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I just bought this and testing it out. How do you stop the animation? I just want it animate once and stop? For example, if I put the fade animation, it just keeps fading in and out. Could not find a way to just animate it once…

Hi there! Animatic’s animations are only available as entrance, hover and idle animations. We don’t have an animation that only play once at the moment. We’ll keep in mind about this feature though, I think it would be nice to add one like this as well. :)

pre-sale question. I see long time no update , it’s still working with wordpress 4.9.x ?

Hi there! We tested this with WordPress 4.9.1, its working well. :) If you have any other questions or need help, feel free to ask!

Can an image set to idle rotation be stopped rotating on hover?

Hi there! Currently, the plugin can only play animations. If you want the animations to pause or stop on hover, a Custom CSS may be needed on this one. What we’ll particularly need is using the Hover Pseudo Class and CSS animation-play-state. :)

Hello, i have to built a wordpress page, with a vector city cartoon background that i want to animate with your plugin. I have two question about it:

- Can i link some of my background elements on other site pages or general links? - Is it all responsive?

Thanks in advance

Hi there!

You can add links to images and other elements by wrapping an a href html tag on them.

As for the responsiveness, this will depend on your theme. If you use a responsive theme, then the elements animated by animatic should also work responsive as well. But as for the layered images, you can add them as an animatic gallery to make sure that they’ll be resized accordingly and stay as responsive.

Please do note as well that if you try to add an a href tag to animatic gallery, it will add the link to the entire animated set.

If you want to know more about how Animatic works, you can also check our Live Preview at: http://demos2.gambit.ph/animatic If you click the Launch Demo, it will also take you to the backend setup so you could see and try our plugin settings. :)

Hi, just a quick question. Are animations allowed to be downloaded by users? in other words after I create an animation can I post it for others to download?

Thank you

Hi there! Animations can’t be downloaded by default. But this also depends on how the page will be exported. If your WordPress page can export other plugin’s contents, then it is also possible to export the animations.

I’m thinking to buy this plugin, but i have a question first, when I create a animation on my page, and is it possible when people hover on one object, and there is additional can pops up (which i added) and giving more informations to them?

Hi! Animatic is more likely a plugin that adds the animation when hovered, scrolled or when idle. This doesn’t include the pop up that will appear though. Particularly, we create animating infographic and various elements with the Animatic plugin.

But if your’e looking for a plugin where something that pops up when hovered. What you might be looking for is a tool tip or a pop up plugin. :)

Hi. Can elements fly in from the side or is this mainly for rotating and small movements? Thanks!

Hi! Elements can also move around from the side. This also will depend if you’re picking idle animation (element will fly repeatedly) or entrance/exit animation (will only do the behavior when you scroll). :)

You can also try our Animatic demo here: http://demos2.gambit.ph/animatic/ Clicking on the Launch Demo will take you to the backend setup which will allow you to edit and try out our animations and see all the available options. :)