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Hi nickys, I purchased your plugin, and I love it! Just one thing: I can’t enable the “rubberband”-function. If I uncheck the radio-button and save the image, the button is automatically checked again. Any idea on that?

Maybe I can switch off the whole rubberband-functionality by hardcoding? Don’t need it anyway… Thx for the nice work anyway!

Sorry, I meant, “I can’t DISABLE the rubberband”

I just fixed that and submitted an update. It should be live later today.


Your plugin is perfect for what I need but i can’t delete the annotations after I make them. If I click the delete button I get a black box on the left of the screen but there are not any other prompts visible. Is there a zoom menu item. I find that the zoom with the mouse doesn’t always work.

Also having trouble in Chrome and firefox. Zoom seems to work in Safari but not the other two.


This sounds like some CSS or JS conflict. Please send me a ticket at webcraft.cc/support.php and I will try to fix it.


I’m sincerely interested in buying this plugin. I want to know…

1. if there is a way disable the fullscreen button?

2. does this plugin support png formats


1. Yes 2. Yes, if you mean the main image


Hi – great plugin.

Two questions:

1) Can the image be zoomed in the WP Editor “Plugin Options” tab? (Need fine control on placement of annotations – or is there a secret option that shows the pixel placement of the annotation?

2) Is there a way to Toggle hide/show ALL the annotations on the front end?

thank you.

Hooray! This has been fixed in the 1.1.2 update! Thank you.

FYI – If anyone happens across this post and does want a way to Hide/Show toggle the Annotation Spots – here’s what I did:

1) Add the javascript below to a custom WP page template – I added it just before <?php get_footer(); ?> (Probably would’ve been nicer to use jQuery – whatevs…)

var divs = document.getElementsByTagName('div');

var toggle = function() {    
    for (var i = 0, l = divs.length; i < l; i++) {
        if (divs[i].getAttribute('class') == 'ndd-spot') 
            if (divs[i].style.display == 'none') divs[i].style.display = '';
            else divs[i].style.display = 'none';

document.getElementById('Toggle').onclick = toggle;

2) Add something like this the WP page – likely below your Annotator Pro Shortcode.

<button id="Toggle">Toggle Overlays</button>

I’m sure there’s a smarter way to do this, but for now this works for me.

Thank you for your reply, appreciate it!

Is there a way to access the jQuery code and reload it in the WP version? Like on this page? http://webcraft.cc/products/annotator-pro-wp/editor/index.html


Well, you could hack the files and extract the editor, but I think you should have bought the pure jQuery version if you intend to embed the editor.

How can I replace (update) an existing image without losing all of the annotations?

Sorry, but that is currently a limitation of the plugin :(

I love this plugin. Is there an option to set FullScreen mode by default? Looking forward to your response


Sorry, but the plugin doesn’t offer that functionality!


Hi! Is there anyone tested Annotator Pro WP in WordPress 4.5? Thanks in advance

Hi, the plugin supports the latest version of WP.

Cheers :)

Is it possible to annotate a 3rd party image? ie. an image not uploaded to the WordPress media library. We want to annotate images from our instagram feed and display them on our WordPress site and would rather not duplicate the images into the media library if possible.

You don’t need to upload the image to your WP library, you can just use an URL. I hope this answers your question.


Its posible insert a subscription form in tooltip and wordpress shortcode

Answered your other comment.

Interested…but when I try the “Demo” on the live page it is the jQuery demo, but not one showing within the WP admin. Do you have that set up to check out? Thanks


The plugin works exactly the same in WP, there is no need for a separate demo. If you have any specific questions or concerns, I’ll be happy to answer.


Thanks. Does the plugin work outside the Media Library section? I like the interface and flow of the plugin itself, but how would I insert the hotspot image into a post/page? Is it able to be revised once created?


You choose a name for a shortcode and you insert the image to a page/post using that shortcode.


HI Nickys, The full screen view does not work in Chrome, Firefox or iE. Are you aware of any conflicts with other WP plugins or another reason this might be happening? http://mygrowx.com/floorplan-san-jose/


There have been cases with other customers where there were conflicts with other plugins or the theme, but I don’t remember any names. If you are having issues please send us a ticket and we will try to help you.



Is there a limit for the image size? Also, is there a limit for the zoom depth?

The image I’m intending to use is rather large, and I want the users to be able to zoom in enough to see fine details.


No, there aren’t any hard limits set in the plugin. The only limitation might come from browser performance with really large images.


Interesting, I see this plugin integrates nicely with your Uber Zoom one, does it also do the same with Image Map Pro? Does this one have the same features as Image Map Pro?

If you don’t need the zooming capabilities of Annotator Pro, I recommend you use Image Map Pro, it has many more features. You can also use both if you’d like.


This is a cool plugin. I just sent you a message.