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Great job , congrats ;-)

Very nice grouping of effects.

One request:

I’ve noticed this on a bunch of CSS image effects products, the ones that show text on the hover, can you add it so that the whole image is a clickable link?

A lot of CSS features like this, force you to after the hover, move your mouse to a certain point for a link to click. Seems like they would be better if after the hover, the whole image, text and all acted like the link, so there wasn’t a specific place the user needed to click, other than the box itself.

Great assortment, bookmarked.

Thanks for your precious comment. This is initial release and first version of Animatia. Your point is much worthy and I will add this feature in the next update. Thanks

Hi, beautiful job on these. Can these transitions be used in a mobile environment? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for comment :). These transitions can be used everywhere you want. i.e devices with touch input or mouse input. The only thing you need is supported browser like firefox, chrome, opera (not opera mini) and safari. Only ‘hover’ event is replaced by ‘focus or touch’ event in devices with touch input. Thanks,

Thanks for the quick reply. Will purchase.

Amazing script…..

1 Question: I want to link the image also , so if they don’t click one of the 2 mouseovers but on the images its self , its linked? but when I do this the image goes blank?

Any clues?

Hi ducky280!
thanks for appreciation.
I can’t guess from your comment what problem you are facing. Are you adding some anchor tag around the image? And which style you are using? Please send me some more brief description of your question through contact form , and send me HTML code you have edited. I’ll reply you with solution as soon as possible.
Thanks Once Again,

Can wee see an example of the html code?

Hi, you can contact me via email.

Hi, very nice effects.

I’d like to know if on the effects where you put only 2 icons, it is possible to put more ? Up to 5 or 6 ?

Hi, You can add as much buttons as you want in most of effects. But it depends on the structure effect you want to customize. Thanks,

Hi! Just want to know if this includes social share buttons where someone can click a photo and share it? Thanks!


Thanks for taking interest in our product. We really appreciate your support.

As far as your question is concerned, Animatia is a front-end product. It provides different styles for hover. There are so many ways to use them. You can use them as it is, or customize according to your needs.

You can also use them as social media share buttons, but no special scripts are included in package for this purpose. You have to write your own code for this purpose. Or just Google for some plugin. There are hundreds of open source and free plugins are available on Internet for this particular job. You can use any one of them suitable for you.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Kind regards, Nafees,

Pre purchase question: I am wondering if I can achieve a image scroll on hover effect like here: http://cmsmasters.net/goodday-landing/#demos with this plugin? Thank you.