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Hello! Such a funky plug-in. I love it! :-) I would like to use the “complex machine” sample on my website. Do you by any chance have that already packed in plugin, so i can use it directly without trying to create it? Thanks!

We got the images from https://www.pexels.com the images are also free for use.

+1 on this comment

If you have more comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to tell us as well. :)


Got a pre-sale question. I am wondering if the following can be done by Animatic:

a) Are animated elements clickable which can cause a popup, scroll or lead to another animated element?

b) Can I insert a button which when clicked changes the animation state (e.g. If ‘button 1’ is clicked, animation instance ‘A’ is activated, if ‘button 2’ is clicked, animation instance ‘B’ is activated.)

Hope you can help clarify!

Regarding your pre-sale questions:

a) This will depend on the element you are inserting. If your element’s default behavior is clickable, then same behavior applies. :)

b) Currently, we don’t have an OnClick animation. But we’ll note your idea for the future updates.

Thanks for the reply! Appreciate it :)

Hi, I purchased the plugin and it works wonderfully. Very easy to create animation.

Thank you!! :)

i would like to buy the source code of this plugin to use it on one of my projects or to rebrand it is it possible ? i just sent you an email thanks

The controls responsible for the animations in this plugin is pretty much custom made and cannot be ported easily.

ok very cool so i, now looking only for the source code of the 50+ animation & transitions,i want to use it on one of my saas script

is it ok to get Extended License ? and use the source code to add them to my saas php script ?


Upon the purchase, you contact us through our ticketing system and we will give you the uncompressed JS files you will need to implement our plugin elsewhere.

Looks Good! That is compatible with Visual Composer? How can I add this animations in Visual Backend (or Frontend) View? thx

This is compatible with Visual Composer. But the plugin itself doesn’t really require it. You can use VC to add your contents, then use the Animatic Frontend to add the animations.

Hi. Working with animatic on a website with animated drawings and it’s awesome. Just one thing for future improvements, could you think about adding the ability to add btn functionality to any element. I mean, I’d like to make some elements into the scene (not animated) clickable, pointing to a link. It would be perfect.

Apologies for the late reply. However, the adding of links is pretty much dependent on the element you’re going to add itself. What Animatic exactly does is to add the animations. This will also mean either by adding a link on image via visual composer or by doing it manually by HTML. :D

I added it on the global div. But what I meant is: if you could add a link field ability to an image element into an animation would be awesome. By the way, you can see what I’ve done with your plugin here: www.blissparis.fr – I could go much further but I’m pretty proud for a first website with animatic.

Your idea sounds good. It will make Animatic more flexible this way. We’ll study this input and see if we can implement this as an extra feature.

Thank you for sharing your feedback. :)

Hi, I just download the plugin. Where do I start?

Can’t find it in the frond-end?

Hi there! Frontend is when you view your page upon creation. You’ll see a new menu in the Admin Bar with ‘Edit Animations’ in it. :)

How do i add a link to an image in the animator that can go to a page on the website or a new window to another website?

This can be done by adding URL in the image via Media Library (Attachment Display Settings) or by HTML. If you have Visual Composer, you can also add links in the Single Images as well.

What Animatic does is to add the animations. The links for images will mostly depend on the images themselves. :)

Hi there, I have a few pre-sale questions :) Does the plugin work without problems on Wordpress 4.7? Is this still under developmet? thanks :)

We have checked Animatic with WordPress 4.7 and it is working properly. The plugin is pretty much complete, but we may apply changes depending if we get a bug report or a cool suggestion for the plugin. :)

Hi there – I have installed Animatic on WP 4.7.2 running VC 5.0.1 and the ‘Edit Animations’ link is not showing in the admin bar as described.

Please can you help? I have raised a ticket in the support website already.

Many thanks.

This concern has been handled in the Support Ticket. If you have any other concern, please let us know. :)


bbq797 Purchased

Hi, Pre-sales question: Is this plugin compatible with Cornerstone/X Theme—any issues I should be aware of?


bbq797 Purchased

Yes, I did try the Live Preview. I did see entrance animations, BUT I did not see a selection as I did for the other animations (hover & idle). The entrance animations just give a choice of axis, origin etc, but no choice for what type of animation.


bbq797 Purchased

If I can choose entrance animations w/out looping, will definitely purchase!

Entrance animation (technically speaking) will only repeat the animation at certain condition. Similar to hover animation that it will only trigger upon hover. In entrance animation’s case, it will only play the animation when you scroll when the element is in your view screen.

Hi if i want to use your plugin in multiple sites is it possible if i buy the extended license? also do you plan to make any new improvements and additions in features on your plugin?

Thanks for your interest about Animatic!

You may use our extended license to use it in multiple sites. Apart from the upcoming maintenance update, we are still contemplating on what features to add further to Animatic. If you have any suggestions, we’re all ears, and we’ll see what we can do. :)

Ok thanks let me contemplate, i might buy the extended one.. one more question, is it possible to your plugin also on PHP instead of wordpress with some kind modification..? if that was possible,, then this is a buy for me :)

I’m sorry, but Animatic is only available for WordPress. :(
Thanks for your interest though, I’ll make sure to let our developers know about the interest for a standalone version.

guys, are you planning any new updates? new animations ? more time control ? loops. support for new WP versions ? etc

Basing on our update logs, Animatic will have fixes on the coming update. As for adding new updates, we do updates in suggestion basis. :)
If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them~

Animatic is also tested in the latest version (4.7.3) :)

Does this plugin play well with x-theme pro? also can you use it on SVGs?

