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Nice addon, keep going :)

thank you!

Nice indeed, is it possible to create a custom background?

It’s much better to use Animatrix Creative for custom background http://www.wpicode.com/animatrix-creative/

(Animated Icons) It looks fine but when I activate the plugin my website gets fat borders on the left and the right side :/ how can I fix this ?

It’s most likely Bootstrap conflict, try turning it off in Animatrix Icons > Settings in the admin panel. Let us know how it goes.

Yes it works thank you so much !

Hi I have another question regarding the Animatrix Icons. They work fine with my macbook but when I open the page on my windos laptop on different browers they all show me the Icon “wrong” The animation polygons are a few cm under the actual Icon. Is there a way to fix this ? I allready tried to disable all the options in the settings menu it doesnt help. Thanks for your help REEN

Yes it could be the cache plugin, let us know if you have any other questions.

is there a way how to fix this problem even when I want to cache my html files ? because I tried different compress methods and they all dont work with this plugin I just have the bug that the animation appears a few pixels under the actual icon

Well for the http://wpicode.com/animatrix-icons/ website we are using the W3 Total Cache plugin for caching purpose with the Better WordPress Minify for minifying the JS/CSS files. You can use those plugins, they work pretty good.

Hi, I figured out the problem ! It was because of my Cache Plugin… Thank you

Great, let us know if you have any other questions.

I have bought your wp plugin, it’s great but when i resize the browser or i view the page on my smartphone the icons dephase. I wait your upgrade!


thanks for reporting, will look into it.


just bought your plugin and it doesn’t work, please take a look on screenshot: http://prntscr.com/a1eq99 it is on clean WP installation and will you make this plugin php7 compatible ?


Hello, this is in google chrome, in firefox it is a bit better but still not good http://prntscr.com/a1fxc5

We need to investigate this issue further. Can you contact us at support@wpicode.com with a link to your website and admin credentials? We’ll try to fix the compatibility issue with chrome.

Hello, email was sent.

Hi, Are we capable of adding custom icons?

Yes you can

Do you have documentation or a video on how to do so? I’d like to see how easy or difficult it is to add custom icons. Thank you!

There is documentation, however a drawback is that you will have to enter the shortcode yourself, it will not show in the tinymce dropdown in the page editor toolbar.

Hello, there was an error with the plugin Animatrix Icons! When you activate this plugin, is blocked the standard page editor (posts) wordpress, it’s even impossible to insert any shortcode icons. And also, when you enter in the plugin, there is no possibility to add a new icon. I tried different ways: I disabled all the wp plugins, changed themes to wp, still the same error!

Can you send us a link to your website at support@wpicode.com . We would like to investigate this issue further.

Thanks for the help, problem solved! Great plugin!

Hi, I’m very tempted to buy it but I’m wondering if Animatrix Creative would be a better option. Does Creative also have the same icons or do I need to buy them separately?

Creative doesn’t come with icons but you can get SVGs from many other places on the internet (free or paid). I would recommend Creative.

Hi, I’ve just purchased this but it won’t activate, I get this message:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fatal error: Cannot use “self” when no class scope is active in /.../wp-content/plugins/animatrix-icons/inc/admin/view.php on line 32

WordPress 4.6.1 running Salient Version 7.6 PHP Version 7.0.9-1

Many thanks,

Can you send us a link to support@wpicode.com to take a look?

Hi, the site I’m hoping to use it on it’s live yet, and in any case the error is seen on the WordPress dashboard when trying to activate. Are you aware of any compatibility issues between this plugin and Salient?


Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fatal error: Cannot use “self” when no class scope is active in /.../wp-content/plugins/animatrix-icons/inc/admin/view.php on line 32

WordPress 4.9.4 Thanks

We talked about this issue over email, let me know if it fixed the problem.

Hi, this is a presale question. I would like to reproduce the effect of this site : https://recrutement.decathlon.fr/

I need, on hover, to change icon and background colors (invert them), and to have a little move on each icon. Is it possible with your plugin ?

Also, is it possible to upload own svg icons for this type of effect ?


No sorry that is not possible with this plugin, hope you find what you are looking for

Thanks for the quick reply ! Which part is not possible ? The upload ? The color change ? Or the little move ?