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This is a pre-sales question.

I been reading about the front-end drawing. Is it already updated this feature yet?

If so, is there’s a feature website let say the initial user started a drawing board, he/she can invite others to join the board together to draw on the same board and then at anytime the initial user can close this page and able to save on a website post/page instantly for other members to see?

This could be an option for this plugin. This will make the site users stay on the site longer and comes back.

This will be a killer plugin if able to do all this????

Please advice, thanks

We’ll have your idea in mind when we create new features for this plugin. The features that are available are described on the item page.

Hi go through your plugin Semms interesting i want to ask shall i create the featues like http://grabhouse.com/ with your plugin?

No the features of this plugin are well described in the demo here – http://www.wpicode.com/animatrix-creative/

Hello, can I use my wacom tablet to draw?

It should work, if not we will give you a refund.

hey can i use this plugin to upload svg files and animate them on any page on my website

Yes you can import svg files (well their code), but this plugin animates them path by path (usually this means line by line) not the background inside of them. So it is very different and it depends on the svg image. If you can send us a link we maybe able to animate it on our demo site so you can see the animation and make a choice.


I’m wondering how to eliminate the color background, and just make a standalone SVG image (a white vertical line). I haven’t been able to figure out how to get rid of the background.


Have you tried uploading a transparent PNG? Basically an empty transparent image as background. Let us know if that helped.

I bought this plug-in, but the downloaded file is missing ap.js, an incomplete file is not available

That file is not needed. Do you have any problems using the plugin? Contact us at support@wpicode.com and we’ll try to help you.

Hi guys. I’m thinking about buying this plugin, but it’s looking like it doesn’t contain any easing controls – I don’t see any mention of them and none of the demo animations have them. Do you have a feature for that, or is one coming?

All of the features are clearly explained on the item description page. Please read it carefully before purchasing our plugin.

Okay, I’ll assume that you don’t plan to include easing controls for the drawing function. I asked a couple of other questions in my message, though.

I’ve created some drawings and set them to fast, but, speed is slow enough. How can I change this to a faster speed?

You never wrote me back, its been 3 days. I also realized that this plugin is NOT working from tablet devices from Chrome, Firefox and all major browsers. Im in a hurry and I guess that you are not. Can you make a version that will work on my tablet, align the parallax issue and respond to my emails?

We asked for a link to a website where AC is actually activated and the homepage doesn’t load any scripts from the plugin. This could be because it is not activated or there is some other plugin/theme conflicting with it. We don’t promise anywhere on our demo page or the description that our plugin will work with any and every theme perfectly. If you would like we can send you a refund, just apply for it and we will approve it right away.

Hi , we bought two plugins but they are not what we were expecting. the usability is pretty bad. please refund us for these purchases. we will delete the plugin from our sites. thank you.

Yeah no worries, can you send us a link to your website to support@wpicode.com ?

Hey! WIll this work on Visual Composer Rows backgrounds?

Haven’t been tested but probably not.

greetings! i just bought this plugin and attempted to upload an svg file to it to create an animation. i have had several problems and have so far not been able to achieve much.

1. if i upload an svg image via the ‘add new’ option in the side menu and then insert the image/animation into a post using the shortcode created for it, then the result is that i see the image in the page but there is no animation.

2. if i create an empty image and use the copy/paste function of the editor to receive the source code for my SVG file and then insert the shortcode into a post.. the result is that i see an animation, but the colours are wrong. the background is white and the animation is pink, despite the original svg file having no background and only black elements. additionally, the animation looks terrible and has lost all of the fine detail that is visible in all the other renders of it in your plugin.

are you able to explain this? i have looked through your docs but haven’t found any guidelines for the best practise to follow when creating and SVG, to get good results. are there particular things to avoid? thanks

Yes you should try to only import paths not rectangles, circles or any other type of svg element. See if you can transform all those elements into paths. If you want us to take a look at your animation just drop the SVG code in an email to support@wpicode.com

the image i am using is quite a complex one and has 1100 paths in it that are closed – there are not circle or squares. i will probably use a simpler image in the end anyway, but i still would like to know why this more complex one does not work. i will test some more and send you the svg if i don’t learn anything more.

yes the plugin actually can convert them all into paths, see FAQ

I would like a refund please.

Its hard for me to use and getting it to downloaded to my site was difficult, but i am also a beginner.

Ive been requesting a refund for over a month now.

There is a procedure on Envato on how to get a refund, you need to request it first and we will approve it right away. When you request it properly we can approve it and you will see the refund. Again, it is really hard to understand why you haven’t told us what is the problem except that is too difficult.

presales. Hi. Do the shortcodes work with visual composer? For example in a text box. Thank you

hi. When I import a svg it loses the original shape entirely so it’s useless. I can send you the screen grabs. I would like a refund please.

If you send us an email with the SVG code that you are trying to import, we can inspect it and send it back, cleaned up. You can send it to support@wpicode.com – there are no problems with the refund, if we can’t help you out.

Hi thanks for the quick answwer. I have just sent u the svg. regards

I compressed the plugin and tried to install the ZIP file, and got this error message:

“No valid plugins found.”

I removed the documentation PDF, tried again, and got the same message.

What am I missing?


Seth Heyman

Seth, we apologize, we were making an important update of the plugin, and forgot to put a file in the zipped archive. You can contact us at support@wpicode.com to send us the archive right away or wait couple of days until it is approved on CodeCanyon. Sorry about this.


NatiR Purchased

Hi I just bought this plugin and I was trying to upload a background image but it doesn’t work. I don’t know why but it just doesn’t work. The background is still white. I tried with .png and .jpeg. Also: Where can I upload my own shapes?

There may be a newer version, if that doesn’t help contact us at support@wpicode.com and we will try to help you.


I am interested in your plugin.

I would like to know if I will be able to create an interactive animation with this plugin.

For example, I would like to have a tree, when I hover over different sections of the tree, an animation starts, like a branch growing and then some information appear.

Will your plugin allow me to create this?

Not out of the box, unless you are a developer and can modify the plugin.

Hey guys, slight heads up.

Your plugins look promising, but alas the demo link is dead :-(

I believe you might want to look into this.

Sorry we will upgrade the whole website soon

hey – can i get your skype id to talk on a project related to this

Responded you with an email, but sure we can discuss it further