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can i give new line in notification sir ?

thank you .

helo qascript

i got error log like this

PHP Warning: json_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/test/public_html/class/class.gcm.inc.php on line 93

I understand that you have a defective archive :)

How else to explain that you are the only person who has hundreds of problems.

Do you know the difference between a “Warning” and “Error” ???

Dear, your problem with the file gcm.inc.php been solved by:

That error string: error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt CApath: none) There was a problem with the certificate. I added a line (line 79) in the class / class.gcm.inc.php file: curl_setopt ($ ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false);

or I have to solve this problem every day for you ??

This is a problem unique to your web hosting that do not have certificates

okay thank you this help . :D

i changed constants, strings and i have error like this, when i click registration or login , it tells me : when loading data, error occured. check your internet connnection. but i have connection. help pls

and if i pay for it?

I dont know :)

hello author , how are you ? i have a problem if i go to room chat loading to long . how can i optimize for chat so can fast ? server detail : 8gb memory 4cpu 30gb ssd disk 5TB bandwith

thank you …

please help me qascript room chat loading to slow


Sorry for the delay, with the update – I really do not have time. Now the priority is my other scripts.

To reduce the load on the chat:

Open the configuration db.inc.php

and set APP_MESSAGES_COUNTERS to false

This will reduce by 30% the load on the database

Hi, Are you developing the iOS app for this too? I’m interested in buying both Android and iOS. You’re doing great so far :)

For this app – iOS version no in my plans

Ah ok :( , maybe you will change your mind in the future :) . It is a unique app.

I am getting this error on app

when loading data error has occurred.check your network connection

I tried everything but Its still not working….


Sorry, support only for costumers

Man, you are crazy :D and this script tooo

This is Great :)

i can translating it to arabic ? and i can change the layout right to left ?

Sorry, no

i will pay for custom RTL , just let me to know the quote

Sorry, no. I’m very busy and do not perform additional work for users

hello. I am using v1.1 now, how can I update to v1.5? is it directly replace all v1.5 files is ok? thanks


1.1->1.2 and mysite.com/update.php

1.2->1.3 and mysite.com/update.php

1.3->1.4 and mysite.com/update.php

1.4->1.5 and mysite.com/update.php

Which type of encryptation protocol use? Sorry for my bad english

I do not use encryption

i hope i can see this on ios : )

hello qascript …

yesterday i got error some user can post,chat,comment and love but i dont block this user .

can you help me solve this problem ?

thank you .

Dear, I do not understand what you’re talking about!

sorry for bad english and this problem new still yesterday .

some members not to block from admin panel but they were not able to post, comment, like, and chat .

maybe you can try my apps with old account

Your problem is solved?

How many posts are in your database now?

The notifications no longer work, I can no longer send notifications via the administrative panel. Do you have plans to update this app?

That there are messages sent to only a few people?

What is the result after sending: success or fail?



kingslo Purchased

Hi this app will have iOS version?

At the moment I do not plan to create a version for iOS


kingslo Purchased

Ohh bad news, It is a good app , I hope you can change your mind thx


gibrans14 Purchased

hello sir , i got error if im migration server on new server why my apps cant register and login .

error show like this : Malformed JSON: “{error}” Could not parse malformed JSON: “{error}”

please help me .

thank you ,


gibrans14 Purchased

please help me sir


gibrans14 Purchased

my old server digital ocean and my new server is aws amazon but i got this error.


If you moved the server part to another server (and domain)

The application must also be updated (in the config file Constants.java a new domain and correct CLIENT_ID must be specified)

Which hosting you use does not matter