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Hi there,

Is it possible to sort the announcements in the frontend widget/shortcode by the date i have added them ie ascending/descending. Currently if i have one announcement showing and i add another it goes under the first (frontend) – id need the new announcement to go above – if that makes sense! =)

Regards, Jonathan

Hi Jonathan. Yes it does makes sense and it’s on my list for a future update. When I update it CodeCanyon will send you an email. Hopefully soon.

Hi, I am using a WP multi-site network and have multiple themes installed. Can I use your plugin to place announcements/notes on different areas/pages/themes by just adding a short code generated from your plugin?

Thanks, Dave

See the documentation for details on what Announcements! does. You can get to that by clicking Live Preview under the product banner.

Hi i would like to change the permissions for this plugin so that contributors can also add announcements. I tried user roll editor but your plugin is not listed.

Hello, will there be a update for this plugin any time soon?

Will do my friend no problem, any date in mind?

Can you maybe tell me when there will be a update, I’m having a client with no patience?

Use the support tab to reach me.

Its possible to show my annoucement at certain time for example:


Time of day is not supported at this time

Is there a way to insert announcements directly in plain text, like this:

Lorem ipsum [myannouncements] sit amet …

maybe by resetting some elements, divs …?

Shortcode usage info here:

Ok, meanwhile I already fixed it:

.post-content p { display: inline; }

Hi eukally. I’m not sure what you are referring to but happy you got it sorted.

Hey – do you still support this plugin? It hasn’t been updated since 2013. Does it work with the latest Wordpress?

Thank you

Hi, it works on the latest WP. From 3.3 to 4.2. I have not updated it in awhile. I plan to though.

Ok – sounds great! :)

I don’t see any front-end examples or am I missing something?

Is there any way to automatically generate a coupon customer’s birthday?

Hello, I just purchased your plug-in. When I try and add an announcement, it doesn’t get sent to the queue, just a message appears “action completed,” but nothing saved.

Contact me thru the support tab and I’ll check it out.

Is this plugin still supported, new updates?

days are not working anymore, will this be fixed or do we need to drop your plugin?

Had not had time to update it. Contact me via support re days not working.

how many custom announcement areas can i have on my site? from what i see, your plugin only uses a shortcode and a widget that shows only one announcement scheduled to post.

The widget and shortcode will show many announcements. If you have 10 live announcements they will all show. The widget and shortcode mirror each other and show the same content.

i have two announcements to show on a page at the same time tho. how would that work?

The documentation is here: