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Is there a way to activate this for images? Thanks. I tried it but it didn’t work.

Hey, thanks for purchasing. This is not primary developed for images, still, it can be modifiled for this purpose.

Try to catch

Please read the FAQ section.

Can this script work on image maps? Thanks

I assume if you change this code

<a class="tooltips">link<img src="http://../.jpg" alt="" /></a>
to map image it should be fine.


really nice script. easy to use! one question. is it possible to put a html div into the tooltip? or at least i would like to add a link? but when I add a link in the span, it doesnt seem to work right.

let me know thanks florian

Try to use

<span class="tooltips">text<a href="#">link</a></span>

Easy to use, well documented, and full of option.

5 STARS ! Very good job!

Hey mate, thank you for your post :-) It’s nice to see someone appreciate my work.

Hi, in the item details you wrote:

Why don’t use jQuery animations

CSS3 Animations use hardware acceleration natively, jQuery doesn’t That means you’ll have much more smoother animations CSS3 animations are the same on desktop, tablets and mobiles, MAC , PCs and Linux

The Problem is that this doesn`t work on the iPAD!!!

Can you send me a bugfix, please.

Thanks, Matthias

Reason is simple, iPad doesn’t support :hover state. You have to use another jQuery to fix that.

Wow ~ looks phenomenal !

I’m using a Wordpress site and was curious to know how I would install and use these effects? Do I just place in style.css? If so, how do I set an action to an image I have embedded? Do I need to use HTML?

I know a little bit of CSS/HTML.

How do I install/use this? Any details you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I am interested in purchasing.

Thanks !!

Hey Luke,

Thanks for the fast reply! I think I understand.

What do you mean by “you can use it as a standard HTML/CSS plugin.”?

Is there a plugin I need to download?

Thanks ! Matt

I meant just regular “plugin” like this one we’re talking about, no WP just simple HTML/CSS.


Okay ~ thanks again !

I maybe have read this to quick but maye you cna help me out. I thought this worked with images but that is showing the image within the tooltip box.

I want to add tooltips on my site. I do not use text but a question mark icon. Can i get this tooltip to work when hovered over the question mark?


It’s possible but you’ll have to change the code a little bit.


would like to buy but just have a pre-purchase question….can I embed an iframe within the tooltip?...similar to how videohive does this when hovering over the item link.

wanted to embed a video via an “iframe src” within a tooltip using this script similar to how when hovering your mouse over any videohive product link will show the video player. But after a lil trial and error I figured it out.
Thank you

everything still works great except the animations act a lil wonky in IE11

Didn’t know that, well maybe try to update animates.css library :)