.

My developer told me to find a skin that I like so that he can turn it into a WHMCS theme for me. Is that what this can be used for?

I’m basing my comments on assumptions as I’ve never created a theme for WHM myself before but I guess it’s the same as with any theme: CSS and HTML with its own JavaScript built-in. So the HTML/CSS part from my skins can certainly be used. Be sure to check with your developers what they think of this skin, they are best way to know as they have the requirements.


I am using complete Themes for my websites and I am very new to Skins.

Just want to know the use of the skins and how to create grids.

Waiting for reply. Thanks

This is BootKit right? Do you get JavaScript errors in Browser console? I have exmple page: http://bootkit.brunomatthys.com/slimscroll.html standing by…

I am not getting you, can you plz send me the code example to apply the slim scroll on the panel.


Take a look at the example code in that link I posted:
- use class bk-scroll
- use JavaScript on class .bk-scroll

Hi, are you planing to publish a update of your skin based on the last Bootstrap and some of the extras? Thank you Guillermo

Hello, yes for Bootstrap 4 because it works with SASS, so for bootstrap 3 no more updates sorry.

very good. so i wait with the updates till you prepare a new version.

when Bootstrap 4 comes out I will make an update for this product yes