Discussion on Animated Counters - Edge Animate Collection

Discussion on Animated Counters - Edge Animate Collection

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Does this counter work for currency?

Purchased this, but only works with Muse. You should list under the item details that this only works with Muse.

Hi perlalaster and thank you for purchasing Animated Counters,
Currency option is not provided by us but it can be added in Edge Animate. We listed that it works with Muse and Edge Animate.

Hi, I;ve just purchased this and gone to download Adobe Edge to edit it. Adobe no loger support Edge so you cannot download it. How can I edit the files or how do I get a refund?

Hi TorqueUK and thank you for purchasing Animated Counters EA Collection,
Even thought Adobe has stopped further development, Edge Animate can still be downloaded and used. You just need to select “VIEW PREVIOUS VERSIONS” in the Apps menu in order to get an option to install it. See these screenshots:

Amazing Work dude

It’s not working, i just open Animated Counters by Skilltech\Animated counters Orange Group\publish\web\anim-count-orange-group.html and i see only white page

Hi Mihrosoft and thank you for purchasing Animated Counters,
The counters do work but the animation needs to be triggered within Muse. The autoplay function is off inside Edge Animate because we don’t want the counters to fire the animation as soon as the page loads but instead when the user scrolls to them. You can easily turn the autoplay option back on if you want (in Edge Animate) before exporting your own animation.

Where is the tutorial?

Go to “Documentation” folder and double-click the index.html file


Can you adjust how many counters are used if you want to use less or more than 4?

Hi thirdman, you can have 4 or less by simply deleting the ones you don’t need. To make more than 4 you would need to have some knowledge of Edge Animate, then you could copy/paste one of the counters as 5th, 6th and more.

Im dont understand, how i can includ you script in my web page? Im buy it only for this

Hi maxseo, these counters are Adobe Edge Animate animation. You don’t include the script but instead you have to generate an .oam file. Please follow the documentation on how to do that.

Hi Skilltech

Just bought this and working my way through your excellent tutorial.

Is it possible to change the font that is used in the counter? I want to use Bebas – thanks for any help


Hi skimbo and thank you for purchasing, I’m glad you like the tutorial. As fot your question, it is not impossible but it’s not easy. You’ll need to replace the .svg file inside “images” folder. You’ll also need a program which can work with .svg files (like illustrator). If you think you can manage that then open the .svg file, and create new numbers with the font you want but make sure that each of the new numbers is on the exact same position and that it’s the exact same height as the original numbers (so that number 1 is aligned to number 1, number 2 to number 2 and so on). When you finish adjusting, delete the original numbers and save your .svg file. Then copy and replace the .svg file (inside the images folder) with your new file and the next time you open your edge animate file the font will be updated. The process sounds more difficult than it actually is. Good luck.

Exported as .OAM and does not work on adobe muse.

Not sure what I am doing wrong, even “preview in browser” does not work with the default files.

Hi pod682, You need to trigger the animation in Muse. To do that, in Muse, select the animation and click on “Scroll Effects”, then select “Edge Animate” from the small menu and simply set the position at which you want your animation to be triggered. Let me know how it goes.


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