Hello there! :) We haven’t receive any issue related to X-Theme so far. But as long as your theme will display the Admin Bar normally, Animatic should work properly.

As for the SVGs, we don’t support SVGs yet, but we can animate any elements like images, div containers, etc.

If you want to give our plugin a try, I suggest you check our Live Preview then click to the Launch Demo. This will take you to our demo backend where you can try out our settings. Cheers! :)

Damn this is cool. Just checked out your demo. I have a few more questions before I buy.

1) I am sure this inserts code when you animate something. When the plugin is deleted, the code that was added to animate something, is that automatically deleted also, or do I have to go back into the page and delete code or some sort of short code or something, sincei dont want to have any unused bloated code if I am not using it?

2) Can you target a div to only animate “one time” when it becomes visible on the visitors screen? Or does the animation always happen, which means I cant set a div to only animate once on a vistors browser when that visitors scrolls down to that objects location on there browser window? So the animation only happens “once” on view.

3) it works on phones ? and browser problems so far?

4) does it impact a website speed scroe a lot?

5) I noticed on the demo using my mouse wheel to scroll down, that every time an animation shows the scrolling got “tougher” like a slight pause and when it passed it , it went back to normal smooth speed ?

6) You can animate something to only happen on scroll? I think so right, since that was the eletrical outlet animation was on the demo page?

7) Does adding an animation to something affects that objects resposnivness?

Hi, nice script. I want editor in phpscript and want to export the generated animation to integrate in static html pages. that’s the requirement I have.

Is it possible with this plugin? by attaching the style sheets, javascript files, html code (copied from chrome console) included with this wordpress plugin?

What’s the workaround to implement the animation in static html website, generated from this wordpress plugin?

Hello jademe! Currently, Animatic is only available with WordPress. Our menus and some of our functions are dependent in WordPress itself which may not be possible to have a workaround with it at the moment.

Thank you for the feedback though, jademe. :) I’ll let our developers know about your interest with a standalone version. Have a Nice day!!

Thank you very much. For wordpress is, limited sales, but your script out side wordpress can sit in any platform and you’ll have sales from wordpress and any other audience. This is not just my requirement but all time universal requirement! Consideration is must and leaving is a choice :)

Thank you for your insight. We’ll see what we can do. Although we’ll be focusing on improving the plugin in the meantime. :)


ebaba Purchased

Hi there,

The plugin no longer saves animation edits—I am using Wordpress 4.8.1 and have tried both Safari and Chrome. The specific error is

“error saving changes: [object Object]”

I have tried disabling plugins - but for Woocommerce, Yoast, Visual Composer - which I would expect to play nice and are non-negotiable anyways. I don’t see anything in the error console.

Please can you let me know whether this is incompatible with Wordpress?

Many thanks,


Hello Lis, We’ve tried using Animatic in our Sandbox that uses WordPress 4.8.1 and it is working properly. Can you check what version of Animatic you’re using and what browser and version you viewed your page? Please check your theme as well and other plugins such as minifier and caching plugins. Thanks! :)


ebaba Purchased

Thanks so much for the response. This is the error:

XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://perrotine.co/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. Request header field X-Requested-With is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response.

I managed to get it to work by changing the home and site urls to https and removing a block in the htaccess file. From what I have read this reflects a relatively recent change in how Wordpress allows calls to external scripts, but my understanding of these things is fairly limited.

Hi Lis, how is everything going in your site? Did the changes sort out the problem by any chance?

Also, to explain what happened. There might be a server setting or something in your site that prevents the AJAX calls from the frontend. In case the problem persists, you can also try this and see if this will help resolving the issue: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/215053/cannot-load-admin-ajax-php-no-access-control-allow-origin

Don’t forget to always make a backup file and remember your settings. :)

Hey icedge! Do you mean by the Entrance Animations from the demo link you sent us? Yes, that is possible with the Animatic plugin. If you set an X or Y animation for entrance, it will make the transition when you scroll towards the element.

If you want to check and see more how Animatic works, we recommend you to check our Live Preview. The Live Preview showcases some sample animations that you can do. The demo page also comes with a Launch Demo button which will take you to the backend setup. You can also try Animatic from there and see how we setup the elements. :)

Yeah i see the demo page and i try to make this, but i can’t figure it out how can i do it with your plugin. I neet somekind like intro animations with logo and some outro animations if somebody click on some button. I need for example intro loading screen with rotated logo and after the page load the logo go up at the corner. After that is someone click on some button the outro animation will trigger the logo with rotations and then again when the page load the logo go up at the corner. Can i do this with your plugin?

Hi~ Looks like this is more of a custom animation. To explain what our plugin can do, we already have pre-added animations that works in entrance, idle or upon hovering. This plugin doesn’t include a loading screen and outro animations.