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how do I activate my addon for Visual Composer I am getting this:

You need to activate Layers or any Layers child theme in order to use AnimateKit plugin.

It will not let me update the plugin. I have tried according to the instructions.

Hi, John

This plugin is an extension for LayersWP theme, so what you need to do is:

1. Download and Install Layers theme. get the theme from here http://www.layerswp.com/

2. After you have Layers theme installed on your wp site, then activate this AnimateKit plugin.

3. Access the WP Customizer via “Customize” link in frontend wp admin bar in any page you desired to add animated effect.

4. On WP Customizer page, go to “AnimateKit – Settings” or “AnimateKit – Elements” panel to do customizing the animation.

5. Further info please read the documentation in the main item zip file.

Let me know if you need more assist, I’ll be happy to help you more.



I bought the VC plugin which is great, but I was trying to buy an addon for VC and thought that the Animatekit was it. I watched a video that advertised the upgrade for VC that gives more widgets to VC. Is there any way I can trade the animatekit for the CSS ANIMATOR ADDON? this is what I really meant to purchase. I apologize, but I bought the wrong thing.


Hi John, I think you can contact Envato to asking for refund on this item.

Hi just follow up this request.. did you contact envato from the link I gave above ? If no please make a refund request soon so you can have your money back.

After install this plugin, I got this error

“Fatal error: Call to undefined method Layers_Animate_Kit_Slider_Widget::register_repeater_defaults() in …/wp-content/plugins/layers-animate-kit/widgets/animate-kit-slider.php on line 69”

Please make sure that your item work fine with LayersWP at latest version.

Else, please give me refund for this.

It worked, so sorry about my previous comment. I used old version 1.2.5. Have a good day!

Can you check with Wordpress 4.4.2 just released? I have some JS errors with this version. Thank you!


Could you explain more about the JS errors (paste js error message here / screenshot) ? our demo site seems fine, we are using WP 4.4.2 and Layers version 1.2.13


Hi, Demo says “Error establishing a database connection”

Thanks. Purchased. Just one thing I can’t find in it. If it has it, then would be exactly what I need. => Can I set animations to all parts of existing elements? I prepared a full page and added lots of sliders and content widgets and so. Now I don’t see any button to set animation to their images and texts and so. Should I re-create all elements with Custom Animate Element? Or there is a way to add animation to existing elements? (I should say I saw “AnimateKit – Elements”. But it just add animation to general elements) For example, I created a Content widget with 5 Columns. Each of them have buttons and texts and images. Now how to set animation to each one of them? Thanks

1. Animaton on hover don’t work. no where! 2. Animaton for logo image doesn’t work 3. Animaton for title and description of widget don’t work. Although I correctly get their selectors.

I wish, it was possible to have a button next to anything (like in AnimateKit Slider widget) to easily add animation to anything we want. Its really time taking and boring to find selector of anything and then going to AnimateKit Element in customizer and define new animation there.

Hi, we are working on new updates, new version of Layers might allow us to hook the animation settings on their Layers widget so we no more rely on custom selector input.

On the original Layers slider one is able to assign custom classes to slider text so that text can be positioned for eachslider. Is that function available on the AnimateKit slider? How do I assign custom classes on each slider for CSS purposes?

Hi, currently the custom classes is not available on AnimateKit Slider, however we will add this feature on the next release. for now you can use the slide ID for styling purpose but yes it is not a good idea since the ID may changes when we update the slider.

Excellent job bro =)

I am not able to get this working. I have the latest version of wordpress and layers. It adds the classes, but there is no animation on scroll.

I see that this plugin hasn’t been updated since 2015 and I have concerns about whether or not it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and Layers.

Hello, are you still supporting this and is there a demo? Thanks